Second hand shops in Belgrade

Second hand shops in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Second Hand Shops are not so popular in Belgrade, but still, you can find people that prefer to check used items to the new ones. Quality of wardrobes is great, clothes are very well preserved or even more, they weren’t worn ever before. And even better – bargain prices are the best part of the shopping over there! Here… Read more »

Laundry service in Belgrade

Laundry service in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Very often packing for short business trip can be exhausting, or if you need to prolong it due to some unexpected meetings, it can be such a headache, especially if you didn’t bring enough of clothes with you. Laundry service in Belgrade In almost every Belgrade’s hotel categorized with 4 or 5 starts, you will find… Read more »

Rent a car in Belgrade

Rent a car in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

When you decide to travel somewhere for a city break, most probably you will choose to stay for at least few days. For Belgrade, recommended length of stay is at least 7 days. For sightseeing, you need to be well prepared; because best locations are spread all around the city. Belgrade has organized public transportation. For the locals… Read more »

Splavovi – Floating river clubs

Splavovi – Floating river clubs | Belgrade at night

Floating river clubs or on local language “ Splavovi “ is what makes Belgrade different and unique. Splavovi are open from the late April till the end of September. Splavovi are divided into 3 Major Groups: Mainstream; Alternative; Splav Houses; Mainstream River clubs Mainstream River Clubs are among the most popular clubs in Belgrade. During summer… Read more »

Top 15 venues in Zemun

Top 15 venues in Zemun | Belgrade at night

Zemun is an urban and old fashion part of Belgrade. Zemun was the separate town long time ago, and it was absorbed into Belgrade in 1934. It is one of the most beautiful municipalities of Belgrade, and more or less works as a town for itself.  Zemun has one of the biggest parks in Belgrade and one of the most… Read more »

Belgrade wine art

Belgrade wine art | Belgrade at night

Surely we can say that the wine and viticulture is as old as mankind. Vine is a tree of life, the divine tree of paradise. Grapes are considered as the noble fruit. Therefore, wine is considered as the noblest drink that mankind uses. Wine is divine, drink of gods, drink over drinks, nectar of life! We absolutely agree! The belief that the wine has the… Read more »

11 amazing bars in Vracar

11 amazing bars in Vracar | Belgrade at night

Vracar represents one of the most famous municipalities of Belgrade. It is a cultural, historical and art center of capital of Serbia. With an area of only 291 hectares, it is the smallest of all Belgrade’s (and Serbian) municipalities, but also the most densely populated, and popular as well. Also, it is an epicenter of good… Read more »

Beer Gardens in Belgrade

Beer Gardens in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

What is better than cold beer on a hot summer night? Cold beer in a beer garden of course! Outdoor area in which beer and local food are served, typically at community tables. Common entertainment includes music, song and games… Can live be better than that? There are many great Beer Gardens in Belgrade, and today, we will… Read more »

Top 15 bars in Stari Grad

Top 15 bars in Stari Grad | Belgrade at night

  Stari Grad or Old City is one of the oldest and nicest neighbourhoods in Belgrade.   Good to know: For many people Stari Grad includes Dorćol and Savamala area.   Jazz bašta With it’s cosy ambient Jazz Bašta presents Belgrade’s little heaven for Jazz lovers. Long selection of wine, live jazz, and friendly waiters… Read more »

15 Top bars in Dorćol

15 Top bars in Dorćol | Belgrade at night

If you are searching for the funkiest bars in the city, this is definitely the district where you should search. Dorćol is profusion of the unique bars and heart of the Belgrade art. We did our best to present you Top 15 bars in Dorćol district.   Blaznavac caffee gallery – One of the most… Read more »