Mean Machine

Mean Machine Tattoo & piercing studio was established back in 2016 by a group of a young artists that gain experience in a some of the famous local and foreign studios. This group have many satisfied clients that can testify on their amazing work. During their career they have earned positive comments and rewards on tattoo events.

Their studio shares good and positive vibes, they made sure that over there, you will feel like at home. Studio is located at the down town of Belgrade.

Their approach is highly professional, and they are always ready to answer on your questions about Tattooing. You can lean on them, and ask them anything you want to know about what concerns you. Suggestions, advices and explanations, this guys are ready to make your idea into a perfect drawing on your body. This guys made sure that Hygiene is their priority and that everything goes smoothly. They think that every single tattoo has to have special attention, and that’s why its necessary to book consultation with the team before they start to do art on your body.

They say that it s a great honor to leave a mark on someone’s skin forever. Exactly that fact is what make art of tattooing special.


Working hours:
12 – 6 pm
Saturday & Sunday / CLOSED


+381 64 34 20 956 [email protected]
Cvijiceva 113
+381 64 34 20 956 [email protected]
Cvijiceva 113