St. Marko Church

St. Marko Church | Belgrade at night

Serbia is traditionally Christian country ever since 9th century when Byzantine Christian missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, did Christianization of Serbian people. Mostly, Serbian population is Orthodox Christian (over 80% of population), on second place are Roman Catholics, then Muslims, Protestants, Jews, etc. Belgrade is center of cultural diversity, and because of that is one of the most interesting places… Read more »

January in Belgrade

January in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Winter in Belgrade is always fun and full of opportunities, especially in December and January.  After crazy New Year’s Eve in our capital, you will find great day and night activities during festive weeks. The 1st of January is reserved for charity event called “Ulica otvorenog srca” (translation: “Street of the open heart”). You will find hand made souvenirs, great fast… Read more »

Kosmaj adventure

Kosmaj adventure | Belgrade at night

Kosmaj is a beautiful mountain south of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. With an elevation of 626 meters, it is the highest point of the entire Belgrade City area, and is nicknamed one of two “Belgrade mountains” (the other being the mountain of Avala). In Roman period, Kosmaj was an important mining center, but today the mining activities ceased completely. Evidence… Read more »

Best Burgers in Town

Best Burgers in Town | Belgrade at night

Barbecue is very popular in Serbia. It is one of the most common types of a street food, and it is also very often served in traditional restaurants. Many towns and cities around Serbia have local varieties of grilled specialties that they like to boast about. Whichever the recipe, the taste remains perfect. Burgers are really popular here,… Read more »

The most romantic spots in Belgrade

The most romantic spots in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is the most popular thanks to it’s unique and amazing nightlife. It is among favorite destinations for clubbing people around Europe, and it is well known as a great destination for every occasion. For single travelers, business trips, birthdays and all the other celebrations, Belgrade has a lot to offer. But besides with all of that, Belgrade is also among… Read more »

Solo travelers guide to Belgrade

Solo travelers guide to Belgrade | Belgrade at night

In the last decade, solo traveling became super popular. Unlike the mass tourism, solo travelers depend on their own judgment, they rarely use travel agencies and they make their own decisions. Belgrade, on the place when it’s currently situated were the settlements of Celtic tribes. Later on Roman occupied its territory. After 1521., it was captured by the… Read more »

Jazz Warm up places in Belgrade

Jazz Warm up places in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is the paradise for jazz music lovers. The most of the places where you can listen jazz are around the city center. Jazz Basta In Karadjordjeva street (in popular area known as Savamala) there is a building whose construction began in 1870. and with effort, becomes a place for relaxation under the name “The Garden” (Basta). The… Read more »

Top must see Murals in Belgrade

Top must see Murals in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

The first mural in Belgrade has been painted back in 1970, by the Lazar Vujaklija. The expansion of murals was experienced in the mid- to late 80’s. One of the most popular murals, located  in Rajiceva street, was created in 1984, to mark the 25th May, and the author was professor Cedomir Vasic with a group of students… Read more »

Belgrade swimming pools

Belgrade swimming pools | Belgrade at night

Besides Belgrade’s sea known as Ada Ciganlija  lake, which is perfect location for hot summer days, our capital have plenty of indoor and outdoor pools as well. Here is a list of the popular Belgrade swimming pools: 11. April This sport center has 15.000 m2, of which 11.000 m2 belongs to the sports fields. It is located near Studentski Grad, in… Read more »

Try Something New

Try Something New | Belgrade at night

Belgrade has the great usual and unusual activities worth trying. Try Something New while you are exploring our capital, but be prepared, that most probably you will love it! We are aware that you probably know why is Belgrade so popular. Because of amazing nightlife of course! That is among the first things you will hear from your friends who… Read more »