Best breakfast places in Belgrade

Serbian food is characterized by a mixture of Mediterranean, Central European, Ottoman Turkish, as well as ancient Slavic influences. Because of  all that mixture, it is considered as one of the best cuisine on Balkans and world wide. Serbia’s plentiful rivers, fertile soils and a mild climate represent a good environment for a flourishing agriculture that provides the cuisine with quality foodstuff. Best breakfast places in Belgrade

Most people in Serbia will have three meals daily, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with lunch being the largest. However, traditionally, only lunch and dinner existed, with breakfast being introduced in the second half of the 19th century.

Traditional Serbian Breakfast

Breakfast in Serbia is an early but a heavy meal, rich in calories and carbohydrates, meant to provide one with enough energy to start the day well. Bread is frequently eaten, served with butter, jam, yogurt, sour cream or cheese, accompanied by bacon, sausages, salami, eggs, ajvar or kajmak (one of the top 10 Serbian foods).

Also if you are witnessing Serbian breakfast, on a table you will definitely find pastries as burek, puttee, bread dipped in eggs than fried, cornbread, Kacamak or Popara. Whatever you decide to try, you definitely wont regret it.

Our meals are pretty sacred for us, and we have culture of eating it in bohemian kind of way (for a long time). After a nice (and really heavy) breakfast, we enjoy our coffee as long as we need time for a meal. That is like a religion, or better to say it – a ritual.

If you are planning to visit Belgrade, in this article you will find the best places where you can experience traditional Serbian breakfast.

Top 5 breakfast places in Belgrade

Pekara Trpkovic

If you prefer a quick bite, than this bakery is perfect selection for you! They have been in business for more than 100 years and they are still going strong. Their bakery products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials in the traditional way, without the use of additives.
There have three bakeries, all located in the city center.

Best breakfast places in Belgrade Pekara Trpkovic

Bakery Trpkovic

Bistro Grad Hometown

Bistro Grad Hometown Food is right at the heart of the city, just yards away from the bustling pedestrian zone: a perfect spot to chill inside the buzz. Take a seat and treat your taste buds to a variety of Balkan & Mediterranean delights, from vegan to meat specials, soups to omelets and grilled fish – strictly grandma’s style!

Best breakfast places in Belgrade Hometown


Red Bread

This trendy spot in an even trendier neighborhood is becoming increasingly popular with locals and expats alike. Why? Because is a heaven for Vegetarians! An extensive selection of salads, soups and pasta dishes is available, along with a wide variety of breakfasts and no small amount of glorious pancake options. It is no smoking too, which is even more rare than finding great vegetarian options in the city.

Best breakfast places in Belgrade Red Bread

Red Bread


Boutique is located in the heart of the Belgrade, next to the main pedestrian zone called Knez Mihailova. Boutique Restaurant has a high quality of service and delicious food. You will find that this place prefer good music for their costumers. Boutique is famous for the good breakfasts and fair prices, as well as for the big giant meals.

Best breakfast places in Belgrade Boutique



This is all the way a traditional Serbian restaurant. Your breakfast will be served on old style pottery plates. For a traditional breakfast, order Kacamak, Porridge made of white cornmeal, served with Kajmak, which is similar to clotted cream. Along with your food, you should also try the traditional Serbian sour milk.

Best breakfast places in Belgrade Zavcaj


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Bon Appetit!