Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Where are the best coffee shops in Belgrade? When you meet someone in Belgrade after the short chat you might get invited: Ajmo na kafu neki dan, which means let’s catch up for a coffee. For Belgradians coffee is not just the need for caffeine, coffee represents time for meeting and chatting about personal and business issues. Most of the business meetings in Belgrade are held in the coffee shops not in the offices. If you want to take someone for a date beside restaurants coffee shop pretty much would be the common choice. In almost every single street in Belgrade city centre there are at least 1 Coffee shop. There is no way that people in Belgrade would skip a day in a coffee shop. Its just a part of a daily routine.


Capitalistic Giants, Alternative, Neighbourhood and Posh Cafes in Belgrade


Belgrade Coffee shops are mainstream like capitalistic giant Star Bucks and Alternative like Polet in Cetinjska area. They are also Posh like Toro or Ambar. There is an interesting fact about Belgrade. Doesn’t matter which style of those 3 you choose Coffee price will be almost everywhere the same. Coffee will cost you around 1-2 euros. Good to know: At the most of the places price for take a way coffee is 50% cheaper. Since price is non factor which style to choose is up to your personal preference. As you could guess Good looking people, sport people and business crowed will be found at Posh places. Alternative are places for creative sector of Belgrade. Designers, Actors, Musicians are mostly stay away from mainstream Belgrade. They will be found at Alternative places. Neighbourhood places are mostly for crew that live at that area. If you stay in the downtown of Belgrade some of the Neighbourhood cafes are super popular. Check at the top of our page for recommendations.


Outside VS Inside


Belgrade Coffee Shops have outside gardens that are open from the end of the march and season stretch till the end of the September. When there is a nice weather and if coffee shop does not have a garden area its better for them to close for public. Since they might bankrupt. There is almost no chance that will place be visited during hot summer days if there is no garden provided. For coffee places in Belgrade unlike from Bars and Clubs you don’t need to have prior reservation. No matter are you fan of Indoor or Outdoor Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade are there to seduce you.

Notice: If you are wondering where are the best places and where is the best coffee in town, then check out the list on the top of our page.

Coffee Culture in Belgrade Serbia

Its fascinating how people socialise and work from coffee shops. Coffee takes a big part and it is a way of life in Belgrade. Cafes are crowded throughout the day and visitors and locals alike are spoiled from choices when it comes where to have a coffee. There are of course the traditional Serbian (or Turkish) coffees which almost every Serbian family enjoy in. When you go on into discovery throughout the city you will find amazing espresso, latte and a Cappuccino. If you take coffee seriously or simply enjoy the daily ritual of sipping one Belgrade downtown will blow your mind. Seriously, it is hard to choose where to bring your lap top and where to enjoy tasty Cappuccino at. Wifi is super fast in the Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade. You can download or upload easily. Side water is for free. People are friendly in Belgrade. Actually you might consider staying for a while. If you are looking for more info about living in Belgrade we would be happy to share more info with you. Whats app us any time you like.



Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Choose to have a Coffee at some of the Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade.



How to Choose the SPOT?


Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade? You’ll find coffee shops almost on every corner in Belgrade. Our selection below is the list of some that you might like. We selected them kinda randomly. They all serve amazing coffee, they provide fantastic service and overall those places share a good vibe. We suggest you try some of the following ones.


How to dress for a casual coffee date in Belgrade?

You will notice that Belgrade is covered with coffee places. They are flooded with people all day long. You might think that people are lazy and just socialise randomly. In fact most of these meetings are related to business meetings. People meet up to chat about business ideas in coffee shops more often then in office spaces. Office space is really used nowadays. Even if company has an office space dedicated for meetings people still decide to talk business over a coffee. So if you are about to do some work over here dont get surprised that most of the meetings will be actually over coffee. Yap! Belgrade is quite an unique place indeed.


Kafeterija. This place is for sure one of the Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade. Kafeterija has a few locations around Belgrade and is expanding, however there are two located in the city centre at Dorcol and the Student Square. Kafeterija provides relaxed atmosphere and their coffee is simply super tasty. The coffee shop itself payed a lot of attention to the details and the employs are very friendly. You can choose from a selection of croissants and all coffee is served with Mint water. Kafeterija is open till late so you can always grab a coffee at the evenings as well.


Best Coffee Shops in Belgrade

Bring your Lap Top and enjoy the Best Coffee in Belgrade.



Kofein is another high quality coffee shop with 2 locations in the city centre. First one is located in the main pedestrian street and another one at the corner of Cara Dusana street and Francuska street. Kofein is a really cool place with a great selection of both hot and cold coffees, frappes, and teas. Kofein is place you shouldn’t miss out.



Home of the hipsters. Przonica is the funky coffee shop. Located in Dobracina street in Dorcol  it is in an industrial setting and the coffee here is a must try it is the perfect chill out place and has a great vibe. Przonica is an ultra cool and hip place for your daily coffee. On the weekends you will notice city crowd siting around the shop having coffee. Music is epic. Techno electro deep house beets. Good energy and good coffee is what you will find out there.


Tasty Coffee and Hanging around among Hipster Crowd.



Uzitak Is located in Hilandarska street and has a wide selection of coffee blends, as well as freshly squeezed juices, and teas. This a great place to have your morning coffee, and perhaps breakfast as they also offer a selection of croissants, cookies and muffins. If you are on the run you can also grab a take away coffee, as well as fresh blends that you can take home with you.


Aviator Coffee Explorer

Great place to grab a coffee is definitely Aviator Coffee Explorer. Located on several spots in town, maybe the most famous is one at Terazije street, at zero point of Belgrade. According to team of Aviator, there are 96 ways to make a perfect cup of coffee (for example: Dripper, Aeropressa, Chemex, Syphone and many others). Aviator has his own coffee roaster which gives an opportunity to control all the stages on the way to the perfect coffee cups, which gives all the fans of this beverage the ultimate coffee experience from different parts of the world.


Family Cup

It takes no small amount of chutzpah to open a non-smoking cafe in Belgrade. They’ve also negated the self-imposed regional handicap by offering a fine array of coffees in a comforting location, ticking all of the boxes outside of the one marked ‘way too many cigarettes’. The art only adds to the positive feelings here.

Kafeterija Family Cup


If you plan to party in some of the Belgrade clubs, be aware that night is long, and that sometimes it is hard to stay awake. That’s why coffee before going out could be the right thing.

Anyhow, enjoy in the Coffee, and in our lovely City and don’t forget to party hard.