Serbian Diaspora

Serbian Diaspora | Belgrade at night

Serbia is among a few countries at the world where its roughly half of its population lives in a foreign country’s. At the last 100 years’ biggest migrations of Serbs has been happened at the 4 stages. First one was at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century. Due the poverty… Read more »

Pet Shops in Belgrade

Pet Shops in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Pet SHOPS IN Belgrade       There are plenty of Pet Shops to choose from in Belgrade. Every neighbourhood in Belgrade has its own park or space where u can take your doggy out in the walk. Almost all the cool coffee shops in Belgrade are allowing pets in the gardens and very often… Read more »

In His Mind

In His Mind | Belgrade at night

If you were wondering what to do in Belgrade, consider visiting In His Mind, a newly-opened interactive theatre. Interactive theatre is a form of theater that breaks the fourth wall between the audience and the actors, meaning visitors are invited to participate in the play as it happens around them. In His Mind is an… Read more »

What to do during Corona Covid-19

What to do during Corona Covid-19 | Belgrade at night

Its time to follow the rules that Serbian Government brought to us. This situation brought many Expats unprepared, facing this hard times in Belgrade. As everyone else, people are afraid from images that are brought to us from the hospitals in Italy. During this time its important to boost our immune system and work on… Read more »

Aqua Parks in Belgrade Serbia

Aqua Parks in Belgrade Serbia | Belgrade at night

Belgrade has few massive public pools and few cute small ones. One of the most famous pool venues is Hot Mess. Hot Mess is a bar and a restaurant located just next to the popular Club Freestyler.  This place has an amazing view over the river, facing Kalemegdan Fortress and Beton Hall area. Hot Mess… Read more »

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe | Belgrade at night

East Europe for decades has been shown as a not cool enough from the western world. In the same time Berlin, as epicenter of what’s cool and what’s aint, continuously takes East Block elements into building their own structure and standards in music and fashion. Very much leaned back style of West needed Something Ruff… Read more »

Karting in Belgrade

Karting in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Karting experience rocks! With us, you will get suggestion where to go for a ride, when to go, booking, transportation, easy access and good times. Our service is Free of charge, find out more: Whats app +38162337700 If you are solo traveler, don’t worry, we got ya covered. Very often, you might get to connect… Read more »

Paintball in Belgrade

Paintball in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Paintball is a game that is played by a group of people. Paintball in Belgrade is one of the most popular Belgrade Activities and for sure must go for Belgrade Bachelor party attenders. Paintball can be extreme, so make sure to learn safety tips before you get yourself into the battle field. Do you need… Read more »

Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Boat Cruise | Belgrade at night

The capital of Serbia has a very interesting tourist and cultural entertainment offer, which every year attracts an increasing number of tourists from the region, as well as from all over the world. Since Belgrade is one of the few capital cities that lay on two rivers, this is probably one of the most common… Read more »

Pharmacies in Belgrade

Pharmacies in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

In Belgrade there are government and there are private pharmacies. There is almost no difference, the supply is the same, some of them work all night long, the staff is highly professional. The only difference is that in government pharmacies in Belgrade the number of prescription drugs is two percent higher than in private pharmacies. … Read more »