Bye bye August

Bye bye August

It is almost end of the August, so it means that we need to prepare for bigger parties and even more crowded clubs in Belgrade. It also means that the end of summer is close, but we do not need to be sad about it. Instead we just need to be happy, and say ‘Bye bye August, you have been good to us’. We are continuing with our favourite Belgrade activity-clubbing.

Here is the schedule for upcoming week.
Hot Mess – R’n’B night with Dj Moooka
Club Ninety Four – 94s with Dj Marchez

Freestyler – 90s music with Dj Super Hick
-Club Ninety Four-Slap & Tickle with Nikola Peshut (house music)

-Freestyler-Buzzin’ with Dj Ike, Dj Prema, Dj Architect (r’n’b music)

Lasta – R’n’B Thursday Delight with Dj Fake Casual & Dj Byp
Shake ‘n’ Shake – 90s music with Dj Cholak & Dj Marchez

-Freestyler-This summer feel free (house music)
-Shake ‘n’ Shake-R’n’B/House with Dooshan & Laki
-Club Ninety Four-Pure cream with Dj Prema (r’n’b music)
-Lasta-Peppe, Miloš Starčević & Nenad Jovanović (house music)

-Freestyler-Kurd Maverick (house music)
-Club Ninety Four-Somebody call the doctor with Dj Me-High-Low (r’nb/house music)
-Shake ‘n’ Shake-Commercial house with Dj Vuk
-Lasta-Oysha, Dooshan & Goran Starčević (house music)
-Hot Mess-Cherry on top with Dj Ike and Dj Lea (r’n’b music)

-Cub Ninety Four-Gin & Juice with Dj Architect (r’n’b music)
-Hot Mess-Sunday Beat (house music)
Let’s walk out Mr August and walk in September in style! Cheers!

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