Belgrade by Plane

Excluding ex-Yugoslavian countries this is the most common way that tourists arrive in Belgrade. There are so many different deals, depending on where you are coming from. The best thing would be to check with your local travel agent or to go online yourself. Belgrade Airport, Nikola Tesla is located 12 km from downtown and it will take no longer then 30-45 minutes to get to your accommodation.

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Belgrade by Boat

Belgrade is connected with western and central Europe by the longest river in Europe, the Danube. There are numerous cruise deals that you can get to visit Belgrade.Visiting Belgrade on a cruise boats is probably one of the most creative and scenic ways to do it. The boats are parked in the downtown Belgrade, next to Beton Hall area. From there you can easily get a taxi to go and visit some of the popular Belgrade attractions. You can check a map and find out the River Danube boat route to Belgrade.

Belgrade by Boat Belgrade by Boat

Belgrade by Bus

This is probably the worst way to come to Belgrade, even though it might be the cheapest. It might not be so bad if you are coming from Slovenia or Croatia, the bus will stop at either New Belgrade, or close to the Inter Continental Hotel or the Lasta station, which is still (soon will be moved) in downtown Belgrade. If you are considering traveling on local Serbian buses please think twice before you do.

belgrade by bus

Belgrade by Car

You can get into Belgrade from the North (Hungary), which is the best way for most western country residents that want to travel by car. If you are coming from the East, or Bulgaria, you will reach Belgrade from the Bulgarian/Serbian Border in 3 hours. From Greece, which is a southeast European destination you can get to Belgrade very easily. PassingThessaloniki, which is in Northern Greece, entering Macedonia, which you will pass in 2 hours and then entering Serbia. From the south of the border you will need approximately 4 hours to Belgrade. From the Croatian / Serbian Border, you can reach Belgrade in 1 hour. But just in case, let’s say more realisticallyit will take 1 and a half hours to get to Belgrade. It is a good thing to have a car in Belgrade, to be able to drive around and explore the city. But always remember, don’t drink and drive!You can end up in jail with big fine for doing so, or you can cause an accident.

belgrade by car