Top must see Murals in Belgrade

Top must see Murals in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

The first mural in Belgrade has been painted back in 1970, by the Lazar Vujaklija. The expansion of murals was experienced in the mid- to late 80’s. One of the most popular murals, located  in Rajiceva street, was created in 1984, to mark the 25th May, and the author was professor Cedomir Vasic with a group of students… Read more »

Belgrade swimming pools

Belgrade swimming pools | Belgrade at night

Besides Belgrade’s sea known as Ada Ciganlija  lake, which is perfect location for hot summer days, our capital have plenty of indoor and outdoor pools as well. Here is a list of the popular Belgrade swimming pools: 11. April This sport center has 15.000 m2, of which 11.000 m2 belongs to the sports fields. It is located near Studentski Grad, in… Read more »

Try Something New

Try Something New | Belgrade at night

Belgrade has the great usual and unusual activities worth trying. Try Something New while you are exploring our capital, but be prepared, that most probably you will love it! We are aware that you probably know why is Belgrade so popular. Because of amazing nightlife of course! That is among the first things you will hear from your friends who… Read more »

Things to know

Things to know | Belgrade at night

Geographical features  First of all you need to know that Belgrade is capital of Serbia, country in Europe. Belgrade is a biggest city in Central Serbia. To be precise, Belgrade is located 44.80 latitude and 20.47 longitude and it is situated at elevation 120 meters above sea level. Belgrade has a population of 1,273,651 making it the… Read more »

Belgrade in the autumn

Belgrade in the autumn | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is a city that is always beautiful, no matter what time of the year is. But, maybe, the most romantic and peaceful is in autumn. You can literally feel the magic in the air, see magnificent colors of warm brown and beige tons everywhere. Sightseeing is breathtaking during this period, and there are many… Read more »

Learn to Relax in Belgrade

Learn to Relax in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Our capital is mostly known as a great Europe destination for supreme clubbing. Perfect destination for city break during all year long, always busy and crowded. In Belgrade during 24 hours you can always find something to do. There are many chilled things to do, and the most important thing is to Learn to Relax… Read more »

Non smoking bars in Belgrade

Non smoking bars in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade has just few Non Smoking places:   Greenet From the very beginning, they wanted to be classic cafeteria where coffee is served, but where you can buy roasted coffee as well. Since the nineties until today, they are still unique in this type of service. Their story begins in 1990, back then, they were the company which imports coffee. Just two… Read more »

The best 5 stars hotels in Belgrade

The best 5 stars hotels in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Hilton The newest 5 star hotel in Belgrade, was opened in March, 2018. Hilton group runs 5,500 properties with nearly 895,000 rooms. Situated in Old Town (the center of the capital), just moments away from the famed Slavija Square, and from all main sights of the city (Kalemegdan Fortress, Museum of Yugoslavia and Church of… Read more »

Top 10 Serbian books you have to read

Top 10 Serbian books you have to read | Belgrade at night

Serbian literature has the long tradition. The history of Serbian literature begins with the independent theological works from the Nemanjic era. The oldest surviving manuscript and the monument of old Serbian literature, written in Serbian language, is Miroslav’s Gospel, written in the eighties of the 12th century. Serbian literature is among the oldest ones out there. After enlightenment epoch… Read more »

Rooftop bars in Belgrade

Rooftop bars in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

During the peak season, from April till October, the most popular restaurants and bars are those with outside gardens. Some of the Rooftops in Belgrade are pretty much Alternative and some are High-End based in 5-star Hotels. Common thing for all of them is that you will enjoy in the view. Rooftop bars in Belgrade Ebisu… Read more »