Best place for photography in Belgrade

Belgrade is a stunning capital. Main city of Serbia. There are many hidden places with undiscovered secret spots. In last decade Belgrade becomes one of the top touristic destinations when it comes to the city break type of travels. Serbia is mostly famous because of  its great Belgrade nightlife.  On the other hand there is much more than just high quality Nightclubs. Belgrade is also artistic city of Europe. With many street arts and stunning architecture. Surely Belgrade has beaning discovered by famous instagrammers, photographers and bloggers. So where is the Best place for photography in Belgrade? Where can u get some epic shots? Here is a short but powerful list: Best place for photography in Belgrade for photography in Belgrade

Best places in Belgrade to take photos

Cathedral of Saint Sava –  It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in Serbia. It’s the largest Orthodox Church in the Balkans. Located in the center of the city at the Vracar plateau. Saint Sava Church represents one of the most important places to visit while in Belgrade. You will capture some epic shots in a front and inside of the Cathedral. The best time to visit is when the air is clear. With a light blue sky. Summer of Winter it dosent really matter. Get a good camera though. If you need a help check out some of the Belgrade Photographers. So what do you think? Is this is the Best place for photography in Belgrade?


Best place for photography in Belgrade Saint Sava Temple

Cathedral of Saint Sava

Kalemegdan Fortress – Probably the place where you will  spend the most time taking photos! History and culture is what define Kalemegdan Fortress. Scenery and beauty is what you will find inside the walls of the Fortress. Most likely you will be taking photos on the every step! Fortress has been visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is open all day and night all year round. What you shouldn’t miss while walking around Kalemegdan Fortress isthe Victor monument. Bronze, male figure of 14 meters. It stands with mysterious look over the river. Statue was made back in the 1913. It was made by our famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. It is Stunning and breathtaking. We people of Belgrade love this place. Area around the monument offers a great view.  This place is where you will definitely take few photos. Good time is around sunset. Especially on summers. next stop could be Military museum. Not our favourite though. But tourists like it. This museum is the most accurate witness of changes in history at this part of Balkans and wider. Many exhibits are outside the museum. Its a perfect place to make some unique pictures! Something like siting on a rocket or on a tank. Next stop while in Kalemegdan Fortress is the famous Boho Bar. This lounge bar is a mix of impressions and inspiration from exotic places – Bali, Morocco, India. One of a kind place in Belgrade, with a relaxing atmosphere, beautiful interior and oasis like vibe. Check it out by clicking here: Boho Bar Belgrade.


Cathedral of Saint Sava Kalemegdan

Kalemegdan Fortress


Top Instagram and photography spots in Belgrade

Gardos (Millennium) Tower in Zemun –  It was build for celebrating a thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonian plain. During summer you can hear the music of live concerts from open air Teather near the tower. Unique architecture with a view across the river. Represents a heaven for taking ultimate panoramic picture of Belgrade. Dont miss this place out! Best way to access is with a Taxi.


Savamala District – Industrial, artistic, fun! You will find many great street graffiti which are perfect for taking a picture! One of the best pubs, bars and great restaurants are located in this district! Below Karadjordjeva street there is a web of underground passages that have not been adequately investigated. You can take underground tour for more “darker” shots! We warmly suggest to visit Ben Akiba bar has a modern concept which is presenting art on its own way.  Ben Akiba has been combined with the original ambiance. Ben Akiba White Lounge & Art Gallery is something most likely you have not experienced before. Savamala use to be Hipster Heaven. Nowadays become slightly commercial with mainstream places. Still place to visit indeed. If you want to know more about it check out: Savamala.


Ada Lake – is called “Belgrade’s seaside” is a hot spot during spring and summer. Crowded with people, beach bars, and sport activities. Its a a great place for daredevils who love to show off on Instagram. Selfie from a wake boarding is just a starter for your imagination! If you are into Extreme sports this is the Best place for photography in Belgrade!


Instagrammable places in Belgrade, Serbia

Botanical Garden Jevremovac – The botanical garden of the University of Belgrade is settled in an urban neighborhoods of Belgrade. It is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Stari Grad and is an administered by the University of Belgrade’s Biology School. Beautiful nature and remarkable greenhouse will leave you breathless, and you won’t notice how time is passing by.


Skadarlija Street – A place were time stopped! Bohemian quarter, located in the old city of Belgrade. It is a romantic district, with a number of traditional restaurants, visited by foreigners as well as from local people. A must visit place worth of taking a stunning pictures! Definitely  a picture with the most likes on your Instagram profile! This street is the Best place for photography in Belgrade! Dont miss to try Serbian Food while you over there.


Best place for photography in Belgrade Skadarlija


Cetinjska street – Reborn industrial center, artistic and unique place located next to the Skadarlija Bohemian quarter. Once a beer factory, today a hipster center of Belgrade. Beautifully designed bars and clubs, a place worth visiting.

Nikola Pasic Square – What is more touristic than taking a picture next to the tag name of a city? Many European cities have that, and now, Belgrade have that too!  Maybe you are one of the people who like that kind of pictures in their travel albums!

Stunning Instagram pictures of Belgrade

We made a list of top 5 Instagram pictures of Belgrade:


Best place for photography in Belgrade instagram marko edge


Best place for photography in Belgrade instagram esejapan


Best place for photography in Belgrade instagram acamatic


Best place for photography in Belgrade instagram emilstakic


Best place for photography in Belgrade instagram dm kostic

Did you discovered some great places which are not on this list? Let us know in a comment bellow!