Best Burgers in Town

Its time to treat yourself with the best burgers in town! Before you get all juicy get to know difference between Serbian Burgers and Regular International Burgers. Barbecue is  popular in Serbia. It is one of the most common types of street food in Belgrade. Serbian Burgers or Pljeskavica are very often served in a traditional Belgrade restaurants. Many towns and cities around Serbia have local varieties of grilled specialties that they like to boast about. Whichever the recipe, the taste remains perfect. Burgers are popular here and variety is exceptional. From American burgers to Serbian ones. If you are wondering where to get a tasty one here is the list of some of the Best Burgers in Town.


Notice: The list from up to down is made randomly


Burger House


Burger House is a Food Porn indeed. Easy to get hooked. The initial idea behind this place was to develop the master thesis. After a long research and  hard work Burger House team made it. They worked on every possible aspect related to burgers, fries, sauces and all other products that would be offered. Try something special and cross the line of your comfort zone. The Burger House is tasty and a funky place! Run by an awesome group of young fellas. This place is surly on the TOP burger places in town. Beside burgers they offer great sandwiches and salads as well as delicious deserts. If you feel like you can design your own burger. They will suggest you what match well and customised it just for you. Check them out.


The Best burger in Belgrade Serbia

Got Hungry while cruising through Belgrade? Burger House Tripple Cheese is there for ya.


Fat Boys

Fat Boys is the bad place for a DIET. Large Portion and Grate Food. Awesome place with even better food. People mostly relate Fat Boys with their burgers but their spare ribs are among the best in Belgrade. Cooked perfectly and taste delicious. American style fast food in Belgrade indeed. Check them out on FB.


The Best Burgers in Town Belgrade

The bad place for a DIET. On of the Best Burgers in Town.




Submariner Casual dining Center



Homemade natural Gourmet Burgers. Preferably Local. Preferably Organic. Nothing artificial. EPIC tasty burgers with tasty french fries. Meat is High Quality and service is Superb. The prices are a little bit higher but organic is hard to find. In our opinion it’s absolutely worth it. If you are coming with a car there is a garage near by. The first Submariner was opened several years ago. Till today they are know as one of the best places to grab a burger. They use local ingredients and in that way they help celebrate agriculture. This philosophy connects with  the local farmers and keeps food traceable and it also helps growing of local economy. Burgers are prepared in a traditional way served in a contemporary and fun environment. That’s the main reason why they offer top quality burger made exclusively from organic and locally grown ingredients.  They also offer 100% pure, once minced meat, garnished with home-grown vegetables. Check the out.



Best Burger in Belgrade

Homemade natural Gourmet Burgers. One of the best burgers in town.


Intergalactic Diner 

This place is the first Diner in Belgrade. When you step in, you will feel like you are on a set of “Grease”. Real American Diner offers big, fat menu of burgers. Once you eat there you might become the regular costumer. Every table in the Intergalactic restaurants has a jukebox, restored antiques from the fifties. For five Dinars (that’s around 0.04 Euros) you can choose a song for everyone. All the money collected they donate to charity. They also help local institutions for children and young people and support humanitarian actions. Indeed the Unique place for the Burger Lovers.





Small Cozy place in Vracar Area. Run by the young gastronomes who enjoy bringing the genuine American style of juicy Burgers to Belgrade. Burgers are super Yummy. Great place both for breakfast and for diner. Check them out.


Burgos Premium Burger Bar


Belgrade people love the style and the taste of Burgos. Serbian Chines Burger? Yap its not a fiction. It Exists! Juicy, Mouthwatering Meat and fair prices. Located Downtown walking distance from a Serbian Parliament. The meat is on point and yummy. Guys who run this place are very friendly. Unique and Highly recommendable.


Smash Burgers

Food Porn indeed .Craving for American style cheeseburgers? This place will definitely satisfied your needs. Double Cheeseburger is perfect. Fries are very crispy! Check them out.


Stepin Vajat


The best known Serbian Burger in Town. Are the Serbian Burgers Tasty? Sure they are! Go and try it yourself! Their Score on Google is 4,9! Around 400 Reviews with almost all stating 5 star. Burgers are very innovative and different from any other burger place in Belgrade. Interesting blend of modern cuisine with Serbian tradition. Yummy and domestic feeling! Do not even think not to try Serbian Burger while in Belgrade. Check Stepin Vajat out.


Bitni Spirz

Perfectly cooked meat and fluffy bun. Its a heaven while eating and in food coma after 30 minutes. Bitni Spirz is a funky place with its own story about Britney Spears. No doubt burgers are delicious!


Z Burger


The perfect taste of Burger lies in the always fresh ingredients that Z Burger Team carefully choose. Mozzarella burger would not be what it is if they do not use homemade pesto sauce, 100% beef, fine mozzarella and fresh and soft buns. Sounds like a heaven dosent it! Direction is Cetinjska 15 street or do online order. Check them out.






Tasty Burgers and good home made stuff. You will Love every single juicy bite. They are working very hard to make every single customer happy. Its highly recommend. If you are located downtown could be more convenient to order over Glovo app though. Check their Yummy menu on their page.


Cirkus Pub

Are you living in the Romantic Zemun area? There is the place that might just be your new favourite one. Cirkus Pub is the place where you will feel like at the livingroom of your own house. The staff will treat you as you are their long term buddy. Long list of best foreign and domestic beers and whiskeys will completely leave you speechless. On the top of the menu are Veggie burgers and Cheese Bacon ones. Check them out.



How much does a burger actually cost?

Burger price in Belgrade goes from 3 euros for Local Style. Regular international style will cost you around 5-6 Euros. Make sure to choose only the best burgers in town from our list!



Some COOL stuff about Belgrade


The best time to visit Belgrade is from May till Mid of September. Summer Clubs will pumping while you traveling around. Be friendly, smile and team up with locals. Locals will show you Belgrade on the most unique way. Food in Serbia is GOOD with numerous posh and traditional restaurants all around the city. Find out why foreigners flip out when they try local food called BUREK. Its a breakfast meal though. Check the list of the best Burek at Awesome Fast Foods and bakeries in Belgrade. Enjoy Belgrade and Party Hard!