Best Burgers in Town

Get yourself the best burger in Belgrade! Before that get to know difference between Serbian Burgers and Regular international burgers. Barbecue is  popular in Serbia. It is one of the most common types of a street food in Belgrade. Serbian Burgers or Pljeskavica is very often served in a traditional Belgrade restaurants. Many towns and cities around Serbia have local varieties of grilled specialties that they like to boast about. Whichever the recipe, the taste remains perfect. Burgers are really popular here, and variety is exceptional: from American burgers to Serbian one (traditionally known as a Pljeskavica). If you are wondering where to get a tasty burger at here is the list of some of the best Burgers in Town.

Burger house

The initial idea was developed through a master thesis after which great time was devoted by the Burger House team, in researching every possible aspect related to burgers, fries, sauces and all other products that would be offered. If you don’t like trying something new and you don’t want to cross the line of your comfort zone, than the Burger House is perfect place for you! Maybe the best burger place in town, offers variety of great fast food meals. Among burgers, they offer great sandwiches and salads as well as delicious deserts. Hint: You can male your own burger, customised just for you!

Best Burgers in Town burger house

Intergalactic Diner 

This place is the first Diner in Belgrade. When you step in, you will feel like you are on a set of “Grease”. Real American Diner offers big, fat menu of burgers.  Once you eat there, you’ll become regular costumer. Every table in the Intergalactic restaurants has a jukebox, restored antiques from the fifties. For five Dinars (that’s around 0.04 Euros) you can choose a song for everyone. All the money collected they donate to charity. They also help local institutions for children and young people and support humanitarian actions.

Best Burgers in Town Intergalactic dier

Cirkus Pub

Cirkus Pub is the place where you will feel like at home. The staff is among best in town. Long list of best foreign and domestic beers and whiskeys will completely leave you speechless. They are also very proud of food menu, especially burgers: from veggie ones to the best cheese and bacon variants. Tip: Try Classic Cheeseburger, its a heaven on earth! Location of this pub is in one of the most beautiful municipality of our capital- Zemun.

Best Burgers in Town Cirkus pub

Submarine Burger

The first one was opened several years ago, and till today they are know as one of the best places to grab a burger. They use local ingredients and in that way they help celebrate agriculture. This philosophy connects with  the local farmers and keeps food traceable and it also helps growing of local economy. Burgers are prepared in a traditional way, served in a contemporary and fun environment. That’s the main reason why they offer top quality burger made exclusively from organic and locally grown ingredients.  They also offer 100% pure, once minced meat, garnished with home-grown vegetables.

Best Burgers in Town Submarine


Fast food restaurant that works 24/7. After crazy night out in some popular Belgrade’s clubs, all the locals and tourists are heading there for a good bite. Their burgers are freshly made, because of the non-stop traffic. Their menu is not too big, but big enough for every taste. Good to know: Loki only serves Serbian burgers, better known as – Pljeskavica.

Best Burgers in town Loki

Tri Sesira

As we mentioned, burgers/Pljeskavica are served in some of the popular Belgrade restaurants as well.  Tri Sesira is one of the oldest restaurants in town, and definitely one of the most traditional and one of the most popular ones. If you are visiting Belgrade, especially for the first time, most likely many people will recommend you this restaurant. It is located in bohemian quarter of the city, and it is best known for cooked meals and barbecue, especially for Serbian Burgers and Cevapi.

Best Burgers in town Tri Sesira

Kuca Velikana

Entering the Kuca Velikana in Skadarlija street will bring you back to the old time bohemian life of Belgrade. Enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Serbian cuisine. Restaurant is an ideal place for every occasion and it can accommodate up to 50 people. This venue is one of the oldest and most famous houses in Skadarlija. It is located in the epicenter of this magical and enchanting street. This beautiful corner house was built in the late 19th century. At the house is a memorial plaque filled with a dozen names of famous artists of the last century who lived in it, created and gave life to this “bohemian” home that is still present.

Best Burgers in town Kuca Velikana


Find out why foreigners flip out when they try local food called BUREK. Its a breakfast meal though. Check the list of the best Burek bakeries in Belgrade. Have fun in Belgrade!