Back in the 1988, artist Snezana Dubajic opened the Sindjel Scene, the first legal tattoo studio in downtown of Belgrade.
Brave and very well designed concept brought attention with its quality, experience, and work in domain of the body art.

Very Fast Sindjel came up among the few best ones on the alternative scene in Belgrade. Their original ideas and quality tattoos, friendly and professional consulting and successful covering tattoo skills made them famous.

Taking care sincerely of all their clients and Impeccable Hygiene is their priority. Since you step to this place you will face yourself with professional approach and employs who shares good vibes.

Sindjel Tattoo Studio is the first tattoo studio in Belgrade, opened back in 1988. When its comes to the Body ART, Sindjel crew is highly experienced and professional.

Studio is easy to find, its located in the downtown, in the heart of Belgrade.
Their quality of tattoos is outstanding, they are masters in covering old scars and old tattoos that you want to get rid of. Pleasant staff will assist you with consultations and advices, they will be on your service from start to finish.
Since 1992, Sindjel is successfully doing body piercing, offering wide range of jewellery.
” Art that goes under the skin ” is their everyday professional approach, that they all share with enthusiasm and love.

If you are cruising around Belgrade and thinking about getting piercing or tattoo, swing by the famous Sindjel Tattoo Studio and get more information,

working hours: 11-19h

More info:
insta: sindjel_tattoo_piercing
insta: sindjel_piercing
Facebook: Sindjel Designtattoopiercing Scene


+381 11 334 05 08 [email protected]
Kneginje Ljubice 10
+381 11 334 05 08 [email protected]
Kneginje Ljubice 10