Belgrade and Serbia maybe cannot cope with the world when speaking about economy, industry etc. but when we speak about night life, Belgrade is one of the leaders in the world. This is the reason why one of the world’s top jetsetters, Henrique Striker from Brazil came to the city. (Close friends with Viktor Giansante,… Read more »

Ace of Base at Belgrade clubs

Ace of Base at Belgrade clubs | Belgrade at night

Members of the well-known Swedish pop band Ace of Base have been seen partying at Belgrade club called “Dragstor play”. Member of the band, Ulf Ekberg, also known as Buddha, attended Friday party „The girl next door“ in this winter club. Thus caused big attention so serbian waterpolo players, who also have been there, were… Read more »


CENTURION 2014 | Belgrade at night

MUSIC: Fullhouse Band & Friends + Malibu Breeze , Petar Della Pietra and Skippy ( Red Line Brothers ) DRINK: Unlimited drinks Food : Catering to the VIP section PRICE : 24 € ( presale ) Contact :062 – 262-212    Welcome to Centurion ‘s Eve in 2014. New Year’s Eve in Belgrade. Central New… Read more »

Belgrade most popular winter clubs

Belgrade most popular winter clubs | Belgrade at night

Following the participation of 1,500 tourists in a Belgrade at Night survey conducted throughout the course of the first half of the winter clubbing season, the statistics have indicated which the 3 most popular winter clubs in Belgrade are. The winter season stretches from October through May. Remember, Belgrade clubs do not charge entry fees,… Read more »

Most popular Belgrade venues

Most popular Belgrade venues | Belgrade at night

Belgrade venues Following the participation of 1,000 tourists in a Belgrade at Night survey conducted throughout the course of the first half of the summer, the statistics have indicated which are the 3 most popular Belgrade venues for foreigners… Terassa Lounge  Lasta Club  Freestyler Club    

Dinner Recommendation

Dinner Recommendation | Belgrade at night

  Besides it`s great nightlife Belgrade also has some great restaurants to offer. Always fresh and tasty food is very familiar thing for restaurant such is el Hispano in the city center. The best offer of Spanish cuisine and Spanish wine with very professional staff and pleasant interior.  

Nightlife Offer

Nightlife Offer | Belgrade at night

  New week begins tomorrow and since Belgrade is well known as city that never sleeps, its nightlife is surely going to be exiting during the working days. Every night in Belgrade you can find something that satisfies your taste. So dont wait for the weekend to do something fun. Belgrade at Night is there… Read more »

Nightlife in Belgrade

Nightlife in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

  If you are curently in Belgrade dont waste any time staying in your hotel room. Belgrade nightlife is very stunning and weather its working day or weekend you can always find some place to chill or dance and party. With our web site you can book every club, bar restaurant… you want. Call Belgrade… Read more »

Where To Go For Weekend

Where To Go For Weekend | Belgrade at night

  In Belgrade, there is always something fun to do. Weather its about nightlife, or daily activities. For this weekend Belgrade at Night recommends you clubs Cinema and Mr.Stefan Braun. If you are interested in some nice meal or some quick drink at the bar, you can check our pages restaurants and bars. Enjoy!

Colorful Belgrade

Colorful Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Nightlife in Belgrade is very rich and colorful. For this weekend we reccommend you club Republika with great house music dj`s. Also you can call us to make a reservation for best Belgrade restaurants, bars, cafes etc.