Best Pizza in Belgrade

We never met a person that does not like a Pizza. Where is the Best Pizza in Belgrade? Who makes the tasty delicious Pizza? Get to know more trough our article. Find out more about Pizzerias in Belgrade SERBIA.

Pizza is not originally from Serbian cuisine, but for sure people in Belgrade know how to make one of the Best Pizza you have ever had! You will find fast food places selling pizza on slice. Those places are almost at any corner in the city centre. You can get a pizza at a dine in place. The history of pizza in Belgrade is long. If you are just for a few days around make sure to choose the best place in Belgrade.

3 types of Pizza Places in Belgrade


There are 3 types of Pizza Places in Belgrade. Dine in restaurants places, Pizza on Slice and After Party Pizza. Dine in are restaurants where you can get a whole tasty pizza. Pizza on Slice is for a busy people tasty fast food choice. Study shows that after party people mostly love to get a Pizza. Most popular After Party Pizza place is in a Valley of Hunger street. They work till early morning hours.


Best Pizza in Belgrade

Choose only the Best Pizza in Belgrade.




Pizza on Slice

Study shown that every 5th person in Belgrade get a Pizza on Slice at least once a week. Busy lifestyle in a big city made people to gain few extra kilos. Thats why balance is the key. Gym work out and then you can feel more calm with having a pizza. Pizza on Slice is pretty much enough to get full. Most of people order just a 1 slice. Most of the Pizza on Slice places are located around the City Square.


Dine-In Pizza

There are restaurants that only service pizza and pasta. It will be hard to find a pizza in a traditional or even in a mainstream restaurants. Pizza places are just pizza places. There are not to many Pizza restaurants out there. Check at the top of our page for the Best Pizza in Belgrade places.


After party Pizza places


The best pizza in Belgrade after party hard night. After Belgrade Splavs and heavy party you will need something to put you into sleep. Study shown that people mostly choose Pizza are after drinking remedy. There are After Party Pizza places located in Down Town of Belgrade, City Square, Slavia Round abound, New Belgrade and Dorcol. They usually work trough the whole morning.


Tips: Do not go over the line to get your pizza. Dont be rude and super loud. Respect the locals and local customs.



Can i order on English language?


You would be surprised that almost every single person speak English in Belgrade. Not that everyone speak fluently but you will find it easy and convenient to communicate. When you add that people are friendly and good looking Belgrade would consider as a place to move to. Ordering pizza over app or phone call is straight forward. At some places beside English staff is fluent in Spanish and Franch language. Belgrade is awesome! You will love it.


3 Easy steps to find a Best Pizza in Belgrade


  • Ask your local Buddy for a tip


  • Ask at the place where u stay


  • Check at the TOP of our page for a Recommendation


How much does Pizza Cost in Belgrade?


Price of a pizza on slice is only 1 euro. Prices of a whole pizza in a Pizza Place goes from 5-10 euros. You might find pizza for 15 euros as well.

Pizza Oven VS All other Pizza

Real Pizza Wizards are using an Oven Technic that by the most of the people is making the most tasty pizzas out there. The most quality wood to use in a wood fired pizza oven are those that make a heigh heat and at the same time low on smoke. Hardwoods and dry wood peaces are much more suitable. Most popular among Pizza Masters are ash, birch and oak. Many people love the mediterranean aroma of olive wood.


Best Pizza in Belgrade Serbia

Get yourself the Best Pizza in Belgrade.



Vegan Food in Belgrade?

Oliva is one of the vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade. Interesting menu includes many salads, miso soup, broccoli potage , veggie kabobs, focaccia, pizza, with mozzarella omelet or pasta made of buckwheat flour. You can  also taste an exquisite antique pastries like Baklava or Tufahija, and there is a cutthroat house made of mascarpone cheese, strawberry, mousse of chocolate and hazelnut. Restaurant “Oliva” at first glance will warm your heart with cozy interior in which prevails wood and antique furniture enriched with charming details.


Notice: Click here to check the most popular restaurants in Belgrade. Click here to check the most popular fast food restaurants in Belgrade.


Thinking about opening a restaurant in Belgrade?


Before you step into the business make sure to do this first:


  • Scan the market first


  • Get info from the locals


  • Dont look from a prospective of you own country experience


  • Dont rush


  • Get to understand Law and Regulations


  • Get the right consulting


  • Meet the other owners and hear their experiences


  • Dont flash with money around


If you are thinking to open a Pizzeria in Belgrade get in touch with us. Location and Regulations. Dealing with papers needed. Company Formation for foreigners in Belgrade. We got ya covered. Whats app us or emails us with concerns and questions. Our service is professional.


The Most famous Pizza


Pizza Margarita is by Italians the main and only real pizza as they say. Margarita is basic pizza and easiest to make. But not everyone knows how to make a Good Margarita. Margarita is a Neopaltian-style pizza. Pizza Masters makes pizza with a thin crust and fresh tomato sauce. Cheese that is used is of course only fresh Mozzarella. Not too many leaves of basil is the must. Margherita’s toppings are simple. Try Margarita in Belgrade made by the old Roman Recipes.


Margarita made at home? Not possible to compare the taste with a pizza at a restaurant. Leave Pizza experience to the masters of the show. Try the best pizza in Belgrade at the some of the most popular places in Belgrade.


Notice: Check at the top of our page for the best pizza in Belgrade recommendations. 



Why do People love Pizza?

Humans are attracted to foods that is fatty, sweet, and complex. For sure Pizza has it all. On the top of that Pizza is Cheep and affordable. By many its the most tasty meal out there. Study even shown that having a pizza produces Endorphins. Some people say that they are even addicted to a pizza at least once to two times a week.