The best what Balkan cuisine can offer

The best what Balkan cuisine can offer

If you are in our capital for the first time, now is perfect moment to experience something new. Try something different – The best what Balkan cuisine can offer.

Mostly crowded pedestrian area is definitely near the Belgrade Port, at the Sava river where you can see many people walking and enjoying by the river, or taking their spots in best Belgrade restaurants  in Beton hall. Beton hall is located in the proximity of Savamala District, and it’s very popular among the tourists and locals as well. For Balkan experience we warmly suggest restaurant Ambar as one of the most popular restaurant in the city.

Not even that ambient of this restaurant is unique, Ambar has one of a kind menu, and it’s all about Balkan cuisine – cannot leave anyone indifferent, flavors are fantastic! And only gets better – authentic wine card where each wine is in some way connected with the Balkans origins. Visit restaurant Ambar tonight, and see by yourself why are restaurants  favorite activities in Belgrade.

The best what Balkan cuisine can offer

Steak is something that would never get old. But try it in a new way of preparing!

Ask friendly stuff about Ambar train! Something you can’t miss – everything from the menu, like we love to call it, all in one.

Delicious, right?

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