Veterinary clinics in Belgrade

Veterinary clinics in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Veterinary Clinics Belgrade! The most desirable Vet Clinics in Belgrade!   There are around 80 Veterinary Clinics out there. Some of them are Ok and some are doing the Exceptional Work. How to choose among Veterinary Clinics Belgrade? Anyone with a PET knows how special they are to us. Pets are family members who give… Read more »


BELGRADE EXPATS | Belgrade at night

You might hear very often that you are not going to live anywhere like in Belgrade, but if you have enough money to spend. The average salary in Belgrade is pretty much low. Comparing to the average salary in the EU. On the other hand quality of life is way more affordable. Living costs are… Read more »

Cleaning Services in Belgrade

Cleaning Services in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Where does most EXAPTS make a mistake when hiring a Cleaning Services in Belgrade? Leaving your home key and all your private belongings to the someone that you don’t know can be really frustrating. Cleaning your home yourself on the other hand is frustrating as well and takes a lot of time. If you ended… Read more »

Cosmetic Beauty Salon

Cosmetic Beauty Salon | Belgrade at night

The BEST choice for a Cosmetic Beauty Salon in Belgrade? You have to know some facts before heading to the one! Affordable and highly professional is what describes Cosmetic Beauty Salons in Belgrade. Random Cosmetic Beauty Salon can be found anywhere in the city. There are around 400 registered places in town. But dont get… Read more »


Kafana | Belgrade at night

Kafana is a traditional tavern or better to say Coffee House that has been brought by Ottomans ( Turks ) Back in 1951. That year, Belgrade has been Concurred, and has got its first Kafana. Kafana back then use to serve Turkish Coffee, nowadays, Kafana is place where u can listen Serbian Turbo Folk and… Read more »

Hospitals in Belgrade

Hospitals in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Looking for Hospitals in Belgrade? In Belgrade Serbia you will find yourself surrounded with Private and Government hospitals. You might get surprised but Government Hospitals can treat you sometimes better the Private ones. As a tourist or an Expat living in Belgrade you might consider having insurance before moving to Belgrade. If you consider yourself… Read more »

Interesting City

Interesting City | Belgrade at night

Belgrade The interesting city! City with long and turbulent history, mix of Soviet, Western Europe (Mostly Italian/ German ) and Turkish influence. City that once was capital of big Serbian Kingdom, then capital of Communism and Brutalist architecture then today is mix of some  Democratic and Capitalistic vibes.  City that was in wars and burned… Read more »

Support Local Farmers

Support Local Farmers | Belgrade at night

Support Local Farmers   If you are traveling to Belgrade for the first time make sure to learn more about its customs and tradition. Make sure to support Local Farmers. Buy a food from the first hand. Meet Serbian culture. Maybe get to know few words on Serbian. Definitely make sure to meet locals. This is the country of… Read more »

Nature in Belgrade

Nature in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Are you tired of city heat? Looking for a place to escape noise, traffic and to enjoy nature in Belgrade?   Nature in Belgrade starts with Kosutnjak forest! It is located only 20 minutes away from the city center but it’s in the heart of the nature at an altitude of 250 meters and an area of… Read more »

Are Serbians kind

Are Serbians kind | Belgrade at night

Are Serbians KIND? Are Serbians Kind? It is very easy to approach people and make a new friendships. If you are traveling to Belgrade, and looking to meet new friends, this is the article for you. Here you will read about how and where to make friends in Belgrade. Are Serbians kind?  People in Belgrade… Read more »