What to do in Belgrade

If you are coming to Belgrade for the first time, one of the most important things that you should know is: one weekend just won’t cut it. This city is bursting with exciting places, cultural hotspots and historical attractions, so you definitely need to spend a few extra days to get to know it well – it absolutely deserves it! Book accommodation for at least three or four days (including the weekend days of course!) and enjoy your stay in the Serbian capital.


The list of places you should see and things you should try and do can go on and on forever, but there are some absolute essentials that any tourist in Belgrade cannot leave without seeing. These include cafes, bars and restaurants, certain historical and architectural monuments, as well as the outdoor places. Your visit to Belgrade will be complete once you tick all the boxes from the following list.

What to do in Belgrade – the essentials

Your tour of the Serbian capital must start in the city center. The main street, Knez Mihajlova, is a bustling promenade lined with cafés and shops, surrounded by some of the most notable Belgrade buildings. Among the famous buildings along the street there is the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,plenty of restaurants, numerous fashion and sports’ brands have their shops in this street, which makes it a great spot for shopping.

On the one end of this kilometer-long street you will find the Terazije square, a central city square, while the Belgrade fortress is starts on its other end. Since the early 20th century Terazije square is known as the center of social life in Belgrade. The Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan) is a large area that consists of the Upper and the Lower part, as well as a major park. It overlooks the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube. During the course of its history this historical monument has witnessed many brutal events, conquests, and battles, and it has survived as the prime defense spot of the city. If you’re looking for the best view of Belgrade, in the very city center, you should definitely take a walk along the fortress.

Other spots not to be missed include the Royal Palace, the New and Old Palace (which now houses the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and the cabinet of the mayor).

Belgrade Serbia

What to do in Belgrade – at night

Night is the time when Belgrade really comes to life. If you’ve been to Belgrade and haven’t visited some of its pubs and clubs, you missed a lot! Nightlife in Belgrade is one of its most recognizable tourist attractions, and, needless to say, it should not be omitted. Not many cities can boast such a wide variety of nightlife spots, with music fit to everyone’s taste.

Skadarlija, a street famous for its bohemian atmosphere, is probably the most notable example of this. Here you will find some of the most attractive traditional inns (called kafana). You will be able to see and feel the real atmosphere of Serbian nightlife.

During the summer, Belgrade party lovers move to some of the rafts and boats located on its rivers. These open-air clubs are really a unique place for party-goers, and for that reason they are highly popular. You should reserve your place on time if you wish to be admitted to the clubs.

What to do in Belgrade – at weekends

Saturday and Sunday mornings are ideal for strolling down the city streets, enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the chic bars or shopping in one of the city’s shopping centers, such as Ušće or Delta city. If you are on the hunt for a place with great food or tasty coffee specialties, Beton hala (the Concrete hall) is the place to go. During the last couple of years, this place near the city harbor has been turned from white concrete warehouses into a touristic hotspot, perfect for pleasant weekend mornings in good company. Restaurants here serve contemporary food, and everyone can find a place according to their taste.

Close to Beton hala is the community of Savamala, a recently renovated neighborhood that stretches along the Sava river and hosts a number of creative spaces where you can visit exhibitions, or shop unique works of art.

Weekends are also a perfect time to visit the Belgrade’s surroundings. The Avala Tower (Avalski toranj) , 38-floor tower used for observation and telecommunication offers its visitors excellent view of the surrounding area. The tower is located some 15 kilometers from the city center, but it is easily accessible by regular public transport or by one of the sightseeing buses.

Useful phrases for your trip to Belgrade

If you’ve decided to visit Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, this summer – you have made the
right decision! Belgrade is an up-and-coming city, filled with vibrant nightclubs and an atmosphere that attract people from all over the world. Both
Belgrade and its surroundings have been attracted more and more tourists every year since the beginning of 2000s, and new, cool cafes are popping up at
every corner. Still, thanks to its original mix of eastern and western culture, it has something to offer to its every guest.
When you arrive to Belgrade, one of the first things you are going to notice is the hospitality of its residents. Our friendliness and warm approach to
foreigners has become one of the most recognizable symbols of Belgrade, and one of the most impressive things to the tourists. You should know that the
smiles and the politeness are genuine – we honestly enjoy hosting people from other countries, and especially so if you are willing to find out more about
our culture, history, and, of course – the Serbian language!

We love teaching tourists some words and useful phrases in Serbian! Well, they may not all be completely useful, but we will introduce you to them anyways.
Of course, among the first words you are probably going to learn from your hosts (or your new Serbian friends) will be swear words and curses (we find it
hilarious when foreigners mispronounce Serbian swears).

However, if you go out (and you will – a lot), you need to know how to order drinks. Pivo is beer in Serbian, viski and votka
you can probably recognize, and rakija is our traditional brandy, made from various types of
fruit. Dunja or dunjevača is quince brandy; the one made from pears is called kruška, while the most
traditional version is šljivovica – that made from plums. Some people (mostly girls/women to be honest) prefer rakija made from or mixed
with honey. This one is called medovača. If you want to fit in and your hosts to love you instantly, try ordering one of these in Serbian. Before
drinking, you should say živeli (cheers) and toast like a local!

Visit Belgrade

Learn how to order a drink in Serbian 🙂

Everyday phrases that can also be helpful, especially with breaking the ice when meeting someone for the first time, include: zdravo/ćao (hello or hi), kako si? (how are you?) and drago mi je (nice to meet you). It is customary to shake hands and kiss three times when greeting someone, and you shold not be surpsrised by this. We like to kiss and hug every chance we get.

Molim, izvinite and hvala mean please, sorry and thank you, and these simply cannot be misused. If you can’t really pronounce much of Serbian, at least learn
these two words. Your hosts will surely appreciate it.

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with Belgrade and the rest of this beautiful country. With its fun-loving people, great nightlife, aboundant history
and stunning culture, what’s not to love?

Mikser Festival 2015 – ITCH

This year’s is seventh Mikser Festival, and it will be held at Savamala for the forth time, from 3rd until 7th of June.

Under the tagline “ITCH”, it will try to touch on the unbearable moment where something “itching”, annoying and even unbearable turns into source of inspiration and explodes in a creative reaction of progressive minds.

najava za festival

All the pressures, however limiting, at a certain point give enough direction to spirits and minds of creative people, to turn this force into innovative energy of solutions. In the environment that limits us and is oblivious to are needs and wants, one often succumbs to inaction and lethargic feeling; but this is an exact moment when greatest creative minds must burst alive and reach a breaking point that turns this energy from a negative feeling of constant exposure to impossibilities into something valuable, creative and sustainable, that cannot be stopped by any kind of oppression.

The pressured environment is the most fertile ground for immensely creative solutions, and we are aiming to search for just that. We, right here, right now and together, must be catalysts of change that we desire in our surrounding.

Music program of the festival will be started by Ana Popović, famous blouse musician. In addiction to her, you can expect the performances of talented bands and individuals, such as band Goblini, famous Split hip-hoppers TBF and many others.

You will definitely have the greatest time at this Festival, where everything is about spreading positive energy, having amazing time with your friends and listening to music that’s unique, brilliant and worth everyone’s attention.

St. Patrick

For the fourth year in a row T-pub is organizing the St. Patrick’s Day party. If you are a lover of Irish culture and music, come to T-pub to celebrate the biggest Irish holiday. This year the St. Patrick celebration will last for three days. Real Irish music, dance, film and atmosphere, plus a choice of excellent beers including Irish Guinness and cocktails, these are all great recommendation for spending St. Patrick’s Day at T-pub.

St.Paddy 15

15th March – Sunday. Pub opens at 2 p.m. and starting from 4 p.m. you can watch the World Cup match between Celtic and Dundee United. From 7 p.m, as a part of Belgrade Irish Festival, you can join a free Irish language (Gaelic) class. There will also be discussions about Irish poems, writers and the influence of Irish language on history and culture. At 9 p.m. there will be a performance of Irish dance company, Irish Dance Belgrade, and at 10 p.m. there will be Irish Traditional Music Session with experienced musicians from Belgrade Irish scene and other cities.
16th March – Monday. Pub opens at 10 a.m. At 8 p.m. there will be a film projection of a movie chosen by our guests via the Facebook page. Before and after the projection, DJ will play Irish music.
17th March – Tuesday. Pub opens at 10 a.m. Starting from 8 p.m. you can join the costume party with Irish culture as the theme, organized by dance company Erin’s Fiddle. The dancers will make sure everyone without a mask gets make – up on, and also that there are sweets and snacks. The band Slavic Bards will play Irish rock – punk music, starting from 10 p.m. After midnight there will be an After Party Irish Session until 5 a.m.
We would also like to point out that for the first time this St. Patrick’s day, thanks to the Belgrade Irish Festival , Belgrade will become part of the global Irish greening of the world sights by making the Ada bridge green at dusk.

Address: T-Pab: Ilije Garašanina b.b. (near Palilula market). (011)3346177 (069)3573503

Travelling to Belgrade

Belgrade is a very interesting destination to travel to and it offers a lot to travellers out there. Many consider Belgrade as party destination, which it certainlyis, but you can find much more here besides awesome parties.

You can get to Belgrade by car, bus, boat or plane.

Belgrade by Car

Travelling to Belgrade

You can get into Belgrade from the North (Hungary), which is the best way for most western country residents that want to travel by car. Read more


Belgrade by Bus

Travelling to Belgrade

This is probably the worst way to come to Belgrade, even though it might be the cheapest. Read more


Belgrade by Boat

Travelling to Belgrade

Belgrade is connected with western and central Europe by the longest river in Europe, the Danube. Read more


Belgrade by Plane

Travelling to Belgrade

Excluding ex-Yugoslavian countries this is the most common way that tourists arrive in Belgrade. Read more

Belgrade Event that you need to experience!

Belgrade Banging is starting a “New Era” of electronic dance music events!

The unique story is turned into an artwork that will take your breath away during this year. “The New Era powered by Jägermeister” is the introduction to “The Book Of 2015”, an act of Belgrade Banging, the best party brand in Serbia. This will be a new epoch of electronic music events and first in the row will be held on 21st of Feruary at Mikser House. Main characters of the first chapter of the “Book” will be worldwide stars Jewelz & Sparks!

Belgrade Event

The combination of Banging and this cultural and art venue, which is located in the heart of Savamala in Belgrade, is already well known and now, united, they are taking us into the “New Era” of magical happenings. “The Book Of 2015” will consist of up to 9 epical events which will raise your mind to the highest levels, start the widest spread of emotions and spread your views far beyond the limits of infinity.

On 21st of February world known German Dj duo is landing in Belgrade. They have been marveling the world’s music scene with their hits for a long period of time.

Belgrade Event

What Jewelz & Sparks have accomplished in just about one year is what many upcoming producers can only dream of.After signing up for some original tracks and a remix for Fedde Le Grand on his very own imprint, „Flamingo Recordings“ the highly talented Producer and DJ Duo got recognized by worlds #1 DJ Hardwell and his Label „Revealed Recordings“. „Unless We Forget“, a fresh vocal track and their first release on Hardwells imprint quickly climbed the Beatport charts, putting their name on the map in a league of dance music that proves their talent.

Belgrade Event

Their tracks get played all over the biggest festival sets from the likes of Fedde Le Grand, David Guetta, Nicky Romero Tiesto or Hardwell just to name a few.Now the future for these two dance music heavyweights looks brighter than ever especially with their Remix work on Benny Benassi´s classic Hit Single „Satisfaction“ ,which is out on Ultra Records after gaining enormous support in major sets from the likes of Tiesto, Laidback Luke or Fedde Le Grand.

Jewelz & Sparks will write the first pages of “The Book Of 2015” together with you! An irreplaceable and the most important characters will be YOU – the audience, who made every previous event special and motivated Belgrade Banging to create the “New Era” in Serbia.

Belgrade Event

Tickets are on promotional pre-sale price of 600 RSD by the end of this week. From Monday, the price will be higher, so hurry up! You can take over your tickets at Mikser House by calling the number 065/Banging respectively 065/2264464.

Belgrade Banging is inviting you to write your page of the Book that will be remembered.


Sporting Activities in Belgrade

Belgrade and Serbia are known for it’s sporting elite. Some famous sportsmen include Vlada Divac, Jelena Jankovic and of course Novak Djokovic.

If you are looking to do some recreational sports while you are in town then all you need to know is that Belgrade has fantastic facilities to meet your needs.

We have created a list of places and sporting activities you can do while you are in Belgrade.

1. Tennis: Novak Djokovic Courts on 25 Maj

Sporting Activities in Belgrade


2. Basketball: Ada Ciganlija outdoor courts

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-2


3. Volleyball: Ada Ciganlija outdoor courts

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-3


4. Rollerblading: Ada Ciganlija, Zemun Kej and 25 Maj area

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-4


5. Bicycle riding: Ada Ciganlija, Zemun Kej and 25 Maj area

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-5


6. Water Skiing: Ada Ciganlija (Makish side of the lake)

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-6


7. Extreme Skating, Rollerblading and Bikes: Usce area (next to Usce shopping mall)

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-7


8. Gym: Sky Wellness 25 Maj

Sporting Activities in Belgrade-8


9. Soccer: Indoor (next to the Number 6 gymnasium of Belgrade)

Sporting Activities in Belgrade



For some of these sportingactivities you will need to call and reserve your time. Make sure you schedule or make a reservation.

You can rent Bikes and Rollerblades on Ada. You can also rent Bikes at 25 Maj area.The prices for renting a bike is as low 1-2 euros per hour.

Shopping in Belgrade

Belgrade has several different shopping districts that will meet all your needs. There is something for everybody; there is “peace“ for everyone’s pocket and taste. To save you time we have created this brief “Shopping in Belgrade“ guide so that you can find exactly what are you looking for.

There are several areas for great shopping in Belgrade:

1. Knez Mihajlova

Shopping in Belgrade

Knez Mihajlova is definitely a very trendy and popular shopping district between May and October; this is because the weather is nice and warm. During this period streets are crowded with people, walking around, hanging out with friends, eating popcorn, or getting some delicious Belgrade ice cream. KnezMihajlova is a very long pedestrian street, one of the most famous and oldest streets in Belgrade. You can find many amazing stores including, Zara, Lewis, Diesel, Terranova and many high-end fashion stores such as Cavalli, Armani, Cesare Paciotti and Iceberg.


2. “Delta City”

Shopping in Belgrade

“Delta City” is a great shopping center in Belgrade. It is the biggest mall you can find here. The biggest difference between this mall and “Usce” is that “Delta City” does not have the high-end brands such as Cavalli, Armani, Iceberg, Hugo Boss, Gucci and Prada. If you are travelling with kids, don’t worry; this mall is full of different activities that will keep the kids entertained while you shop.


3. “Usce“ Shopping Center

Shopping in Belgrade

If you are looking to explore the most popular shopping mall in Belgrade then “Usce“ is the place. This mall is the second biggest in town and it is located at the crossroads of New and Old City Belgrade. You will find the best fashion brands and stores here as well as many nice places to meet someone for a meeting, chat or just to hang out. There is also a lot for kids to do at “Usce“ so be sure to bring them along.


4. Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra

Shopping in Belgrade

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra is another popular outdoor shopping area in Belgrade, and is also popular during the summer time. This street, is the longest street in Belgrade, it is actually a boulevard. At Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra you will find a lot of brands and products from Turkey and China, so if you are looking for high-end stores, this is not the place for you.This shopping street will not only offer you great clothing stores with really good prices but you will find many good-looking girls shopping in the area.


5. Shaners offer some different shopping in Belgrade. Who are Shaners? Well, Shaners are people who sell imported clothing from other countries.


Why should I visit them? They often have better prices then the clothes you can find in stores at the mall or shopping street. Prices are often 50% cheaper.

Taxi in Belgrade

Budget, standard or VIP travellers, this page has been made to help you better understanding how to travel safely in Belgrade.

Belgrade has two types of Taxis, legal and illegal and the biggest difference is price.

Just to be clear, in 99% of cases you will not have a problem if you stop a Taxi on the street, but you should,

Call a Taxi!

Calling a Taxi to pick you up is the best option. It is very easy just dial +381 9801. If you want a better vehicle (similar price) go for Lux Taxi  +381 65 30 33 123.

They will show up in 2 to 10 minutes.

If your battery is dead, which happens often nowadays, ask your hotel concierge, club waiter or manager, or even restaurant staff to call one for you.

The average price for Taxi transportation from your accommodation to some of Belgrade’s clubs, or perhaps from one part of the city to another, is always around 10 euros. Compared to other European cities, a pretty good deal.


If you feel uncomfortable or get in a weird situation with a taxi driver, don’t worry, just write down his number plates (car number) and report the incident on:

+381 11 32 24 952 from 9 am to 6 pm.

Taxi in Belgrade


New Year’s Eve in Belgrade

Almost every place in Belgrade hosts or organizes events for New Year’s Eve. You can find thousands of different options where to ring in the New Year…

Where to go?

Asking at the reception desk of a Hotel, a taxi driver, a promoter or even the club directly is the first step that most people take. Realistically, it is highly likely that you will be misinformed and eventually disappointed.

So how do you find out where the best parties will be happening in the sea of possibilities?

For the last 10 years, our service has helped countless party people from around the globe find what they are looking for through quick & free information.

Determine if are you are looking for an Electro /Deep House / RnB or maybe National Live music place.

Every year we pick the 2 most popular events that will be held on New Year’s Eve. These are places that will be crowded with urban, beautiful, party people looking forward to partying hard!

This year’s suggestions are:

Club Beton:

The newest club in town, located right next to Iguana and Frida at the most popular spot in Belgrade, Beton Hala. Always packed with good-looking people and a select city crowd, this club hosts some of the best parties over the weekend. If you are visiting Belgrade this winter, do not miss this place.

For New Year’s Eve, the club offers:

VIP table: 200 euros + 20 euros for each individual ticket (This price includes 2 bottles, 0.70 l, of your favorite drink)


Club Dragstor Play:

This is the second successful season for this popular winter club. This place is famous among many party people from Belgrade and abroad. It hosts interesting parties every weekend, and is always crowded with attractive people. If you are visiting Belgrade this winter, do not miss this place.

For New Year’s Eve, the club offers:

VIP table: 500 euros (This price includes 1 bottle of champagne, 0.70 l, and up to 12 individual tickets).



For any additional questions and booking requests, feel free to call us, or text us via Whatsapp, +381 62 33 77 00

Or via email: [email protected]

We wish you a party-focused New Year!

Your ‘Belgrade at Night’ team