Belgrade Bachelor party

Belgrade Bachelor party

Stag night or Bachelor party is a special event in every man’s life. This exceptional day represents last day of your “free life”. You definitely mustn’t greet it unorganized. Belgrade Bachelor party is perfect choice for you.

Bradley Cooper, Ken Jeong, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis

That evening is completely yours, why wouldn’t you together with your crew experience unforgettable night that you will remember and retell?

Are you tired of common and standard bachelor parties that don’t look much different from regular weekend nights? Your Bachelor Party is perfect opportunity to spend that day in VIP style and experience something new and exciting that you don’t do every day.

In the last couple of years, Belgrade has become one of the leading European capitals when nightlife is concerned.

In summers – there are unique open-air clubs on rivers that are called rafts, where people are having great time until early morning hours. Those are places which tourists love the most because there are specific for Belgrade. During winters there are lots of clubs placed in main center of Belgrade. There, you can also find many bars where people go out for a drink before clubs, and that are full non-stop.

Belgrade Bachelor party

More and more men are deciding to spend their stag night here.

Them, always with smile and happy with lots of memories and stories, have left city with promise that they will surely visit our capital again.

Our service is there to organize whole Belgrade Stag Party especially for you. And all you have to do is to prepare for unforgettable time in VIP style.

What our Nightclub service offers is a ride in luxurious car or limo to the best clubs in Belgrade, entrance in clubs without waiting in line with host, and VIP table placed in the best area in the club.

There isn’t any reason to spend this night usually when you can experience it in unique, unusual and memorable way. That’s your special night!  Feel and be special on that day, because it is something that happens once in the lifetime.

Reservations are required so get your name on the guest list. Contact us for  free reservation, for all restaurants, bars and clubs in Belgrade. Drop us an e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.


World recognized DJ and producer Funkerman will perform on Friday the 11th April, in the popular Belgrade club Brankow. Constantly changing the style and pushing the limits of house music, but staying true to the funky sound, Funkerman is a producer of many hits such as Speed up, Push’em up and Falling in Love.

club brankow
On a mission to visit the best party destinations in the world, Funkerman had performed across the globe. He traveled from North and South America, Australia, Russia, Korea, Kazakhstan and many European countries. Now he came to perform in one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade. Club Brankow during the past winter season confirmed its status as one of the most prestigious clubs of our city, a place with successful and positive people with style, looking for great cocktails, great time like in the world’s leading clubs and the best DJ performances that the European house scene has to offer.

Make sure you don’t miss the party, see you at Club Brankow!

Belgrade VIP scene joined once again to help young Petar Pantic

Belgrade club Mr.Stefan Braun joined Serbian celebrity people in another charity night last weekend. Goal is to raise money for young Petar Pantic who needs an operation.

Belgrade VIP scene is always ready to get together and help young people. The finalists of the competition, “The first voice of Serbia ” Ivan Petrovic and Snezana Vusovic joined the event, as well as Bojan Stanimirovic, member of the Amadeus bend, Nenad Radujevic, owner of the Click modeling agency, Indian designer Manish Arora, currently one of the most inspiring and contemporary fashion designers.

Belgrade VIP

The capital of great entertainment proved once again to be the perfect place for fun! All of this could not be perfect without famous TV faces Vlada Stanojevic and Marina Kotevski with the help of beautiful models from fashion agency Crystal.

We have weekend ahead of us, so get ready and enjoy the parties in Belgrade!

Top 10 Belgrade attractions

Belgrade attractions, some of those are well-famous among Serbs, but may be non-interesting for foreign tourists. Some Belgrade attractions are less important in cultural meaning but more interesting for strangers because they are usually looking for party destinations such as nightclubs etc. And Belgrade is right place for that.
Bellow is the list of Belgrade attractions starting with cultural and worth seeing destinations during the day and finishing with night destinations for party maniacs. Here this advice what not to miss when you are in Belgrade.

Top 10 Belgrade attractions

1. Kalemegdan – Belgrade fortress and park with monuments is a place which no one has ever missed when visited Belgrade. Great view at the two biggest rivers in Serbia – Sava and Danube. Nice place to begin your visit to Belgrade.

Kalemegdan Fortress

2. Belgrade Zoo – Right next to Kalemegdan. I know you have seen many zoos by now, but this one is very special. Go there, and you will see why.

Belgrade Zoo

3. Church of Saint Sava – Most of you come to Belgrade for partying, why then going to see this? Because it is amazing! It is the biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the whole world and you can’t imagine what it means to local people.

Church of Saint Sava

4. Nikola Tesla Museum – Oh, you have heard for Tesla, of course. He is the one of the most important scientist in the history. And I don’t need to tell what amazing things you can find in his Museum. His urn, among other, but many things related to his work.

Nikola Tesla Museum

5. Tito’s Mausoluem – The biggest politician in modern Serbian and Yugoslav history – Josip Broz Tito, despite various opinions among local people. His mausoleum is located in famous House of flowers in Belgrade.

Tito’s Mausoluem

6. Nato bombed buildings – In the center of the city you can still see some buildings which are ruined during Nato bombing in 1999. Now you have seen it all. Time to party!

Nato bombed buildings

7. Ada Ciganlija – A place to go, rest and have fun. Along Sava River are many houseboats, private or public. If you’re looking for party destination, I suggest starting with Ada after the lunch.

Ada Ciganlija

8. Knez Mihailova Street – Main street downtown. It’ most beautiful in the later afternoon. Many shops, cafe bars etc. Everyone is there.

Knez Mihailova Street

9. Skadarlija – Bohemian quarter. Well-known for its cafes, pubs etc. earlier, known for its nightclubs nowadays. Don’t miss it if you are looking for party.


10. Belgrade riverclubs – And finally, party destination number one. At the end of the day, or maybe at the beginning of another day, it’s right time to visit Belgrade riverclubs at Sava and Danube, where we started our day by viewing it from Kalemegdan. Belgrade riverclubs are real Belgrade brand. There are many of them, and party lasts for whole night with music, drinks and people who are in good mood.

Belgrade riverclubs

That’s it. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy Belgrade.

Aki Markovic at charity dinner at the club Mr. Stefan Braun

Andrija Aki Marković

Andrija Aki Marković

Famous Belgrade club ‘Mr. Stefan Braun’ organized humanitarian VIP night with aim to help young Petar Pantic who has the inherent thickening of the right side of the brain and need an operation.

Mr Stefan Braun

Mr Stefan Braun

With good house rhythms and charming staff, famous Serbian singer Aki Andrija Markovic joined the party and collected donations. This, once again, showed his human side. Next to him, Vlada Stanojevic, Marina Kotevski and beautiful models from fashion agencies Crystal also enjoyed the event.


Belgrade Club Mr Stefan Braun

Belgrade Club Mr Stefan Braun



IRISH WEEK in Super 13 – 18 March
Some of the best Belgrade events are just in front of us. We are starting with BELGRADE IRISH FESTIVAL from 13 – 18 March.
Belgrade will host the colorful festival of Irish culture second year in a row. Friend of the festival is Supermarket, like it was last year and they prepared a special program that includes photo exhibitions, music and dance performance.




Exhibition of photographs by Dermot Kelly

/ 13 – 18 March /
The performance of the Irish DJ SUPERCUT

/ 15 March / Saturday / 21h /
/ 16 March / Sunday / 16h /
The performance by the dance group CELTIC RHYTHM

/ 16 March / Sunday / 18:30 /

Menu will include taste of Ireland:

+ Fish and Chips – traditional Irish meal, crispy fish with fries
+ Cake with whiskey
+ Irish coffee
+ Guinness beer

Clash of young DJs in the Belgrade club Mr. Stefan Braun

The fourth year in a row , the institution of good entertainment – Belgrade club Mr. Stefan Braun will organize a competition less-known DJs – ” Clash of the DJ’s“,  in order to provide opportunities for young artists who can also win great prizes .
The second party in the competition was awesome, great atmosphere and the large audience enjoyed the performances of young DJs who chose fast rhythms and good bits for people who like modern electronic sound.

Starting from 26 February , every second Wednesday , on the popular ninth floor, duels of the DJs will be held, they will present their quality, make some good atmosphere and they will attempt to qualify for the grand finale. Like every year, the finalists will be elected by the audience and DJ resident team, the winner of the competition (in addition of becoming in the standard group of DJs in the club on the ninth floor) will win valuable prize!
Next duels are scheduled for 26 March and 9 April and grand finale on 23 April!
You can find more information at the official Facebook page of the club and the website.

Weekend in Belgrade

Are you ready for the weekend in Belgrade?

Weekend in Belgrade - worm up at Terassa Lounge

Weekend in Belgrade – worm up at Terassa Lounge

Belgrade is a city where every day is like Friday and Saturday. While winter season fades away, people crave for river clubs and summer. Just to remind, last summer the most popular river club (splav) was club Lasta, second ranked was club Freestyler. For the worm up, the most populare place was Terassa Lounge .

Terassa Lounge left people breathless with its location and infrastructure as well as the people who visited this place.

Terassa Lounge

Terassa Lounge

Summer in Belgrade in 2014 will definitely make party people very happy. A new club will be open, named ‘Leto’, which means ‘Summer’! Owners of the new club are also owners of the Club Dragstor and Terassa Lounge, and they say that Club ‘Leto’ will be perfect for people who want to party hard.
For the weekend ahead, we recommend you to visit Restaurant Tri sesira. For all of you who want to party, we recommend Club Julian Loft and of course the most popular place this season Dragstor Play!

Things to do

Things to do …that list is very long, but one thing is for sure: you will NOT get bored!

It’s the middle of the week and everyone is working, busy with their own stuff. But one thing is on their mind: where to go tonight?
There are plenty of things to do in Belgrade, and you can choose Belgrade club that fits you the best.

One of the Belgrade clubs located on river is Dragstor Play! It is one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade and as a newest place in the city, Dragstor Play is a place you want to be! Just check out these photos:

Belgrade clubs - Dragstor Play

Belgrade clubs – Dragstor Play


Party all the time

Party all the time

Belgrade Clubs

Belgrade Clubs

Party all night long

Party all night long


Things to do in Belgrade

Things to do in Belgrade



When you go out in Belgrade in one of the Belgrade clubs, prepare for an awesome time, beautiful girls, lots of people and NO sleep! Best Belgrade clubs are full all the time and you should not miss any of that great time.


Hollywood in Belgrade

Belgrade Nightlife and Hollywood stars

Klub Brankow, Anthony la Paglia

Klub Brankow, Anthony la Paglia

Hollywood stars, Ralph Fiennes and Anthony LaPaglia, famous athletes and standard guests toasting with champagne to beautifull Belgrade ladies, celebrated on the March 8th at the club Brankow.

Club Brankow, Belgrade nighlife

Club Brankow, Belgrade nighlife

What to say about parties in Belgrade?

Well, over the weekend, club Brankow was ‘a place to be’! Famous people from Serbia, athletes and top Hollywood stars Ralph Fiennes and Anthony LaPaglia had a great time in this club.
With an overwhelming taste of Moet & Chandon champagne, guests at Brankow welcomed one of the favourite holidays, International Women’s Day.

Club Brankow, Belgrade

Club Brankow, Belgrade

Karmon, Dutch dip house DJ was responsible for a a great atmosphere that lasted until the early morning hours.

DJ Karmon in Belgrade