Belgrade to Croatia

Are you in Belgrade, looking to escape the heat and relax and chill at the beach by the sea, or just looking to continue your adventure and get to know other Balkan countries and their cultures? Croatia is just the perfect choice! There are several ways to get to it as: bus, train, ride-share or a plane! In this article we will compare all of these options for you, and hopefully help to pick the best one! 

From Belgrade to Croatia Plane

How to get to Croatia by plane? 

There are several departures from Belgrade’s airport – Nikola Tesla, during each day that will take you to several Croatian cities depending where you are headed to. You can either fly to Zagreb, the capital, or fly to Pula, Split or Zadar. The pros of using an airplane are definitely: saving time – you will need only few hours to get to any of these cities and of course it is always most comfortable option, but it is definitely the most expensive one, especially if you are choosing to travel in the peak of the season, from May until the end of September or during winter holidays. Another con of travelling by plane is that you are limited on places you can see, which would not be an option if you would’ve been travelling by the car.  

From Belgrade to Croatia Croatia

Croatia Adriatic Sea

How to get to Croatia by the train? 

Train line connects two capitals – Belgrade and Zagreb. The departure is almost every day in early morning hours, and you will reach Zagreb in mid afternoon. Have in mind that there is only one departure daily. The main con of traveling to Croatia by train, is time you need to get there! It is a 7-hour-long ride (approximately), since there is a low speed limit on the track, but note that it is the most economical option and definitely the best for your budget. Trains are pretty basic, half-modern, but comfortable and spacey. You can also buy food and beverages once you are on the train, and there is also a toilet available in each of them.  

How to get to Croatia by ride-share?  

Three words – Bla Bla Car! For all of you who are not familiar with this application, it is specially created for all of you travel lovers who want to travel by car in comfortable environment and still save some money for adventures! Sounds good? Check it up in your Google or App store! The idea is that you have access to millions of rides, so you can quickly find people from your environment who travel to where you are. Enter your exact address to find the perfect ride. Choose who you would like to travel with. And book it! Get to your exact destination without hassle. No rows. No waiting. You choose thousands of destinations at great prices. Important note – it is reliable transport sharing with a verified personal documentation and profiles of all the members. You will speed up your departure since you do not have to go to the other part of town. Choose a ride from your vicinity! You can even chose between “quiet car” or “a car where you can socialize with driver and other participants in shared drive”. Sound good? Make sure to check it out! 

From Belgrade to Croatia Zagreb

How to get to Croatia by car? 

There are definitely pros and cons with getting to Croatia by car. On one hand, you can enjoy comfort and having no limits when it comes to stopping to different cities or popular tourist locations. You are completely free to see whatever you want on your way to chosen place in Croatia. But on the other hand, it’s one of the most expensive options, taking the second place after a plane ride.