Beton Hala

What is Beton Hala? Beton Hala is actually pedestrian street. There are no residents living over there. There are only Venues located next to each other. You can walk from top to bottom of this street in only 5 minutes. Yap! Not that big as you would think it is. Restaurants and Bars over there are among the most popular in Belgrade. Each place has in front of a garden space facing the Belgrade Pier. This is the place where parking is flooded with expensive sport cars. Everyday spot for business and sport people. All of these is followed with City faces. Followed with the beautiful female visitors.


How to Enter to Beton Hala?


Entry is absolutely free of charge. Entry to Venues is absolutely free of charge as well. There are 4 ways how to access. Parking on the top of the compound. Taxi might take you over there. Thats the easiest way to enter. Then you will have to walk as everyone else to your favourite bar for that evening. You can enter from both sides as well. These can be done during the day from 25 May area of Dorcol. You can rent a bicycle over there and enjoy the ride to Beton Hala. After a coffee you can continuing your bicycle ride to Ada Lake and back, This ride will be such an adventure. It will take around 1 and a half hours. Sightseeing with a work out. You can enter to the Pier if you are coming from Western Countries trough out the Danube river. Only allowed for Cruise Ships atm.


Beton Hala Belgrade View

Winter in Beton Hala.




How to dress for Beton Hala?


There is a Beton Hala during the day and experience during evenings. Sport Wear is not acceptable at the evening time. You will be alienated if you do so. Yu might be refused to enter Beton Hala Venues due a Dress code issues. You will notice that every single person is dress to impress. Girls are all on high heals. Much Plastic Surgeries will be seen over there. Concrete Hall is all about the fashion and style. Here is a guide how to dress in Belgrade: What to wear in Belgrade.


Beton Hala Belgrade Ambar

Coffee at Ambar is a good choice. Beton Hala Belgrade.



What Kind of Venues are out there?


Beton Hala is opposite of a Hipster area. Posh and Luxury is what you can expect over there. Venues are mostly mix of Restaurants and Bars in one. Most of them offer coffee with breakfast till 12. After that time is a lunch time. Both for morning and lunch you can just walk in without a reservation. Evening starts with a soft electro music around 8 pm. Reservations are advisable on evenings. Especially on weekends. There are few Winter Night Clubs inside of the Beton Hala Compound. Winter Freestyler and Local Music Club places. Bank club used to be there but since rent went up they decided to team up with Brankow at Savamala and open a Bank over there. For Clubs you will have to have a reservation. Make sure to come on time. Follow the dress code.


Beton Hala Belgrade

Lunch at AMBAR. Beton Hala Belgrade.




Is Beton Hala goof for Digital Nomading?


For those who does not know. Digital Nomads are location free people. Lap top is their main tool. is Beton Hala a good place? We would honestly rated as ok. There are no main disadvantages though. It is just not that style from our prospective. But Yes! You will see people during the day working from over there. We would recommend Beton Hala as a perfect place for Business Meetings. No laud music during the day with alot of light makes a good ground for business talks.



Beton Hala is definitely one of Belgrade’s top attractions, so when visiting this beautiful city be sure to pay a visit to here.