Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade

How much does a tattoo cost in Belgrade

Take few minutes and read about Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade. Find out about quality and Style of an each place. How much they cost and how long in advance you have to book your appointment. According to our research Belgrade is good place to get yourself covered. Prices for tattoos in Belgrade can be per peace or per hour. You can get your sleeve done for 1000 euros. We are talking about serious peace of art. Fist step is to find the guy that will do you. Second would be to choose what you want. Or even other way around. Then talk with your guy about price, agree, and go for it man. How much does it cost tattoo cost in Belgrade Serbia? You can get epic work for 50-100 euros per hour. Dont forget good artists are busy way ahead. Book your appointment on time. Belgrade Artists are busy and booked sometimes for months in advance.



Why in Belgrade?


If you check out Artiest that you like and if he stay in Belgrade then why not Belgrade? Its a super fun city with alot of things to do. Price might be the same as at your home country. Dont expect that Belgrade is Cheep when it comes to the Body Art. If you choose the right Tattoo Artists be sure that he will follow drawing and do an Epic work. Click here to find out Where to Stay in Belgrade. The best time to visit is any time. Its always fun over here. If you are looking for a peak season then June and July. As well around New Years days.



Tattoo Artists in Belgrade

Get yourself Inked in Belgrade. Choose the best Tattoo Artists in Belgrade that can bring your Idea into Art.




Benefits of getting Tattooed


  • Attraction – If you are attracted to people with tattoos then most likely they would be also


  • Better Appearance


  • Attention – If you are attention seeker then Tattoos are the right thing for you


  • Looking Tough – Some people choose to get covered to look Tougher


  • Sexy – Its proven that some people find Tattooed people more sexy


  • Stand Out – Standing Out with a goo style



History of Tattoo


If you decided to get tattoos at least you can know few things about how did they started. Before you find out all you need to know about Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade! Before you get your body covered we will cover you with some Tattoo knowledge. Oldest ART on the human body was found in the 1991.  Otzi the Iceman was declared as the oldest evidence of a human with tattoos. Scientists believe that Otzi the iceman lived somewhere in between 3370 BC – 3100 BC.

Another Evidence from the past brings us to the antic nation of Egypt and China. Egyptian sailors spread the colture of tattooing to the Greece and Arab countries.

Tribes from the “Polynesian” islands loved the fact that their body’s were covered with tattoos.  They are ones who brought us the name Tatou or todays Tattoo.

In the present time styles are keep on changing pretty fast, so make sure to make good decision. After you get yourself covered, take a look and check the best clubs in Belgrade.

There are many self-claimed tattoo artists in the world, but among them all, you will find dozen of good, and just a few great ones. Just imagine being stack with a really bad tattoo, for a lite time! Ok, that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but still, if you can pass regret and painful laser tattoo removal of course, why wouldn’t you do it right in a first place? Luckily Belgrade as a capital of Serbia, has great tattoo shops and artists, and the most important thing  – Belgrade is cheaper to get a tattoo than most of capitals in Europe. In today’s article we will reveal you guys Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade!

Best Tattoo Shops in Belgrade

Why is Belgrade popular for getting Inked?


Some Info about Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade


Who are the popular tattoo artiest in Belgrade? Check them out wisely and make your own decision! Each individual is an artist for him self. Each style is well recognised in Belgrade. Whats a good tattoo for you it might not be for someone else.


Where to get a Tattoo in Belgrade?

Here you go. Some of the Tattoo places in Belgrade:


“The street” Studio

The most intriguing thing about this studio is – it is also a clothes store! It is not just another tattoo studio, it’s Rock’n’Roll! A custom and appointment based shop, but they always welcome walk-in guests as well! One of their remarkable artists is Mina – a psychologist, tattoo artist and illustrator. This young and talented girl  is a tattooing professional for just a little bit more than 3 years and has already become famous for her style. Her masterpieces can look at the facebook page “MP illustrations”. Her illustrations function as tattoos, print on bags and badges or artwork on the wall.



Dzoni koji Tetovira

Dzoni (Johnny) is one of the most famous tattoo artists in Belgrade. He started long ago, in 1992. In 1997. he opens his first tattoo studio and till today he is definitely one of the best artists in Serbia and wider. After 20 years in business, he only works by agenda (booking in advance is a must) so he can dedicate himself fully to each customer. He tries to offer best-buy services on the market (the best ratio of price and quality) as well as a warm and professional relationship with his clients.



Damir Tattoo Studio

This studio is among the Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade. Damir (the owner and professional tattoo artist) started long time ago, in 1993. His early work was retouching of old and bad tattoos on a bench in front of the building were he lived! And that is not all – he was making a tattoo machine from the already well known components such as Walkman, electric motor, wire guitar, spring, pedal … That is how Damir started his amateur tattoo business. The story about his tattoos spread rapidly and Damir become popular. From time to time (once in every two or three months) he does some tattoo just for fun. Determined that tattooing is just a hobby, in 1999, he bought his first professional equipment. In 2002 he decided to open the studio and re-start the creation of works of art on others – as a professional. This time, he looked upon tattooing as a business rather than a hobby. From then till today, everybody in Belgrade knows who Damir tattoo is.


Tattoo Art in Belgrade


Sindjel Tattoo Studio


Where to get a Tattoo in Belgrade? Sindjel is indeed among the Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade.

This Studio is the first tattoo studio in Belgrade, opened back in 1988. When its comes to the Body ART, Sindjel crew is highly experienced and professional.
Studio is easy to find, its located in the downtown, in the heart of Belgrade.

Their quality of tattoos is outstanding, they are masters in covering old scars and old tattoos that you want to get rid of. Pleasant staff will assist you with consultations and advices, they will be on your service from start to finish.
Since 1992, Sindjel is successfully doing body piercing, offering wide range of jewellery.

“Art that goes under the skin” is their everyday professional approach, that they all share with enthusiasm and love.

If you are cruising around Belgrade and thinking about getting piercing or tattoo, swing by the famous Sindjel Tattoo Studio and get more information,


Boban Tattoo Studio 

Boban is among the Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade. He runs his studio for 20 years already. Alot of experience is in his hands. He made his brand and started back in 1993. He has done successfully more then 6,000 tattoos! Friendly atmosphere, with good music and interesting chat, Boban, Tanja (tattoo artists) and their students will take you on a fantastic journey that will be hard to forget.
Studio in Belgrade was opened in 2000. where have passed many masters and students and some of them are now important names in the world of tattooing.



If you have an old tattoo and you want to get rid of it then go to the specialist. There are some trusted and untrusted clinics over here in Belgrade. Click here for the info about Tattoo removal in Belgrade. If you want to hear a second though from an experts then check Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Doctors in Belgrade. Best Tattoo Shops & Artists in Belgrade are out there. Choose your style and enjoy your time in Belgrade.