Golden Dragon tattoo studio

Golden Dragon tattoo studio is located at 7 Cika Ljubina street in the center of Belgrade. Our studio offers tattooing services, one of the oldest known ways to permanently decorate a human body. For a long time, we have been located in Balkanska street in a small studio where we have built our recognizable name. As of February 2013 we have moved to a new location, in a modernly furnished art studio.

In the past tattoos have been a taboo topic and used to invoke judgment, as opposed to the modern age when they have become a fashion hit and a trademark for all those seeking to express themselves in a different and original way. Once worn solely by men, today tattoos exist in various shapes, sizes and colors and are increasingly more popular with women.

What used to be a rarity is a common occurrence today. Tattoos no longer cause suspicion or fear, but often signify sexuality and good taste.

The word ‘tattoo’ originated from the Tahiti word ‘tatu’ which means ‘to mark something’. This is exactly what tattooing is today – a way to mark your body in your own individual way. Shapes, symbols, words, pictures or anything you’d like to have as a tattoo will gain a new dimension and can be your own trademark.

The famous writer Jack London once states: “Show me a man with a tattoo and I will show you a man with an interesting past.”

Records of first tattoos date far back into human history, to around 12000 year B.C. which shows how old human interest in this type of expression is as a way to show their thoughts, emotions, rebellion, culture and customs. One thing is for sure – tattoos have always played a pivotal part in various rituals throughout the world.

Modern age has brought many changes with itself. Today tattoos are more an expression of hedonism of the modern man. They have developed immensely in the last decades and gained vast popularity that is still on the incline.

The most important thing when it comes to tattooing – even more important than the artistic and professional side – is the sterilization and disinfection of the instruments used. Our tattoo studio “Golden Dragon” gives you the possibility to create only permanent tattoos, either monochrome or in color, for which we utilize only sterilized equipment and needles that we unpack in front of you. When hygiene is concerned you can be at peace because we uphold all the global standards.

Also in addition to creating new tattoos we also offer options for repairing and refreshing existing tattoos or covering them up. For those seeking permanent makeup we offer permanent eyebrow, lip and eyelid drawing.

The prices of our tattoos depend on the size, complexity and the desired tattoo area. Our team includes the best tattoo masters who have years of experience and are able to realize all your thoughts as a tattoo on the desired part of your body.

Our team:

– Boris Mladenovic A.K.A. Boki – acclaimed tattoo master and the founder of the studio back in 1997. Throughout his career he has had the pleasure to share his work with many celebrities of our scene and other clients. Just passing through his neighborhood is like walking through an exhibition of his work. What makes his style stand apart from others is his strong contrast in monochrome tattoo technique, creating motifs in plans, drawing important elements of the image he is working on.

 Katarina Miladinovic A.K.A. Miss Little Dragon – an excellent tattoo master who specializes in tiny details when working on a tattoo. There is a great chance that she will greet you in the studio with a smile and a boost of good mood. This creates a balance between gender because sometimes it’s easier for a woman to understand your request than a man would. Her hospitality and great communication with the clients are extremely important to us, as is to make every client feel comfortable at our studio.

Come and see for yourself – we are waiting for you.

“Golden Dragon” tattoo studio, Belgrade.


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Every day in the week:  10 am – 8 pm


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+381 64 45 01 756 [email protected]
Čika Ljubina 7 (Knez Mihajlova 18, u pasažu), Stari grad
+381 64 45 01 756 [email protected]
Čika Ljubina 7 (Knez Mihajlova 18, u pasažu), Stari grad