Historical Sites

Historical Sites | Belgrade at night

In the city that never sleeps, beyond cafes, buzzing shopping centers and clubs, lays the history and culture of Belgrade. For those of you that seek to peek a glimpse into Serbian traditions, culture and tour back to the past, here are the popular historical sites in Belgrade.    Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan) –  The oldest part of the fortress dates all… Read more »

Belgrade Designers

Belgrade Designers | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is a city that is developing more and more each day in every sense. Belgradians are passionate for many things and one of them is definitely fashion! During the last few years number of fashion designers has increased and that trend is still on. This article is dedicated to for all of these young… Read more »

Belgrade to Greece

Belgrade to Greece | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is an amazing city, but when the temperature riches high, you might want to consider hitting the road and travelling abroad to the sea side. Greece is one of the most popular locations for locals, so in this article we’ve decided to present its beauties and ways to get there from Belgrade. Adventure seekers… Read more »

Belgrade to Montenegro

Belgrade to Montenegro | Belgrade at night

Montenegro is a sovereign state that encompasses part of the Adriatic coast, sister state of Serbia with which it shares a border, culture, and history long way back. The pearl of the Balkan peninsula, one of favorite and most beautiful tourist destinations. Surrounded by mountains, festooned with breathtaking beaches, Montenegro proves once and for all,… Read more »

Belgrade to Croatia

Belgrade to Croatia | Belgrade at night

Are you in Belgrade, looking to escape the heat and relax and chill at the beach by the sea, or just looking to continue your adventure and get to know other Balkan countries and their cultures? Croatia is just the perfect choice! There are several ways to get to it as: bus, train, ride-share or… Read more »

How much

How much | Belgrade at night

How much does accommodation, transport through the city, food, drinks actualy cost in Belgrade? If this is your first time in our city, this might give you the picture of what to expect in Belgrade. How much does accommodation in the city cost?   Well, there is a pretty big variety, so prices are very variable,… Read more »

The Best Tea in Belgrade

The Best Tea in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Culture of healthy life, going to the gym and taking yoga classes require something as a good cup of  tea at the end of the day. Check out our recommendations for The Best Tea in Belgrade:   Bubble Tea Boom This is the first shop of this kind in Belgrade. Bubble teas fall under two categories: teas (without milk) and milk teas…. Read more »

Why Dorcol

Why Dorcol | Belgrade at night

When it comes to finding great location for accommodation while you are visiting Belgrade, everything near city center is a good choice. There are many great locations around city center, if you want to be near, but not in center, then Vracar area is the great choice. If you want to be away, by still not that far… Read more »

How do we say Hello

How do we say Hello | Belgrade at night

Every single country in the world has its own tradition how to greet or meet someone’s new. Depends of cultural heritage, religion and beliefs, there are many different ways.  That implies to Serbs as well. We are going to teach you guys how to meet a local in a proper way, or on the other hand, How do… Read more »

Posh and Luxury

Posh and Luxury | Belgrade at night

Are you tired of all those average party experiences, are you tired of waiting in a line to get into the clubs, average hotels, average cars, and bad services…? Do you sometimes feel like you need an exclusive getaway with your friends or family? How does posh and luxury weekend sounds to you? Great?! Well,… Read more »