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Where to get your phone done? Is it safe to do Cell Phone Repair in Belgrade? How much does it cost? There are around 100 shops in Belgrade that offer services for your precious phone. Among them there are some highly professional ones, fast and well equipped. Make sure to log out from your email and social medias before handing your phone to the Cell Phone Repair. You would do this back in your country as well.

If you broke your screen or you have lost your charger, don’t hesitate to contact one of the closest shops to your accommodation in Belgrade. If you want to buy new phone or to sell yours, make sure that you do that in the proper store in Belgrade. Beside repairing your phone, you can get get yourself Headphones, Bluetooth headset, Battery pack, Car charger, charging cables, Charging dongle, power banks or Media streamer. Most of the shops staff can offer you assistance on the English, or if English is not to good for your standards, that doesn’t mean that they are not super good in the services that they provide.

If you need any assistance about Belgrade, you can contact us any time. Do not forget to check out Belgrade Clubs while you are in town.

It can be tricky if you break your phone abroad, and if you don’t know some of the locals, it can be hard to find a safe place to leave your phone for couple of hours or even days. Too many personal details are inside your cellular, so it’s not smart to just hand over your phone that easily. In any case, it is better to log off from all your personal networks, bank accounts and to delete every important data from it ( if you can do that ). Or maybe, you want to take some awesome pictures of Belgrade, but your phone is dead? Today, we will present you some of the well-known Cell phone repair shops in Belgrade.

Mobile phone repair



Switchtel was founded in 1999, and since its establishment the main activity is the mobile phone repair. Since the appearance of the first mobile phone, until the present, modern and technical wonders such as iPhone x or Galaxy S7, they trying and successfully managing to keep pace with their development and to respond to any demands of their customers. Practice is that the customer is immediately informed about what is the nature of the crash and how much will repair cost. In the case of complex fault if they are not able to do diagnostics on the spot and assess the cost of repair, they inform customers as soon as possible. They are also masters of repairing your tablet devices as well (Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc.).  While waiting you can get a meal at some near by Restaurant. If you are down for Italian food check out where is the best Pizza in Belgrade.

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Viper mobile phone service was in business from 2004. They are located downtown, in Balkanska Street 14.  Years of experience in the field of electronics and programming are used to create a recognizable brand in the eyes of customers and users of their services.
Be aware that every business requires continuous training of professional staff, they give their best to train their employees. Listening to the needs of customers constantly adding new services over a wide range of existing ones.  All this would not be possible without large doses of love and interest for this business, which owners defiantly has. The idea of this company is that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

Doktor Mobil

Doktor Mobil – mobile phone service began operating in 2011, and soon gained the trust of many clients and business partners who cooperate with them actively. Their expertise in the field of mobile technology, tracking the latest international trends and developments in this field, as well as the love of this type of work and the desire for continuous improvement enable them to adequately respond to each problem with a mobile phone that gets into their hands. This mobile phone service performs servicing and repair of mobile phones of all known manufacturers. They are solving all kinds of hardware and software problems, every day from 09 am till 07 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am till 02 pm. During repairs, they are using original or quality spare parts (A class parts) that come with a guarantee whose duration depends on the type of repairs and the spare part and can be up to 6 months.

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Officially authorized service for the mobile phones. ProMobi has started their successful career in the 2009. They started out of a desire to repair all kind of mobile devices with a service of the highest standards and lowest prices. This place know how to deal with demands. Cell Phone Repair with them is done with joy. You are in the safe hands. They find that the repair of your device should not wait for days or weeks. So they created a unique high-speed mobile phone service, which allows your phone or tablet to be repaired and work perfectly in just 1 hour. How? As an authorized service of mobile phones from different manufacturers, they always have a sufficient amount of spare parts for all models of mobile phones. Just arrive to the shop, and your phone will be functional in no time.

Mobile shops

If you are not into servicing your mobile phone out of your country, or it is definitely time for buying a brand new one, Belgrade is a perfect place to do it! Belgrade offers many official mobile shops, and you can easily find a brand you desire or like to use.

Some of them are not in the city center, so maybe would be easier to rent a car for that!


Big player at the Belgrade market. Cell Phone Repair with them is an good idea! In this moment, there are 68 retail stores in Serbia, of which 16 are located in Belgrade. Gigatron is the most popular retail chain in Serbia, and quality of their products is guaranteed for several years. They are among best in business, and provide almost every mobile brand known in the world. Newest models can be found there, and if you are not sure which one you want to pick for yourself, their polite and helpful staff will help you to decide.

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On of the serious players at the Belgrade market. They will do Cell Phone Repair quickly and professionally. Telekoplus is a company engaged in import, export and distribution of mobile phones of all brands. If you order it, they will deliver your phone within 24 hours. In their offer you can find a wide selection of the world’s leading mobile phone brands at very reasonable prices: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and others. They have a large number of references and satisfied customers, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

If you want to buy used phones, you can definitely try some Belgrade’s flea markets or second hand shops!



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