March in Belgrade

March in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

March in Belgrade is always beautiful, and month which announce end of the winter and coming of lovely and warm spring. Weather is beautiful, average temperature is around 18 degrees, which it makes perfect for some of the outdoor activities. People are getting more active after long and cold winter. Walking around Belgrade during this beautiful… Read more »

Spring in Belgrade

Spring in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Spring in Belgrade and warm weather wakes up people of Belgrade bringing them bright smile on their faces. Gardens of coffee shops, popular Belgrade restaurants and Belgrade streets are crowded with people. Outdoor events are taking places all around the city center, mood of the locals is changing. Finally, open-air concerts are taking their rightful places in our schedules. Season… Read more »

Bicycles Belgrade

Bicycles Belgrade | Belgrade at night

A fun and relaxing way to see the sights! Bicycles Belgrade If you’re the type of person that’s active and enjoy being outdoors, then biking is the perfect way to conquer Belgrade. What would be better way to acquaint your self with this amazing city than to join a group and see the city by cruising around…. Read more »

Where to stay in Belgrade

Where to stay in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

You have to make the right decision where to stay while in Belgrade. As u already know, Belgrade is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The urban area of the City of Belgrade has a population of 1.23 million, while nearly 1.7 million people live within its administrative limits…. Read more »

Everything that you need to know about Belgrade

Everything that you need to know about Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the biggest city in the country. To be precise, Belgrade is located 44.80 latitude and 20.47 longitude and it is situated at elevation 120 meters above sea level. Belgrade has a population of 1,273,651 people and operates on the CEST time zone. Translated from Serbian, Belgrade means white city. For… Read more »

Best time to visit Belgrade

Best time to visit Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Best time to visit Belgrade definitely would be late spring, summer time, and also for the New Year’s Eve. To be more clear, as a city break destination, Belgrade’s High season is from April till October and December, around New Years EVE. Belgrade is also called “small Berlin” because of it’s famous nightlife. Every day… Read more »


Burek | Belgrade at night

Burek is one of the most traditional and among best Serbian food. Records of this meal exist since 12th century. Hystory of Burek Burek has its origins in Turkish cuisine and in fact, it has been made by the Turks of Central Asia before their westward migration to Anatolia in the late Middle Ages. Burek is very popular in the cuisines of the former Ottoman… Read more »

Best Pizza in Belgrade

Best Pizza in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Pizza is not originally from our cuisine, but for sure people in Belgrade know how to make one of the best Pizza you have ever had! At the fast food places or in some of the popular Belgrade restaurants, the culture of pizza in Belgrade is huge. Check out some of the most popular places in town…. Read more »

Best Cevapi in Belgrade

Best Cevapi in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Earlier we wrote about how to make cevapi, the one of the top 10 Serbian foods. First of all, Cevapi has its origins in the Balkans during the Ottoman period, and represents a regional specialty similar to the Kebab. They are usually served in groups of five to ten pieces. There are many variations of recipes but the result is the same. It’s grilled… Read more »

Flower shops Belgrade

Flower shops Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is the beautiful and romantic place. Belgrade is not just a destination for celebrating bachelors or for crazy night in some popular clubs, it is also perfect for celebrating birthdays and for couples romantic getaway. What is better way to surprise your beloved one than with flowers! You can find Flower shops Belgrade at almost every corner, especially in the city center. Today,… Read more »