Birthday in Belgrade

Birthdays are special. They remind us that we are getting older, but they also symbolise how far we have come. Birthdays in Belgrade are marked with a celebration. Its a noble excuse to show someone how much you appreciate them.


Birthday in Belgrade? Belgrade, as a perfect city break destination, is one of the most popular places for celebrating:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette  parties
  • Weddings
  • and of course Birthday in Belgrade

When it comes to comparing with the other capitals in Europe, prices in Belgrade are more than fair. Belgrade restaurants are among the best in the South East Europe (thanks to our cuisine), prices are pretty low when it comes to the European standards. If you want to celebrate your birthday, you can just pick the best restaurant in Belgrade, and we will organize that event for you!

If you want to enjoy the whole day with amazing activities, that can be manage too! Get ready for alot of Fun in Belgrade. It sthe capital of good time. City that never sleep. New Berlin. Those are the names that foreigners gave to the capital of Serbia Belgrade.


Belgrade birthdays activities

What about riding in the limo and reaching your birthday destination with a style?

Panoramic limo ride lasts for one hour, and it is a really eye catching activity.

Birthday in Belgrade Limo


Maybe a vintage cabriolet is more your style?  Feel the breeze in your hair while you are riding like a movie star from the 30’s! This incredible way of sightseeing Belgrade also allows you to get out of the car for sites visits and a closer look of different cultural and historical spots. Belgrade is quite Unique City. Find out why!


Birthday in Belgrade retro ride


Birthday in Belgrade? Maybe a boat ride is your thing – you can choose the most suitable raft for you! Including catering and drinks, can be pretty awesome place to celebrate your special day. Cruise around  2 rivers in the center of the city, and enjoy with a glass of your favorite drink while you are gazing in a beautiful view.



Balloon flight over Belgrade or over other parts of the country is a unique experience of flying without an engine. And also a great birthday idea! You will feel like you’re sailing through the air, like eagles hovering with outspread wings letting to be carried away by the wind!


Birthday in Belgrade Balloon flight


For daredevils there are several activities: plane or helicopter ride are always great opportunity to make a wish among the city that never sleeps!


Birthday in Belgrade Clubs

Also, you can always have a private photographer to make your memories unforgettable! Our photographers have finished professional schools for photography and image processing. Or professional video:  We are always searching for the defining moment of the party that will always remain in people’s mind and on the professional video recording forever. And of course, the most funny parts as well! We’re skilled at capturing moments as they’re about to happen. whether we’re rolling.

 Birthday party venues in Belgrade

If you are more for private and intimate party when it comes to celebrating your birthday, we can always suggest few hip places for that! Regardless of the party type, they can meet your requirements, both in terms of organization and in terms of catering. When it comes to the party organization, service can include:
– Preparing, arranging and delivery of food and beverages.
– Serving of food and beverages (including professional waiters, uniformed in accordance with the party type).
– Providing dishes, glasses, silverware, etc.
– Arranging space (includes floral and other arrangements).
– Providing awnings, tables, chairs, etc.