Budget Friendly

Serbia is a country with its long history and interesting tradition. The capital and the largest city is Belgrade. Belgrade is known for its epic nightlife and parties that are held everyday, from Monday until Sunday, from midnight until dawn. Belgrade has the reputation of a “City that never sleeps”, or as some would rather say “The New Berlin”. And all that for a good reason! Once you are in Belgrade, and once that you experience sunrise in some of our splavs (splav is a boat, river club), you will wanted to come back for more! Very important information when it comes to our city, and Serbia in general – you will find how pretty much everything is very BUDGET FRIENDLY. Unlike the most of other European countries and their capitals, Belgrade offer much but for a super friendly prices.

Budget Friendly Nightlife

First, very important thing – getting around the city, transportation is not expensive at all. We don’t have metro, only buses and trams, and all the parts of the city are very well connected, so it’s easy to use public transportation and at the same time it is VERY CHEAP. A ticket costs less than 1 euro! Another way of getting around in Belgrade is using CarGo. It is a Serbian version of Uber and works over application that you can download on your smart phone either from Goggle Store or App Store. Price of average ride through the city is from 3-7 euros. Taxi is the third option, the most expensive one though, but still very affordable. It is only 2-3 euros more expensive then the CarGo.

When it comes to food – prices are very approachable. Eating in restaurant per person will cost you from 5 – 15 euros, more or less. Another option for getting a good meal, cheaper option would be fast food shops located through the whole city. And the most of them are open 24/7! Price for a meal per person (burger, pizza, etc.), is between 1 – 3 euros. Sounds good?! If you are more of a person who prefers cooking, check out our green markets. Prices are very low, and it is the cheapest way to eat in Belgrade! Food is another thing why Belgrade, and Serbia are famous for. We are known for delicious dishes (Pljeskavica – Serbian burger, Prebranac – dish made of beans and meat sometimes, Sarma – made of cabbage and minced meat, etc.).

Budget Friendly Restaurants

Good news for all of you passionate smokers – cigarettes in Belgrade are cheaper than in any other European city! Average price is about 2-3 euros! And another good info – here you can smoke pretty much anywhere (bars, clubs, even restaurants). Non-smokers, no worries, there are separated parts in pretty much any place for you that are not contaminated with smoke. Another important information – bars and coffee places are budget friendly. Price of beverages in bars are from 1 – 7 euros. Coffee goes from 1-3 euros depending from a place and a coffee of course.

When it comes to accommodation, as anywhere hotels are the most expensive choice. Especially 5-star and 4-star ones. Alternative for hotels, pretty cheap alternatives though, is to rent an apartment in the city center. Price per night per apartment located in the city center is between 20 – 60 euros. The variety is big, and you will definitely find whatever you are looking for. Best way would be to check out on AirBnb what suits you the best. Tip: Check locations around Knez Mihailova, Parlament and Dorcol area.

Budget Friendly Square Nine

Last, but not least, nightlife. Most of the clubs in Belgrade have FREE ENTRY. Price range is variable depending on a beverage and the place.