The best barber shops in Belgrade

Belgrade is ALL about style. People in Belgrade like to dress and look good. There are around 500,000 Tourists that Visit Serbia over a year. If you end up in Belgrade and need a cut you will be more then fine. Belgrade has places that will make you looking smooth and fresh. Check our recommendation for The best barber shops in Belgrade!


Barber Salons in Belgrade

Belgrade is all about style.

Belgrade Barbers


Having a Belgrade Barber as a buddy will benefit more than a cool haircut. If you choose a right place you might get the right info where to go and what to do in Belgrade. You might get invited to some of the best parties out there. Getting in the right circles in Belgrade will make your stay more fun. That dosent mean that anyone who go for a haircut will get into a friendship zone. Be polite, funny and yourself.

Barber in Belgrade are taking their job seriously. You will get a good cut. Do call guys before you head over there. Especially on Fridays and around New Years Eve. Nowadays being good looking and taking care of yourself is equally important as to have the good style.

People just love guys with cool moustaches, and long well trimmed beards. It takes long time to grow your hair, so make sure to make the right decision who will you give the chance to make your new epic style.

For man having moustache is considered that they are part of alternative groups that resist the main stream culture that rules the masses. Even in the past, in the history, many big names that changed our world had facial hair outstanding and ready to impress.

Good to know: Make sure to call them and make reservation before you head over to the Barber shop in Belgrade.

For you guys interested in something else then mainstream Belgrade, check out this page, Alternative Belgrade. For girls looking for the best place to get their hair done check out The Best Hair Saloons in Belgrade.



How much does a good haircut cost in Belgrade?


Good Barber Shop will require to book you appointment in advance. You might get lucky and just walk in and get a spot. If you are tight with time in Belgrade better make a call. Price for a usual Trim and Cut will be around 10 euros. It can go more than that. Ask for a price before you go there.


Is it rude NOT to Tip?

Its perfectly fine not to tip your Barber. On the other hand if you are happy with a work that they done and have extra cash on you then why not.


Trim to Perfection in Belgrade

Good Belgrade Barbers will make sure that your cat is done till perfection. Through history of mankind  beard represented a special meaning and dignity, as the beard was a symbol of masculinity. Therefore, any significant person in old age is usually portrayed with a beard. Greek god Zeus was always portrayed with a long beard. King Arthur and Charlemagne also had beards on their portraits as well. Today is the same.

The cult of  styling facial hair is what all women waited for. This is era of stylish hair cuts and beautifully trimmed to perfection beards. Lovely isn’t it? But be realistic guys, not all of you are naturally born barbers. That is why you need to find the perfect one. On today’s list, you will find The best barber shops in Belgrade.


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Barber Vs Hairdresser

There are many theories and explanations. There are many confusions. At the end both Barber and Hairdresser will give u cut. What makes a major difference is a style. Not only a style of your cut. Its a style of a Salon. Style of a Barber. Music and whole vibe. Barbers are considered cooler by the society then hairdressers.



The best barber shops in Belgrade

Get you haircut done in Belgrade. Check at the TOP of our page for recommendations.



First time in Belgrade?


Here are some tips that will save your money and time. Food can be fond  at bakeries all over downtown. Clubs are amazing in Belgrade. Get in touch with us and will get you on the guest list. No wait in lines. Easy entry to venues in Belgrade. Entry to Belgrade clubs is Free of charge. Transportation is all about choosing the right Taxi. Click here to get to know Taxis in Belgrade. Summer in Belgrade is when its all booming. People are out. Gardens are open. You will feel good vibing. Bring a smile on your face and be ready to mingle and meet new people.