Damir Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Studio Damir, is one of the most popular Tattoo Studios in Belgrade. There are several highly professional artiest working full time over there. Their Art had been drawn on the skin of the Roberto Carlos, Felipe Melo, Andre Santos, Mateje Kezmana, Dejana Stankovica, Roberta Prosineckog and so on. The list of celebrities that decided to give their trust to this guys is pretty long.
Awesome and professional team of artiest that work in the Damir Studio are responsible for their great reputation. Equipment that they use is high-end, latest in the tattoo industry. You will find them at Paštroviceva 8a street, at Banovo Brdo area. It’s a huge place, that is divided into the 5 separate areas. Each area has its own artists and its own spirit of the art décor.
Your idea with their creativity, will leave an amazing mark on your body.
Artist can help you out to come up with a perfect solution that you are seeking for. Make sure to make an appointment for a consultation, sooner than later, since this guys are super busy.

Belgrade, Banovo Brdo, Pastroviceva 8A/2.

Open: 10 am – 7 pm
Info: +38111357 37 35
Viber, Whatsapp: +381 64 112 06 86
E-mail: [email protected]

+381 64 112 06 86 [email protected]
Belgrade, Banovo Brdo, Pastroviceva 8A/2
+381 64 112 06 86 [email protected]
Belgrade, Banovo Brdo, Pastroviceva 8A/2