Rent a villa in Belgrade

Our city is on the TOP of the World Wide Party Destination list. There is a HUGE demand for Belgrade Villas that are designed for Events and for Parties. Before you make a decision will u go for a Villa think firstly why do you actually need a Villa for? Is it for a day party? Business Event? Do you need a Pool, Dj and Garden? Do you want to Show off that you are well off? Choose a place once you are clear with yourself.


Types of Villas in Belgrade


There are 5 Types of Vilas in Belgrade:


  • Villa for a Long Term Rental. For a Year or More
  • Villa for a Short Term Rental. For a Month to 6 Months
  • Villa Daily
  • Villa for an Event
  • Villa for a Party


Long Term Villa Rentals will cost you from 12,000 a year for a basic place with no pool. Lux places will go from 24,000 euros and more. Villa for daily rental will cost a lot. Especially in the peak Season. You have to make it clear with a Villa management are you allowed to make parties. How load are you allowed to be. And till what time music is allowed. Follow the agreement or you might get neighbours call cops on you.

For a party people renting a Villa in Belgrade can be the smartest thing to do! Rent a villa in Belgrade and be creme de la creme on your vacation! Finding a right Belgrade villas may be very difficult thing to do! Since there are not many Villas that are on rent for the short time period of time. Villa owners in Belgrade does not go by the market needs they are more to rent a Villa for at least 1 year period of time.  That is why we are here! We do have exclusive arrangements with villa owners an lucky for you we can manage to book a villa for few days depends for how many nights you need it.


Belgrade Villas for an Event


We can arrange absolutely what ever you need for your event. From a choosing a place for you to the Traditional or Vegan food. Dj can spin what ever is on your mind. Music and Lighting. Get in touch with us before a Peak Season in Belgrade.



Rent a Villa in Belgrade that will match your needs for a perfect Event!

Luxury place to stay while you are in Belgrade?


Get in touch with us and we will make it sure that you get your dream place. Finding a Villa in Belgrade can be challenging thing to do. Make Sure to contact us on time. Prices of Villas depends from a date in a year and how posh the place is. Its good to know that it would be really hard to find a place with a more then 3 bedrooms. Its possible but its hard. If you are in a huge group of friends, and looking for a party place contact Belgrade at Night at least 1 month in advance. If you planing to celebrate a birthday in Belgrade, we are the guys for you. Warehouse Style, Posh style or Villa with a pool place. We will make it happen for you.


How to have a blast?

To have a blast you have to book your Villa at least few months in advance. Ask your host will you be allowed to play laud music and trough out parties. If that is your initial plan. If you are staying for a short time ask your host to get you buzz and to put it into fridge. Check area where is Villa located. Some places are beautiful but far away from the area where you wanna be staying at. Read more about how things works over here at Where to stay in Belgrade.


Belgrade Party Hen Bachelor Villas!


Looking to celebrate Stag Weekend in Belgrade? Hen PARTY?  You need a place to crash and make dream weekend come true? Get in touch with us. If you are looking for a Dj, Kettering good prices for drinks. Looking for a photographer that will record your memories. It can be done. Make sure to be on time so you get the cream de la cream. Good villas can be booked for months in advance. Especially at the Peak Season.


Watch out on Noise Law and Regulations in Serbia

Belgrade Villas are located at the residential areas. Which means that your event cant be too loud. If you go louder then regulated it means that someone might call cops on you. Follow this regulation and you will have a blast in Belgrade. Leaving a deposit is usual thing to do. If you make any damage during your stay obviously you will have to cover the repair or replacement. Some Villa owners like to know exacts number of people that will stay and number of people that will party. Try to be honest as much as you can. Villa owners have to know all the details. Pool Villa requirements are under big demand. Book your villa in Belgrade on time and have an epic holiday in the capital of fun!