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Call Center purpose is to handle a huge volume of calls. Generally call Centers are used to handle customer service, technical support and sales. What is BPO? Business Process Outsourcing is a business practice in which Company hire an external service provider to perform an essential business task. Serbia is among the Top BPO Markets in Europe.  Around 9,000 Serbians are working at BPO-s Services. Most of the Call Center Services are located at capital of Belgrade and Novi Sad.


How to choose the right Call Center Service?

This task is not an easy one. Who to give a trust? Here are the top factors to consider when embarking on your search:



  • Experience. Experienced Call Center will most likely determine success of your business.


  • Training Program. Make sure to find out how does Call Center train their Staff. Its essential for a call center performance to put their staff trough a proper training program.


  • Cost. Price Comparison. Do you due diligence.


  • Recommendations. Word of mouth is a leading reason for a client purchase. Check with colleagues, seek for a valid recommendations.


  • Reviews. Analysing reviews left by Call center customers will help your business to understand overall customer satisfaction. You will get a better picture can they provide your business with a service needed.



Call Center Services in Belgrade Serbia

Create an Effective Business Strategy. Maximise your profit.



Accent Plays a significant role!


If customers cannot understand an agent, they will not build a trust. Accents are an important part of your business identity. Professional Call Center Services in Belgrade only hire and train the right people. Employees has been trained to speak with a native language accent or with a neutral accent. Accent is a powerful tool in Sales and Call Center Companies in Serbia know that.



What are the Most Important Qualities of a Call Center?


  • The most important thing for your business is that an Agent has the ability to empathise. They have to build a strong connection with a potential costumer. They have to understand an issue that your client is dealing with. They have to build a loyalty bound. Beside Accent this is the most important thing when you look for a Call Center Service.


  • Call Center has to have a Technology that support your Business. Essential Technologies needs to work seamlessly. They have to allow Agents to use them without any issues. Agents have to be able to deliver the best Service and to provide the best costumer experience.


  • Responsiveness. Responsiveness is one of the most effective ways to build a trust among costumers. Call Center ability to quickly respond to Customer requests will prevent project delays, cancelations and mistakes.


  • Transparency. Costumers respect your business if you offer them transparency.




Call Center Services in Belgrade

Customised Sales Approach. Super Quality With a reasonable price. Multilingual Call Centers.



Why to Outsource in Belgrade Serbia?


  • Customised Sales Approach


  • Europe Based


  • Super Quality With a reasonable price


  • Education & Talent


  • Hard Working People


  • Reliable


  • Multilingual Call Centers


  • Inbound, Outbound and Automated


  • Good Tactics in Sales


  • Amazing Research Technics


  • Professional Back Office Support


  • Professional Customer Support




Outsourcing Services in Serbia

Build a Killer Business Strategy. Make the smart move and outsource your Services to Serbia.



Visiting Belgrade to Scout for a Call Center Service?


Visiting Belgrade to Scout for a Call Center Services? You might wonder where to stay in Belgrade? How is the food, restaurants and a social life? How are the locals and are there good Co Working Spaces? The trick is not to get attached to Belgrade, its easy to fell in love and stay. Belgrade is a Vibrant, Social and a safe European Capital. If you never been and need some tips and assistance, feel free to contact us any time. You can always contact us for connections. Belgrade at Night always has been a trust wordy source of information. We will tell you how the market works. Pros and Cons of Working in Serbian Business Environment. Also will advice you how to find a right partner.


Customer Testimonials


We have put together some of a testimonials that customers chosen to share with public. Some of the most common ones are related to price vs service. Outsourcing Phone call work to Belgrade increased company yearly income. Without a need to rent a office in Milano. No need to pay for a health insurance and tax in a home country. Choosing Belgrade was a smartest decision when it comes to the income. Another value is always Europe working hours. Choosing a Europe city gives you easy access to travel in and out. A Good Call Center Services are offering neutral accent of its employs. Overall Belgrade has it all. We encourage you to do a deeper research and find the prime solution for your business.