How to blend in

How to blend in | Belgrade at night

How to blend in and not be noticed as a foreigner in Belgrade. Learn how to blend in Belgrade circles. Staying for a while or just visiting with an intention to make new friends and connects there are things that you need to do and to know. Before stepping to the Belgrade ground we suggest… Read more »

What Others said about Belgrade

What Others said about Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Getting the info from people that visited Belgrade value more then anything. Our plan is to be realistic with this article. Also we would like to present you with funny and interesting reviews. Check out what others said about Belgrade.       Annaisa, Paris   I had a blast and now I am Married… Read more »

General Rules

General Rules | Belgrade at night

Belgrade Nightclubs are divided into Summer Clubs and Winter clubs. Belgrade Clubs are also divided into Mainstream and Alternative ones. Summer ones are located at the Belgrade Rivers. They are better known as Splavs. Splavs are one of the biggest attractions in Belgrade. Winter ones are located in the downtown area. Alternative don’t have strict… Read more »

What is the dress code in Belgrade Clubs?

What is the dress code in Belgrade Clubs? | Belgrade at night

Remember Belgrade Clubs do not charge enter fee. Yap, you can enter for free. When it come to the dress code in Belgrade Doorman’s i can be very strict in Some of the clubs. At some clubs they are more relaxed. RnB Nights are the most liberal when it comes to the dress codes.  … Read more »

The Interesting City

The Interesting City | Belgrade at night

The Brutalist haven for party hedonists. Co Work worshipers temple. Unique Street Graffiti ART. Interesting culture and History. You probably have seen to many Hollywood movies about the Eastern Europe. Shady, Dark and Gray. But there is one movie that you haven’t seen yet. Its called the Reality of the interesting city of Belgrade.   No… Read more »

Airport Transfer Belgrade

Airport Transfer Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Once u arrive to Belgrade and step at the Nikola Tesla Airport you will want more than anything to sit at the right vehicle. As in any other country in the world Belgrade Serbia have a lil issue with an illegal drivers. Its way easier to book your ride in advance than hustle at the… Read more »

Why is so Hard to say Goodbye to Belgrade

Why is so Hard to say Goodbye to Belgrade | Belgrade at night

If you have been staying in the city centre for a while you know why is so hard to say Goodbye to Belgrade. Living the dream as a digital nomad in Belgrade. Having a salary from a western Europe and living the high end lifestyle in the capitol of Serbia. Its hard to say bye… Read more »

The best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors

The best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors | Belgrade at night

There are quite a lot of good people out there. The thing is that some of them do not use social medias. They don’t even use whats app. They are so old school that they work only on mouth to mouth recommendation marketing. Those people are quite busy and and very hard to get dates… Read more »

Why you should sell everything

Why you should sell everything | Belgrade at night

Why you should sell everything and move to Belgrade? Why would you even think about this after all Hollywood movies u have seen about East Europe? Since you are reading and considering moving as a option it means that you have heard realistic stories about Belgrade Serbia. Here are some of the reasons that might… Read more »