Belgrade and Serbia honeymoon

Belgrade and Serbia honeymoon | Belgrade at night

Just married? Thinking about a lovely place for you and your chosen one? Looking for something different, something original, something not so usual? Belgrade and Serbia Honeymoon might be ideal for you and your life partner. You will fall in love with this funky city. Honeymoon Accommodation   The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, glorious and… Read more »

Good For Kids

Good For Kids | Belgrade at night

Are you thinking about traveling abroad with your family? Well, Belgrade might be just perfect place for all of you! It’s the city good for all generations, kids can enjoy in some of the day activities, while older can enjoy with glass of wine in some of most popular restaurants and bars. Nightlife is there for everyone from the… Read more »

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly | Belgrade at night

Serbia is a country with its long history and interesting tradition. The capital and the largest city is Belgrade. Belgrade is known for its epic nightlife and parties that are held everyday, from Monday until Sunday, from midnight until dawn. Belgrade has the reputation of a “City that never sleeps”, or as some would rather… Read more »

Where to buy art

Where to buy art | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is the capital and at the same time the largest city in Serbia. It is placed on confluence of two beautiful rivers – Danube and Sava. Kalemegdan park / fortress, is the place to enjoy endless sunsets, place with the beautiful view. Kalemegdan is the place to restart your mind and to do a long walks. Belgrade is… Read more »

Good for Big Groups

Good for Big Groups | Belgrade at night

Are you travelling alone or with a big group of friends or maybe with a family? Don’t know where to go and you are not sure how to organize the whole trip so that everyone gets piece of cake? Well, Belgrade might be a place you are looking for! And Belgrade at Night services will… Read more »

Good for a Rainy Day

Good for a Rainy Day | Belgrade at night

Bad weather, constant rain and wind can get pretty annoying especially when you are travelling and have limited time to spend in one city or a country. Feels like waste of time spending your vacation in rented apartment or hotel room. Well, even if you hit rainy days in Belgrade, boring time won’t be the… Read more »

Adrenaline Seekers

Adrenaline Seekers | Belgrade at night

Belgrade,  “City that never sleeps”, or “The New Berlin”, as many refer to it, and all of that for its rich and wild nightlife. Here, parties are held every day, from Monday until Sunday. They start at midnight and last until dawn. Variety of clubs is HUGE. There is something for anyone’s taste in one… Read more »

Belgrade in June

Belgrade in June | Belgrade at night

Belgrade is one of the centers of Balkan culture, place where different traditions collide. “The white city” as literal translation says, was destroyed many times in history, and rebuilt all over again, and as a result emerged with a strong, unique spirit which can be seen in its landmarks and more than all people who… Read more »

10 things you should NOT do in Belgrade

10 things you should NOT do in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and the largest city at the same time. In literal translation “White town”, or as some refer to it “City that never sleeps” or “The New Berlin”, and all for its wild nightlife. Here, parties are held EVERYDAY, from Monday until Sunday, and each day is as good to party… Read more »

The best Serbian Beers

The best Serbian Beers | Belgrade at night

The BEST Serbian Beers! The Best Beer in Belgrade!   The BEST Serbian Beers! The Best Beer in Belgrade! One of the first things you will learn about Serbs is that we are THE BIG hedonists. We love our food, enjoy good music, we love good wine and beer, and most of all we love… Read more »