Celebrating tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun

Celebrating tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun

Yesterday was a quiet night for all clubs in Belgrade – no club was working because on friday was Orthodox Christmas Eve. Today is something different – join us in Celebrating tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun! Belgrade nightlife paused yesterday, which happens only ones in a year – tonight we will compensate what we missed yesterday.

Braun has an event called “Saturday night fever”, and it’s not because of flu season, that is because of  disco and house hits which are going to heat up your temperature. Located in Nemanjina street, on 9th floor, successfully works more than 14 years – all the best parties are thrown at this institution called Mr. Stefan Braun.

Center of a party is definitely central bar where bartenders are making remarkable shows every night od a week.

Celebrating tonight at club Mr. Stefan Braun


Bartenders are making unforgettable parties


Every night is a good night to be at Mr. Stefan Braun