How to blend in

How to blend in and not be noticed as a foreigner in Belgrade. Learn how to blend in Belgrade circles. Staying for a while or just visiting with an intention to make new friends and connects there are things that you need to do and to know. Before stepping to the Belgrade ground we suggest you that you watch random YouTube videos about Belgrade Serbia. Would be smart to do so when ever you travel somewhere. Getting to know Balkan History and Geography could give you some headache though. So the first step to fit in Belgrade society would be to get to know some brief History & Geography.


Choose your social circle


You have to know where you want to bland in. You could choose Soccer fans, Nightlife People, Politicians, High End sociality, Yogis, Fitness and Gym people. Its absolute your choice. For each circle you will have to have different approach.


Dress well

If you are going to go out and dine In at Beton Hala area you will have to dress to impress. But don’t get this wrong. Don’t go to much into extreme. You don’t want to look like you are about to pop in the Belgrade wedding. Belgrade people are mixing casual and smart dress really well. If you are a girl about to organise a Hen and Bachelor Event in Belgrade, make sure to wear high heals. Yap Belgrade Girls wear them even to the story to buy groceries on Sunday mornings. Check this article to get better prospective: Dress Code.



Blend in Belgrade Serbia

Blend in Belgrade Serbia


Learn the body language


How you body talks is one of the key things in blending in a crew. You have to be self-confident.  Not too much though. You have to balance well. Don’t be to stiff neither to loose. Don’t talk to much and don’t ask to much. Don’t be to much silent either. Just don’t be a wussy.



No split billing in Serbia


When you go out to party guys always pay for a bill. Girls almost never. Why? Don’t know how to answer you on that one. If there a bill of 100 euros lets say and there are 5 of guys including yourself, each of you give 20 euros.

Another way is to call a round and pay immediately to a waiter. Good to know: Alternative Belgrade is about sharing the bills between girls and guys. Mainstream only guys.


Don’t use a wallet



Using a wallet will absolutely show that you are not from around here. Wallets are not In. Wrap a cash or just fold it nicely in your pocket. Hot tip: Always bring more then you actually need.

Cards? Yap you can bring a card along. Make sure it’s a nice looking card if you are about to step to high class areas.

Money Cash Clip holder is good to go.




blend in

blend in





How to blend in Belgrade Serbia

How to blend in Belgrade Serbia




Don’t get to drunk



Don’t get to drunk. Drink under the limit that you know how to behave. Being to drunk and out of control will show that you are not stable. That you can’t manage yourself well.


Don’t talk about politics



Switch subjects if someone bring politic for a table. Its highly recommended. It might be hard to bland in if you get in arguing.




Don’t refuse first shot of Rakia


If someone offer you Rakia even during a day light, just grab from a hand and drink it from once. If someone tell you take more you can refuse it immediately. Just say: I am good thanks. If they continue with offering you continue with: I am good thanks.




Answer to a question


If someone asks you: Hey let’s go to watch a game. If you don’t want, you have to answer straight to the person face that you don’t want that you have planes already. Or you can directly say its not your thing. But you are up for a something else. You have to know what you want and what you don’t want. You have to speak loud and clear about that. Your body has to follow words from your mouth. Blend in Belgrade and enjoy your stay!