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Montenegro is a sovereign state that encompasses part of the Adriatic coast, sister state of Serbia with which it shares a border, culture, and history long way back. The pearl of the Balkan peninsula, one of favorite and most beautiful tourist destinations. Surrounded by mountains, festooned with breathtaking beaches, Montenegro proves once and for all, that good things do come in small packages! In this article find out why Montenegro, where and when to Montenegro, and how to get there from Belgrade!

Belgrade to Montenegro Montenegro
  • Why Montenegro?

For last few years Montenegro has become one of the hottest tourist destinations. It is almost impossible not to run into popular tourist sections listing this small but gorgeous country as the new “it” destination, and once you get there you will soon find out why Montenegro is rightfully reveling in the spotlight! Locals are charming, candid and convivial, easy to approach and easy going. They are hard on food, so prepare to come back with at least 3 kg more J! Although, the whole country is not even 300km from tip to toe, but its beauties and nature will take your breath away! Mountains jut sharply from crystal-clear waters, ancient walled towns cling to the rocks, all in all this is a fascinating place!

  • Where and when to Montenegro?

Kotor Old Town – living history in a spectacular bay! Located in the far northeast of Boka Kotorska, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Included in the World Heritage List for its urban architecture, cultural heritage and beautiful natural setting. A town over 2000 years old, it is a true treasure trove of cultural monuments (St.Tripuna’s Cathedral, St. Luke’s Church, numerous palaces of the nobility of Kotor).

Sveti Stefan – it is definitely on of the most beautiful places to stay at once you are in Montenegro! The island of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro is located near Budva, the most popular town in the Montenegrin coast. The island is connected to the mainland by a narrow earthquake, so it is very accessible for visits and trips that are most numerous during the summer months. Sveti Stefan is well known attraction, it is the most luxurious Montenegrin town, still captivates the original beauty of its buildings and streets.

Belgrade to Montenegro Sv Stefan

Porto Montenegro – Porto Montenegro is a luxury marina for yachts and nautical resorts located in Tivat. It is one of the most luxurious marinas on the Adriatic.
Belgrade to Montenegro Porto Montenegro

Herceg Novi – known as “the town of everlasting greenery”, a place where his sailors brought more than 250 species of exotic plants from their long journeys. It is located at the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Boka Kotorska. Different civilizations met and crossed it, which left a deep mark on its present appearance. The first view of the Old Town reveals a series of walls with tall and strong stone fortresses and towers. In the city itself and in its immediate vicinity there are many objects of historical, cultural and religious significance.
Budva – One of the most popular destinations in Montenegro, good both for families with children and young generation. It is a theater city, a tourist center, a festival city, a fashionable resort and a prestigious spot on the tourist map of Europe. The rise of the great Mediterranean cultures marked the spirit of this city, which is still felt today, when Budva has grown into a unique tourist pearl.

  • How to get to Montenegro from Belgrade?

There are several ways to get to Montenegro from Belgrade. The fastest and the most comfortable one is to get on a plane. This ride will last for less than an hour! Plane line is connecting Belgrade and Tivat and Belgrade and the capital – Podgorica. Flying is the most expensive option, but definitely worth the money! Second most expensive is driving to Montenegro. Prepare yourself for a pretty long ride! Sounds tiring and exhausting, but don’t forget it gives you an opportunity to see all the places on your not-to-miss list, and enjoy those for as long as you want! No boundaries! There are also several bus lines, with departures couple of times a week to most popular tourist spots in Montenegro. Traveling with Bus ticket is cheap and approachable way to see Montenegro. Most of the Buses are new and pretty comfortable. Last, but not least-trains! The slowest option, but definitely the cheapest! Note that trains are very-very basic, but still very comfortable.