Best breakfast places in Belgrade

Did you know that 50% of Belgrade people eat their first meal outside of a house. People are going hard on their first daily meal. It is always a heavy meal just before they go to work. Best breakfast places in Belgrade are divided into 2 Venue types. Most of people are choosing to eat in Belgrade bakeries. Another are heading into Breakfast dine in Venues.


What to order for a Breakfast?


Dont think too much. Go for the Burek with white Cheese with local yogurt. Dont order more then 250 gm if you are trying it for the first time. Its a heavy and super tasty meal. This is only if you go to a bakery. If you are going to a dine in Venue then go for omelette with a local cheese.


Unique Try

If you are food adventures or a food bloger try out Serbian Popara. It might be really hard to find one though. Sato would be a desert that would be quite unique. Serbian Franch Tost known as Przenice sa sirom. Huge number of Carb in all of those meals. They are super tasty and heavy. Ask you local buddy for Tips. Strudla sa Makom as well. You will be surprised how tasty Strudla is. Burek sa Sirom is well known. There are no chance that you skip Burek while in Belgrade. Enjoy.


How much Breakfast usually cost?


Breakfast in Belgrade will cost you from 200 – 400 dinars or 1-4 euros. Yap! Seems cheeper to eat outside then to cook at home. Belgrade is an awesome when it comes to Food vs Prices.



Traditional Serbian Breakfast


Breakfast in Serbia is an earl heavy meal. Bunch of calories and carbohydrates. Meant to provide one with enough energy to start the day well. Bread is frequently eaten served with butter and jam. Burek with yogurt. Sour creams or cheese accompanied by bacon, sausages and salami. Eggs, Ajvar and Kajmak (one of the top 10 Serbian foods).


So what is Breakfast meal Burek?

Burek is truly exotic, tasty and a heavy meal. To explain Burek is a family of baked filled pastries made of very thin flaky dough known as phyllo. Burek is the  most popular breakfast food served all over Eastern Europe. The filling is meat but you can also make it with cheese.
Balkan cant get out of its history. As with everything else Balkan people are arguing who is ” the owner ” of Burek. Seems funny but its true. Instead joining and promote Burek all together they are making a comedy for the rest of the world.
Best Breakfast places in Belgrade

Get your BUREK at Best Breakfast places in Belgrade


Top breakfast places in Belgrade


If you are in hurry visit one of the best bakeries. If you have some extra time for Dine In check Breakfast Venues.


Pekara Trpkovic

If you prefer a quick bite than this bakery is perfect selection for you! They have been in business for more than 100 years and they are still going strong. Their bakery products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials in the traditional way, without the use of additives.
There have three bakeries, all located in the city centre. Highly Recommended Burek with Cheese.


Best breakfast places in Belgrade Pekara Trpkovic

Bakery Trpkovic


Bistro Grad Hometown


Bistro Grad Hometown Food is right at the heart of the city just yards away from the bustling pedestrian zone. The perfect spot to chill inside the buzz. Take a seat and treat your taste buds to a variety of Balkan & Mediterranean delights. They serve everything from vegan to meat specials. Soups to omelets and grilled fish – strictly grandma’s style! They are good!


Best breakfast places in Belgrade Hometown



Red Bread


This place is among the best breakfast places in Belgrade. This trendy spot in an even trendier neighbourhood has become very popular within locals and expats. Its is heaven of food! An extensive selection of salads, soups and pasta dishes is available, along with a wide variety of breakfasts and no small amount of glorious pancake options. It is no smoking too! Which makes it even better. Over there you will be able to find great vegetarian options in the city.


Best breakfast places in Belgrade Red Bread

Red Bread



Boutique is located in the heart of the Belgrade next to the main pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova. Boutique Restaurant has a high quality of service and delicious food. You will find that this place always play a good music during the day and at evening times. Boutique is famous for the good breakfasts and fair prices. It is most famous for its big giant meals. Check them out.


Best breakfast places in Belgrade Boutique




Zavicaj is a traditional Serbian restaurant. Your breakfast will be served on old style pottery plates. Quite unique Experience! For a traditional breakfast order Kacamak Porridge made of white cornmeal served with Kajmak. Along with your breakfast you should order traditional Serbian sour milk. Highly recommended.


Best breakfast places in Belgrade Zavcaj