Where Belgrade Travel

Where Belgrade Travel | Belgrade at night

Where Belgrade Travel? English people travel mostly to the Spain and get smashed at Ibiza. People from France are to cool for other countries and there is a language barrier. So they stick mostly in France. Swedish teens go to Rodos Greece or Bali during European winters. Russians occupied Phuket Thailand and Bali island. Australians… Read more »

The Ultimate time in Belgrade

The Ultimate time in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Get to know Belgrade from an eye of an experienced local. Belgrade is much fun if you know where to go and what to do. It also has much to do with your personal preferences. People that visit Belgrade can experience Belgrade on multiply ways. There is a huge Traditional scene. Food, costumes, music and… Read more »

Belgrade 2021 Season

Belgrade 2021 Season | Belgrade at night

What can you expect from Belgrade 2021 Season?   Belgrade 2021 Season till this date is still full on. Nightlife is on and clubs are crowded almost every night. Free Vaccines has been organised for foreigners that visited Belgrade at the early Summer days. There were people coming from surrounding countries and as well as… Read more »

Serbian Unique Traditions

Serbian Unique Traditions | Belgrade at night

City of Belgrade, or BGD for short, receives 2 million tourists per year. Tourists from all over the Europe come to see the most popular Nightlife destinations out there. Splavs or Belgrade Summer Nightclubs on the river, dancing till the early morning hours, Climbing on the tables, Kafanas and Beauty of the Belgrade girls. Those… Read more »

Lavish Ride

Lavish Ride | Belgrade at night

Useful Tips for Hiring the Right Limousine Service!     Lavish Ride regardless of the occasion is a senior prom, a wedding, or a birthday! You want to make the best impression possible and what better way than to arrive in style? Limousines have been around for such a long time for a reason they… Read more »

Architectural design studios

Architectural design studios | Belgrade at night

Looking to find out more about Architectural design studios in Belgrade? Thinking of doing an investment in Belgrade Serbia? Having an apartment in Belgrade is on high demand. Prices go up every year. There are major areas that are High End and favorite among the Expats and Uper middle class of Belgrade. Check out Belgrade… Read more »

Fascinating things

Fascinating things | Belgrade at night

Get to know Fascinating things about Belgrade. Before you step on the Nikola Tesla Airport do yourself a favor and learn something that might save your ass out there. Just joking, nothing extreme though. Having a prior knowledge about the city you will visit is the smart thing. Especially if you are going to concur… Read more »

People of Belgrade

People of Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Before you go to Belgrade there are some things you need to know about People of Belgrade. Some interesting facts that will help you out to understand the area better. Some of this info might help you to understand the locals as well. Belgrade has been burned to the ground 44 times. People from this… Read more »

All dressed up with nowhere to go

All dressed up with nowhere to go | Belgrade at night

All dressed up with nowhere to go   All dressed up with nowhere to go youth is what you might find cruising around Belgrade streets. Wandering around the city center nicely dressed but nowhere to party in Belgrade. That is how Belgrade streets looks alike in the March 2021. Covid 19 situation is still alarming…. Read more »

How to leave a good impression

How to leave a good impression | Belgrade at night

How to leave a good impression? Traveling to the East of Europe with hoping to have a blast require some of the prior knowledge. Of Corse you would like to have a blast but that require to connect with the locals. If you want to get to the hottest parties and the best night clubs,… Read more »