Belgrade Wedding Venues

Belgrade wedding venues offers a lot for a romantic couples that are planning to get married. Nowadays, couples are looking to have a wedding different then traditional ones. Funky venues are what people are seeking for; they are also looking forward to get everything organized by the others, so that they can enjoy in that special moment of their life’s.

For those who want to say “I do” classy and with a style, what is better than to do it in one of the most popular party cities in Europe – Belgrade.


Wedding in Belgrade

Serbia ranks as one of the top emigration countries in the world.  Around 4 million Serbs live full time or temporarily outside of Serbia. When it comes to the special day many of Serbs origin would like to get married back in their home country.

Since you are on this page it means you getting into the NEW era of your life. Congratulations! We will try to share as much info as we can about Wedding in Belgrade. Its natural that you would like to get everything organised as planed. We would like to tell you that is possible to have an amazing EVENT in Belgrade. First of all it is important that you make sure that you want to get married. Just Joking :). First step would be to write down the wish list. All the details that you can thing about. Then Pick up the date. Think about the style of the Wedding. Traditional, Modern or Minimalist. Industrial Building or Mainstream. Big Church ceremony or fast track forward. What ever you decide about Wedding in Belgrade it can be done! Your imagination is what will make a memory last for ever! We are here to inform you and help you out. To direct you to the right address and the right people.

The 3 most popular wedding styles in Belgrade


Which style of wedding are you? Traditional, Modern and Minimalist are the most common styles of Wedding in Belgrade.

Traditional follow the marrying couple’s heritage, background and culture. The whole event is follow the procedure to ring in a new life. The marriage ceremony serves as an honour to their families. It gives a couple a social recognition and dignity in society.


Modern weddings are sleek and sophisticated. Always Bright and bit more relaxed then traditional. Always done with trendy florals, pared decor and adjusted geometric lines.


Minimalist can be described as simple, cute and fashionable. Style is absolutely different than Modern and Traditional. Its more relaxed and almost anything goes policy. Young Serbian Entrepreneurs World Wide are very often choosing to be part of Minimalist Wedding style.



Belgrade wedding venues

Before you say I DO, say YES to Belgrade! Choose among the best Belgrade wedding venues!



Getting married in Belgrade


Belgrade, during the last 10 years, is not just a top destination for bachelor parties, it is also a perfect wedding getaway. Wedding packages can be tailored to your specific taste and desires. Maybe you want to experience “true” Serbian wedding, with a live band, which plays everything traditional.  This traditional ceremony is often a tourist attraction itself because foreign visitors find it very interesting. Many Serbian traditions are unique in the world, so maybe this will be your “cup of tea” when it comes to “I do”!

Or you are more industrial venue type? We got plenty of that!  Get married on a boat? Checked! Maybe you want to have a DJ instead of the band? As we already said, everything can be managed, but first of all, lets start with the venue. Belgrade Wedding Venues HAS IT ALL.


Wedding Planner in Belgrade Serbia


Are you looking for a someone highly professional to organise your special day? Someone that you will send list of your dreams. Looking for someone that communicate easily on the English Language?  Get in touch with us! Tell us how do you see this special event! We will be super realistic and will give you the pros and cons. We will give u ideas and get to know you with a local costumes. Good to know about Wedding in Belgrade: There are not many Wedding Planners in our City. Reason for this lay in the Belgrade Wedding venues. Every single place out there have decided to organise their Wedding them selfs. Which in not that bad at all. They know their space they have experience with handling such an important event inside of their VENUE.


Get married in Belgrade Serbia

Say YES I DO in Belgrade! Get married in Serbia.



Follow these steps to the Wedding Glory!


Let us help you and lead you trough the necessary steps towards your new life:


  • Choose the style that suits your personality. If your style is different than your family expect, try to explain them that its your life and try to make compromise


  • Choose the VENUE


  • Write the number of people that you will invite


  • Find the perfect place for them to stay in Belgrade. We can help you with finding a proper place for bigger groups


  • Book a date in a VENUE


  • Ask us for assistance if needed


  • Make sure that you get the best Photographer to cover the event


  • Get as much rest as you can before the special day


  • Morning before it began drink few coffees to follow up and focus better


  • Dont drink to much


  • Its your day. Relax and Enjoy. You are not there for others. They are there for you.





Find out information about venues for weddings in Belgrade


If you choose among Belgrade wedding venues that we suggested you are almost all set. If you go on your own it would be good to know few things. If you are not good with Serbian Language you might have difficulties with communication. Make sure to make an contract and sign. Everything you think of need to be inside of a written deal. Remember, you want to relax and have an epic time. No headache needed. Dont pay all in advance. Make a deal with a trust wordy venue and people. Follow your guts feeling. Check the reviews of the place you wanna go for. If you wait too long for an answer or get miss-leading answers just avoid that place. If its out door place check how they deal with a rainy days. For a winter weddings check out how they handle heating in a Venue. During Hot summer days make sure that their Air Con is able to cool the place down. Agree about number of people, drinks and then agree about number of glasses. Food has to be fresh. If there is a demand for Gluten Free then a Venue has an obligation to deliver so. If you have special wish for a Cake let a Venue know. Or you can get in touch with us to make your dream come true.

Serbian wedding venues

Pick a wedding venue that match your needs.



Why to people get married?


World Famous Divorce mediator, Consultant and author of Better Apart Gabrielle Hartley after more then 25 years in this business has blow our minds away. She claimed that most of the people who get married are not doing it because of love. She said that love connection is only a small part of the story. TOP reasons why people get together and sign a contract are:


  • Money
  • Companionship
  • Citizenship
  • Family pressure
  • Optimism
  • Society expectations


Other reasons are:


  • To seal a commitment
  • To make a relationship official
  • Because women got pregnant
  • Better together financially
  • Religion
  • Expression of love
  • Need for Feeling settled



Good to know!

For all of you visiting our beautiful and chaotic city  we wish you a pleasant stay. Get in touch with us if you need assistance with Airport transfer. You will have a good time in Belgrade. Even if you are here just for a weekend to enjoy or even participate in wedding. As you know Wedding event is non-profitable and it is organised mostly in the springs. Weddings over here aims to propagate the marriage as one of the highest social values. To contribute to the enrichment of cultural, touristic and economic content of Belgrade.


We sincerely hope that Belgrade wedding venues article directed you well. Enjoy and have a lot of fun in our beautiful city.