Camera Stores in Belgrade

Camera Stores in Belgrade

Looking to buy a Camera in Serbia? There a few amazing Camera Stores in Belgrade. Either you are a fan of Sony or Canon you will find what you need in Belgrade. If you into Go-pro consider it done. Want to pilot a drone? Done. Belgrade has it all. Camera Stores in Belgrade are ready to host you with English speaking personnel.


Camera Stores in Belgrade

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Where can I buy a camera in Belgrade?


You can get a new Canon Camera at the Official supplier You can check out Foto Diskont on Google. Check their Reviews. I have personally bought my Canon over there. Got a beg for free and 10% discount. They were really nice at Foto Diskont. Store is not as fancy as you would expect. But who cares. They sell new equipment for a good price with a warranty. Location is out of a city centre. You will need a taxi to get there. Try to reach them before heading over there. Pc Photo is another great choice. They are on the Belgrade Photo market for almost 2 decades. They are professional and offer a good deal. Call them or email them to check out their prices. Its not hard to get inove in Belgrade. You would want to have a professional camera while staying here. Check out some good deals at Cameras Stores in Belgrade.


Which camera is Best to buy in Belgrade?


You can find a lot about this topic in Camera stores in Belgrade. Here are some tips. Are you a beginner that wants to get some cool Photos to post on stock pages or on your social medias, then go for Nikon D3500. It’s a good Value for what you get. If you want to spend money and planning to become pro from a start, then go for Canon EOS R5. This camera is EPIC. When it comes to lenses there is so much to choose from. We would suggest you to aim 70-200 mm. If you are planning to shoot on the low lights then go for 2.8 f. Sunsets and Sunrises you can get done with 50mm 1.8.

Online you will get the picture what will work for you the best.



Second Hand Cameras in Belgrade


There are places where you can buy a second hand Camera in Belgrade. Events are organized by local entrepreneurs so that Photographers in Belgrade can exchange their cameras and lenses. We would suggest you that you bring your laptop with you. Would be wise to take photos with your sd card and then transfer to your lap top. Open in a lightroom and check the quality. If photos are good, then lens or camera works fine. You can get get online staff as well. Same story. Make sure to check photos or videos on your laptop. Sometimes over the time cameras and lenses just become not as good as new. Why would u take that risk and loose money and time.



Renting Photo Equipment in Belgrade



Renting Photo Equipment in Belgrade? If you are looking for making a movie in Belgrade, you might need to gear up yourself. There is a place that we know that can offer you almost anything you need. They are highly professional and English speaking. Pretty friendly people with good knowledge about photography and videography. They know places in Belgrade if you seriously planning to make some epic stuff.



Buy a DRONE in Belgrade


Looking for a drone and Go Pro in Belgrade? DONE. There is a place in Dorcol named Manhattan. Yap like the Neighbourhood in the New York.  Its a small cozy shop. Owner is a super cool dude. Have those super cool big Mustage. He is into Drones and Go-Pro since they exists. You can find almost anything about Drons in Belgrade Serbia with this guy. His Name is Dejan by the way.



Buy a Drone in Belgrade

Buy a Drone in Belgrade


Tips of making money with Photography while you travel

Are you good in taking photos? Beside your family and friends what others say? If you enjoy doing it so why not beside click for memory also click for some extra bucks. There is nothing wrong with a passive income. Plus that nice feeling that someone payed for your creative work. Sign up as a contributor at iStock, BigStock and ShutterStock. Then put you details inside. Then upload. Thats it. Its very simple and forward. Get to read guidelines before uploading though. Put relevant Keywords so that buyers can find you. Add photo description. Click submit for a review and very soon you will know are u IN.


Hot tip: There is a demand on market for Heigh Resolution photos of Belgrade Splavs and Venues. Very often foreign journalists write an article about Belgrade and they struggle to find a good shots. Media Companies do have big budgets. So if you manage to make some nice shoots you can easily expect to sell at some point. Good luck and dont forget to relax and have fun on the way.


More about Belgrade

If you are looking to repair your phone in Belgrade Check out: Phone Repair in Belgrade. Damaged your lovely Laptop? Check out: Computer Repair in Belgrade.  Know that dosent have anything related with this topic. If you are looking for the best party in town. Check out the list of the most Popular Clubs in Belgrade. Well hope this was useful for you. Glad if you found more info about Camera stores in Belgrade.