Cell phone repair

Where to get your phone done? Is it safe to do Cell Phone Repair in Belgrade? How much does it cost? There are around 100 shops in Belgrade that offer services for your precious phone. Among them there are some highly professional ones, fast and well equipped. Make sure to log out from your email and social medias before handing your phone to the Cell Phone Repair. You would do this back in your country as well.

If you broke your screen or you have lost your charger, don’t hesitate to contact one of the closest shops to your accommodation in Belgrade. If you want to buy new phone or to sell yours, make sure that you do that in the proper store in Belgrade. Beside repairing your phone, you can get get yourself Headphones, Bluetooth headset, Battery pack, Car charger, charging cables, Charging dongle, power banks or Media streamer. Most of the shops staff can offer you assistance on the English, or if English is not to good for your standards, that doesn’t mean that they are not super good in the services that they provide.

If you need any assistance about Belgrade, you can contact us any time. Do not forget to check out Belgrade Clubs while you are in town.

It can be tricky if you break your phone abroad, and if you don’t know some of the locals, it can be hard to find a safe place to leave your phone for couple of hours or even days. Too many personal details are inside your cellular, so it’s not smart to just hand over your phone that easily. In any case, it is better to log off from all your personal networks, bank accounts and to delete every important data from it ( if you can do that ). Or maybe, you want to take some awesome pictures of Belgrade, but your phone is dead? Pay attention at the TOP of our page for the well-known Cell phone repair shops in Belgrade.


Cell phone repair

Fix your phone with professionals. Choose the best Cell phone repair in Belgrade.

How to get Instagram Photos while in Belgrade?

Beside having a good camera on your phone you will need to know the right spots in town. Belgrade is quite different. Different styles for different taste. You can hire a Photographer that will take you around Belgrade. Take you to the coolest of the coolest places.

How to be Online all the time while in Belgrade?


You will have to have data. The easies and cheapest way is to buy a sim card while in Belgrade. There are different cards at the market. If you are a short term visitor we suggest you to get a Tourist SIM Card. If you are staying for a while check Regular Pre Paid cards. Click here to get the full info: Serbian Tourist Sim Cards.


Phone Screen broken


If you are lucky you might get it fix in 1 hour. If service i busy it might take some extra time. Choose the repair Service wise. Dont follow the price only. Check at the top of our page for the Phone Service recommendations.


Battery Replacement

After some time you will have to change battery on you phone. You dont have to go to a store a buy a new Phone though. In a Service Store in Belgrade you will be offered different types of batteries. Good Service will explain you about pros and cons of each brand. Usually more expensive options are lasting longer. Our tip would be to ask for a guarantee.


What to Expect from Phone Repair in Belgrade?


If you follow our advice and recommendations you can expect professional Cell phone repair and fair price. Some of the services out there are masters of repairing your tablet in an hour or two. They are familiar with all devices on the market. Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and others. Years of experience in the field of electronics and programming are used to create a recognisable brand in the eyes of people of Belgrade and Expats. Good Services in Belgrade are listening to the needs of customers constantly adding new services over a wide range of existing ones.  All this would not be possible without large doses of love and interest for this business, which owners defiantly has. The idea of a Phone Services in Belgrade is that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. Phone Services in Belgrade are able to solve all kinds of hardware and software problems. Repair will be done with original or quality spare parts (A class parts). You will be asked to choose between. Depends from a damage you might get a guarantee up to 6 months.

If you are not into servicing your mobile phone out of your country, or it is definitely time for buying a brand new one, Belgrade is a good place to do it! Belgrade has plenty of official mobile shops. You will be able easily to find a brand you desire.


Cell phone repair in Belgrade

Fix your Phone screen with Professionals.



10 Things you should avoid doing with your SmartPhone


  • Do not instal apps that are unknown, you might loose your privacy


  • Do not keep on charger more then needed, might ruin your battery life


  • Do NOT repair phone is unknown Repair Shops. Shady places might take healthy parts away


  • Never go for cheep phone chargers, will mess up your battery life


  • Avoid Sun with your phone, it could mess up your batter life


  • Never click on unknown shady links, even if its sent by your friends. You might loose access to Instagram or Email


  • If you use Apple you all good but if u dont then use Anti Virus


  • Do not spend to much time over the phone scrolling


  • Do not read News all day long


  • Use a long and hard to crack password for you phone



Good to know about Belgrade

Peak Season is from May till the end of the August. Lowest season is in January. If you are planing to stay for a while in Belgrade it might be easier to move around if you rent a car . Belgrade food is tasty. There are posh and traditional restaurants out there. Click here to check the list of Restaurants. If you are down for Italian food check out the best Pizza in Belgrade. Want to support the locals? Check out second hand shops! Enjoy in our city.