Car WASH in Belgrade

Belgrade is all about the style. If you are coming for a first time you might be surprised with a number of expensive cars in the Down Town. If you are living in the Belgrade Centre you can wash your car at the Dorcol Area. If you are based at New Belgrade you can get it done almost anywhere. Car wash in Belgrade is very much easy going! Car Wash places in Belgrade are divided into:

– Neighbourhood Car Wash

– Pro Service

– Car Wash Drive Through



Neighbourhood Car Wash


Neighbourhood Car Wash  (low Budget), Neighbourhood Car Wash place (Medium Budget), Neighbourhood Car Wash place (Lux).

Almost any Neighbourhood out there has its own Car Wash. In the City Centre is bit harder to find it though. Small streets with tight parking places made Car Wash companies to move out from a city centre. How to recognise which one is a Budget and which one is a Lux. Beside around 20% difference in the price you can tell by your own life experience. You  can tell by a cars waiting to be done. If you see average cars then that’s kinda average medium or budget place. If you see epic rides parked in the line waiting for their turn then u know it’s a lux place. Is there a difference between budget and Lux? Oh yeah! There is a big difference. If you are a person who goes into details then you will notice the difference for sure.


Hood Car Wash Belgrade

Hood Car Wash Belgrade




Pro Service



Pro Service are places where you can wash your car while you have a cup of coffee at their inside or outside venue. Most of this places are offering food as well. Prices are more or less same as in Neighbourhood car wash places. Difference is that Pro Service places are not so personalised. They will not ask you for your name or even become kind of a friends with u. Like they would in Neighbourhood ones. They will do your car and give you your key back. Super easy going.



Car WASH in Belgrade Serbia

Car WASH in Belgrade Serbia / PRO



Car Wash Drive Through


Car wash Drive Through in Belgrade? Is it safe? Is it worth it?


This type of Car Wash is made for people who are in a hurry. Yap you will get your car clean and its absolutely safe. But you will not get done all in details as you would when its done by a hand. Hand Job is the ultimate!



Drive Through Car WASH in Belgrade

Drive Through Car WASH in Belgrade


How much Car Wash in Belgrade cost?


Prices are pretty good comparing to the other Western Countries in Europe. You can get your car done from 3 – 15 euros. Yap. Pretty good indeed!

Is it safe to leave your key and wash a car in Belgrade?


Yes it is absolutely safe! Like in any other country out there we suggest that you bring your money and phone with you once u leave your car.


What to do if not happy with a Car Wash Service?


What if your car is not as clean as you would like to? SIMPLE! Smile on your face is the must. Kindly with not using to complicated English show to a guy what is your complain about. They will surly fix it in a moment.


How Much should i TIP Car WASH in Belgrade?

Tip is not the must! If you decide to do so minimum should be 1 euro. Usual tip amount for full service auto detailing and car wash is a few euros.


Does Car wash workers in Belgrade speak English?


Absolutely! You will not have any trouble to explain what you want. Don’t expect Professors of English literature please. You will be in a good hands.