Celebrating NYE tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun

Celebrating NYE tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun

On this Friday we are Celebrating NYE tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun. That is correct, we do have two New Year’s Eve in Serbia : regular one on 31st of December, and second on 13th of January, also known as Orthodox (Serbian) New Year’s Eve – and we always have a blast ’cause we love to make everything as an excuse to party and celebrate till the morning hours.

Tonight at Braun is an event : Time machine that will take you back to 20’s decade of the last century! MS Pop and Zap Me Strob will take you directly to the great Gatsby moment with the awesome tracks an mixes they already carefully selected for this remarkable evening. Grab your friends, make a reservation and be ready for time traveling nine floors above the reality.

Location: Nemanjina 4 street – 9th floor of a building.

Celebrating NYE tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun


It is scientifically proven that little party never killed nobody


Braun is one of the oldest and one of the best clubs of Belgrade nightlife


Show of the bartenders is something unique you can experience, every night of a week in club Mr. Stefan Braun