Casinos in Belgrade, Serbia

Casinos in Belgrade, Serbia | Belgrade at night

The roots of gambling According the Scandinavian myth, the gods themselves sit at game table and plot the course of mortal destiny using dices. This image is a recognition of the united power of chance, and suggests that even our creators are subject to the universal impulse. When considered in this way, the comparisons between casino… Read more »

Birthday in Belgrade

Birthday in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade, as a perfect city break destination, is one of the most popular places for celebrating: Bachelor and bachelorette  parties; Weddings; and of course, birthday parties. When it comes to comparing with the other capitals in Europe, prices in Belgrade are more than fair. Belgrade restaurants are among the best in the South East Europe (thanks to our… Read more »

Belgrade wedding venues

Belgrade wedding venues | Belgrade at night

Belgrade wedding venues offers a lot for a romantic couples that are planning to get married. Nowadays, couples are looking to have a wedding different then traditional ones. Funky venues are what people are seeking for; they are also looking forward to get everything organized by the others, so that they can enjoy in that… Read more »

Cetinjska street

Cetinjska street | Belgrade at night

A little bit of history of Cetinjska street Cetinjska street is well known, first of all, after BIP Brewery. One of the first breweries in Serbia, owned by  industrialist Đorđe Vajfert started to work in January 1963. The malting section became operational in 1965., and was the only brewery in Serbia which produced malt. Represented a big deal for… Read more »

Beer in Belgrade

Beer in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Beer in Serbia Beer is produced in Serbia for almost three centuries. Initially fermented for home use, then, regarding of development of trade became a way of payment. Today above all, beer is a cause for celebration, gathering and casual socializing.  Beer in Serbia began to be consumed in the 15th century, during the reign of Despot Stefan Lazarevic. Represented a new beverage, firstly consumed… Read more »

Coworking spaces in Belgrade

Coworking spaces in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

What is a Coworking space? How come that this type of a working space is making such an impact on today’s market? . Coworking spaces in Belgrade. It all started in the Berlin, with one of the first hackerspaces in the world called C-Base in 1995. In 2002, they made WiFi networks available and promoted free public access… Read more »

Art Galleries in Belgrade

Art Galleries in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Medieval Serbian art was dominated by Byzantine influences; Western movements (such as Romanticism) during the 19th century played a big part in Serbia Art Scene; and Avant-garde movements like Cubism left the mark in the 20th century.   Art Galleries in Belgrade:   Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) SANU is a national academy and the most… Read more »

Festivals in Belgrade

Festivals in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is a host of many great festivals, and several of them are international . Some of them are among the most popular Festivals in Serbia, and they can be categorized in 3 groups: Music festivals, film, and festivals dedicated to our and international cuisine. In this article, we are going to represent you some of the best… Read more »

Festivals in Serbia

Festivals in Serbia | Belgrade at night

When it comes to the Festivals in Serbia, there are more than 800 events, and the largest number is about our folklore (which are related to gastronomy, traditions, handmaking, etc ….) and musical events. Most of the events are held in summertime from July till September. Events and festivals are the most developed area of ​​cultural tourism… Read more »

Belgrade gay guide

Belgrade gay guide | Belgrade at night

There are a few places in Belgrade exclusively designed for LGBT crowed, in every single one of them (on the list bellow) straight people are welcome to. Among those places there are few that are Gay Friendly. We decided to write this article, so that you girls and guys will enjoy Belgrade to the fullest…. Read more »