DJ Karmon in Belgrade

     Karmon in Belgrade club Brankow

One of the many interesting things that has come out of Amsterdam is certainly DJ Karmon , the actual multi talented young Dutch producer and international DJ. After performing around the world , he is coming to Belgrade, where Belgrade audience will finally be able to hear Karmon at the club Brankow on the March 7th.

DJ Karmon

DJ Karmon

His distinctive deep house sound was heard last year in Ibiza, and recently Karmon performed at the famous festival in Wonderland, Amsterdam. In just two years, Karmon achieved remarkable success! He built a distinctive style after experimenting with different directions of electronic music. Shortly after his debut release ” Turning Point” , followed by ” Wowshit ” for the publishing house of the legendary Solomon – Dynamic. The fresh sound of this young disc jockeys attracted the attention of Solomon, who started to play Karmon’s song ” Nobody Else ” on his performances.

For his creative work , Karmon gets his inspiration life and different music genres , from jazz to hard rock. Growing up in a musically talented family that often played tennis, Karmon first met with the vinyl when he was 14 years old. Then his brother bought his first vinyl and then two turntables and mixer.

Now, as an experienced and world popular DJ artist, Karmon will light the dance floor at the club Brankow in Belgrade!

Famous people at „Mr. Stefan Braun“ club

Belgrade club „Mr. Stefan Braun“ from time to time gives a chance for VIPs to show their humanity and enjoy the party at the same time. This time audicence was entertained by singers Marko Zujovic and Teodora Bakovic. Later that night, we saw famous guests such as Ognjen Kajganic, serbian handball player (who, by the way, has become a father recently) and one another VIP from the sport world – voleyball player Edin Skoric.
Hosts of the show, Marina Kotevski and Vlada Stanojevic, helped gathering money for 21 years old Danijela Kovacevic from Indjija who has been in coma for the last four years after a childbirth.
Serbian capitol, known for its great night life, confirmed it again.


Belgrade and Serbia maybe cannot cope with the world when speaking about economy, industry etc. but when we speak about night life, Belgrade is one of the leaders in the world. This is the reason why one of the world’s top jetsetters, Henrique Striker from Brazil came to the city. (Close friends with Viktor Giansante, Striker’s family fortune estimated at 15 billiards euro.)


One on of the world’s top jetsetters, Henrique Striker from Brazil came to Belgrade

One on of the world’s top jetsetters, Henrique Striker from Brazil came to Belgrade

Striker gave an interview discussing what forced him came to Belgrade and what were his impressions about the city:
What brings you to Belgrade?
I’ve heard some good rumors! My friends and I often visit attractive destinations such as Ibiza, Miami etc. We meet new people, make friendships and we hear about the places. That’s how we heard for Belgrade from Marko Savic. He is the owner of the “Belgrade at night” company and he told us some very fine things about night life in Belgrade.
What do you think about night clubs service in Belgrade?
Absolutely fabulous! We use night clubs service everywhere we go. “Belgrade at night” gave us excellent guide. In every bar, club or restaurant we had best seats, professional security and other. We’re more than satisfied.
Now when you are here, how Belgrade seems to you?
It is very cool. People are kind, girls are pretty, and night life is great as I said. I will recommend it to my friends, that’s for sure.
Is there anything you didn’t like?
It is hard to say. I think you have lack of high class restaurants, beside that food is great here.
Do you think Belgrade night life is able to cope with Ibiza, Miami, Moscow etc?
Why not? Belgrade is cool, romantic. Many happenings, it offers night life program and clubbing. That’s what people like, especially young people.
Did you know that “Lonely planet” named Belgrade no. 1 destination for night life?
Yes, I saw that on the internet. That’s one another thing that brings me here.
Do you plan to come again?
I hope I will spend at least seven days here every summer.

Ace of Base at Belgrade clubs

Members of the well-known Swedish pop band Ace of Base have been seen partying at Belgrade club called “Dragstor play”.

Ulf Ekberg

Ace of Base

Member of the band, Ulf Ekberg, also known as Buddha, attended Friday party „The girl next door“ in this winter club. Thus caused big attention so serbian waterpolo players, who also have been there, were in the shadow of these bigger stars.
„The girl next door“ is a well-known form of party where girls come to see the famous and atractive men from the world of sport, bussiness and modeling.

Ace of Base at Belgrade club “Dragstor play”

Ace of Base at Belgrade club “Dragstor play”

A few Fridays before, guest of „Dragstor play“ was russian billiarder Viktor Prokhorov. Next Friday there is a new „The girl next door“ party and it starts, as usual, at midnight.


MUSIC: Fullhouse Band & Friends + Malibu Breeze , Petar Della Pietra and Skippy ( Red Line Brothers )

DRINK: Unlimited drinks

Food : Catering to the VIP section

PRICE : 24 € ( presale )

Contact :062 – 262-212 


Welcome to Centurion ‘s Eve in 2014.

New Year’s Eve in Belgrade.

Central New Year’s Eve in 2014. in a completely new side YMCA in downtown Belgrade.




Fullhouse Band & Friends 

Fullhouse Band is a band from Belgrade, which was founded 7 years ago . The composition comprises 5 top musicians with incredible energy on stage . In Belgrade you can hear on Friday in Red Shoes cafe in Sundays at Mr . Stefan Braun- in as well as many other well-known clubs . Performance – Fullhouse with friends who will be special guests at the New Year’s Eve will host an unforgettable party where you will certainly enjoy .


Friends who will be special guests at the welcoming of the Bane MVP ( Author of big hit ” Whole night and all day ,” Prljavi Inspektor Blaza who will have the honor to draw the winner of contests and many other friends .



DJ Stage with world-renowned guests from abroad Malibu Breeze accompanied by renowned DJs from Belgrade as Petar Della Pietra and Skippy ( Red Line Brothers ) . 


Centurion + 

• 2 Stages

• 2 VIP area VIP Stage and VIP Gallery + Lazy Corner

• Champagne at midnight

• Contest

• Cocktail bar with 20 promo girls

• Brandy Corner with 7 types of spirits in bulk

• Unlimited drinks is included in the price ( ticket price includes unlimited consumption of twenty types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages :

beer, red and white wine spritzer and bamboo , several types of brandy , cognac, vodka , orange juice and vodka all vodka mixes , bitters , vermouth , thick and clear juices , mineral water . Note : Foreign and exclusive drinks ( Red Bull , Chivas et seq. ) And cocktails will be sold at promotional prices.


 1384869542-2 1384869542-3 1384869542-1


CENTURION – New Year ‘s Eve will be the first to be organized in a brand new space of only 50 meters from the Republic Square . Youth Center is equipped with the latest audio equipment in Serbia , which will provide you with incredible pleasure as you listen to guest performer for Centurion ‘s Eve . 



Map 34 €

€ 24 for the first 400 tickets

€ 29 for another 400 tickets, and the other from 34 € .



VIP bracelet for access to the VIP area gallery page containing beverages , catering , free bar tables , cocktail bar , lazy corner and look at each course of fire events at a cost of € 10 

Price if :

– Bar tables :

– 25 € a bottle of the local drinks

– 35 € a bottle of foreign drinks

– The bar tables no down payment and for each table is mandatory purchase of at least four cards .

– Separate :

– 150 € in foreign bottle beverage of choice ( 6 to 9 people )

– 200 € The private dining room with a bottle of foreign drinks and a bottle of champagne (9 to 12 people )

– Booths at the VIP scene € 220 which includes a bottle , a bottle of champagne + 12 free bracelet to enter the VIP scene and lazy corner .

Belgrade most popular winter clubs

Following the participation of 1,500 tourists in a Belgrade at Night survey conducted throughout the course of the first half of the winter clubbing season, the statistics have indicated which the 3 most popular winter clubs in Belgrade are. The winter season stretches from October through May. Remember, Belgrade clubs do not charge entry fees, but that does not mean that you can enter without a reservation. Belgrade at Night can book your favorite regular or VIP table in any of the most popular clubs, quickly and completely free! Call us for free party consulting: +381 62 33 77 00
The three most popular Belgrade winter clubs are:

Dragstor Play

popular 1

Brankow Club

popular 2

Club Stefan Braun

popular 3
Club and party free consulting and table booking: +381 62 33 77 00

Most popular Belgrade venues

Belgrade venues

Following the participation of 1,000 tourists in a Belgrade at Night survey conducted throughout the course of the first half of the summer, the statistics have indicated which are the 3 most popular Belgrade venues for foreigners…

Terassa Lounge

Belgrade venues

 Lasta Club

lasta club

 Freestyler Club

 belgrade venues - freestyler


Dinner Recommendation


Besides it`s great nightlife Belgrade also has some great restaurants to offer. Always fresh and tasty food is very familiar thing for restaurant such is el Hispano in the city center. The best offer of Spanish cuisine and Spanish wine with very professional staff and pleasant interior.


Nightlife Offer


New week begins tomorrow and since Belgrade is well known as city that never sleeps, its nightlife is surely going to be exiting during the working days. Every night in Belgrade you can find something that satisfies your taste. So dont wait for the weekend to do something fun. Belgrade at Night is there for you to help you with choice and reservations.


Nightlife in Belgrade


If you are curently in Belgrade dont waste any time staying in your hotel room. Belgrade nightlife is very stunning and weather its working day or weekend you can always find some place to chill or dance and party. With our web site you can book every club, bar restaurant… you want. Call Belgrade at Night to make your reservation.