The Best hair Salons in Belgrade

All about Hair Salons in Belgrade!

Looking for The best Hair Salons in Belgrade? Get yourself done with a professionals. Belgrade is all about the style. Opening Closings being seen. While cruising trough Belgrade you will notice how people take fashion seriously. There are no compromise! Shopping Weekends in Popular Belgrade Malls become cliche. Everyone have to look nice even if its just going to the market to get food supplies. Vracar and Dorcol area are highly Fashionable. Fitness and Belgrade Gyms are always crowded. Having a good cut is the must by people from popular Belgrade areas. As you might have notice people in Belgrade take seriously their look and their appearance in public. Belgrade Girls as many say are one of the prettiest in the world. They have got that tag not only because of their physical look. Belgrade girls are taking care of themselves very seriously. They live the life with healthy life style habits also doing, hair, nails, cosmetics and sometimes to much make up. They are taking big care of their fashion style. Belgrade has more then 200 Hair Saloons and places where you can get you hair done. Some of them are Highly professional among the world standards, and in some, how to say, you don’t want to end up.


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The best hair salons in Belgrade

How to get a haircut that you will actually like?




Among 400 Salons in Belgrade how to choose the BEST for yourself?


There are around 400 Hair Salons in Belgrade. There are cheep Salons, midd-price and Lux ones. Cheep ones are mostly out from the city centre. So you might never seen them while in Belgrade. Midd-price are out there and you will be able to book your appointment. Most of them are doing an amazing job. Lux ones are the most expensive. Still price that you will pay for perfect look is nothing compering to what you would pay in other Western Capitals. Check at the top of our page for The best hair salons in Belgrade.


Your look is your identity


Your hairstyle can tell alot about your identity. There are theories that hairstyle is closely related with the personality. From hair colour to hair length, it’s all what your hairstyle reveals about who you are. From wild and free to simple and sweet, how you wear your hair can say a lot about your personality. And don’t forget about statement your new hairstyle brings.


  • Hair Colour – Study finds that natural colour fits a person the most. If your hair colour is blond you will most likely be attracted by a dark hair and opposite


  • Curly Hair – Represent warm Personality


  • If your hair is heigh maintenance – Then there is some drama going on over there


  • Bald Girl – Either Feminist or opposite the Mainstream sometimes Anarchist


  • Wavy Hair – Creative and innovative


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The length of your hair reveals alot

The length of your hair reveals more about your personality than you can imagine. Its proven that hairstyle define your identity. Man with a long hair considered to be Free. People with a stylish hair are considered to be stylish. Short cut man are considered to be sporty or even extreme in some occasions. Women with a short cut very often but not necessarily represent Feminism. This all is from a prospective of a Society.

Hair needs long time to grow and recover. Almost like with Tattoos it is crucially important that you make a good decision. Get your hair cut with some of the High-End professionals in Belgrade. Getting ready for the Bachelor party in Belgrade or for the Belgrade Clubbing night, requires the good hair style.

It is recommended that you make a phone call and make a proper reservation before you head there. Most of the Beauty Saloons are always busy, and for some you might need to make reservation up to 7 days in advance, especially before the New Year’s Eve and other holidays in Serbia.



Hair Salons in Belgrade

Your style is Everything you are. Choose among the best Hair Salons in Belgrade.