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The Beatshakers@Parlament | Belgrade at night

  The Beatsheakers are the most popular Serbian DJ duo. They are Dj guests tonight at newly opened Belgrade club Parlament. This fantastic Dj duo is now very famous worldwide. Since the summer of 2010, party people can see The Beatshakers all around the world and enjoy in their remarkable sounds.

Let`s Play

Let`s Play | Belgrade at night

  It`s winter season opening this weekend at river bar Play. This very unique and brilliant concept gave it`s guests very enjoyable moments during the summer, so we assure you that this tradition will be continued during this winter also. With great music guests, who will cover many types of music like jazz, funk, house… Read more »

Monday Night at Stefan Braun

Monday Night at Stefan Braun | Belgrade at night

  It may be monday, but the party is still on at Stefan Braun. Tonight the music choice is House, and the crew is always ready for the real party. Pick your place at Stefan Braun for tonight, call us and make a reservation.

Pop/Rock Night at F6

Pop/Rock Night at F6 | Belgrade at night

  Tonight it`s pop/rock night with Vesko Vuckovic band, in completelty renovated F6. The old great atmosphere, but in new cool interior. You must check it out!

90`s Party

90`s Party | Belgrade at night

Every tuesday it`s 90`s music party at Mr Stefan Braun, the weirdest located club in capital, on 9th floor of a building. Relive your 90`s spirit tonight. Reserve the best place in the club!

Winter Republika

Winter Republika | Belgrade at night

  This weekend is opening of Soho Republic club. In new renovated interior, guests can enjoy the same old atmosphere, for which Republika is already well-known. Make your reservation right now!

Hangover Party at Fabrika

Hangover Party at Fabrika | Belgrade at night

  Tonight you can enjoy in some serious fun at club Fabrika and Hangover Party. The party concept is to be in hangover state of body and mind. For the best music choice there will be resident dj`s Mirko and Meex with progressive and commercial house. Reservations are necessary.

“Plastic” Opening

“Plastic” Opening | Belgrade at night

  One of the most famous Belgrade clubs is opening this year`s winter season. Plastic will be opened on Friday, october the 19th. The fun starts on this weekend and will be there for the hole season! Enjoy!  

“Box” Opening

“Box” Opening | Belgrade at night

  Club Box starts it`s second season in Belgrade. On thurstday, the first day of opening, the party will be fulfilled with resident DJ`s Nekac and Marko, with guests Dj Ojsha and Wet burlesque show dance. On friday and saturday, there will be No comment band and Oliver Stojiljkovic band. Enjoy!

Fabrika Opening

Fabrika Opening | Belgrade at night

  It`s going to be very crazy in Belgrade nightlife this weekend, because club Fabrika is opening it`s door for this season. Fabrika will welcome it`s guests in quite new and improved interior, but still with the same old charm that characterises very successful last season. Very well known DJ`s will be playing at Fabrika:… Read more »