Belgrade Summer Club Splav 94 still Partying Hard

Belgrade summer club Splav 94 still partying hard !!!!

Belgrade summer club season comes to an end.

The winter season is fast coming.

As the summer season is now closing the river boats have began to close there doors, soon the winter clubs will kick off.

Untill then Splav 94 will remain open over the coming weeks, and is one of the only summer clubs that will be opened, so if you are not ready to say good- bye to summer just yet, Splav 94 is the place to be.

It is one of Belgrade’s top clubs and Friday night is pure cream RnB and hip hop.

Saturday nights brings you nothing but the best electronic, funky deep house music.

Club 94 has a great atmosphere and is packed out with some of the hottest girls. The staff are very friendly and the club is full of real party goers that love to have a good time.



Belgrade Splav 94

Belgrade Splav 94