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Good Therapy might help you to reduce pain and to correct body alignment. Chiropractors treat many conditions affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal system. Correct therapy might help with low back pain, neck pain, muscle pains, and headache. A Chiropractor manipulates joints in the body. This manipulation reduce pain and correct the body’s alignment. Main goal is to return physical function into normal. Unlike medical doctors Chiropractors do not prescribe medications. Chiropractic is consider as alternative medicine which means it’s not a conventional medical treatment.


The 6 Ultimate secrets how to have a Healthy Spine


  • Make sure that your spine is at the right position while u sleep


  • Make your Core strong. Build abs and lower back Muscles.


  • Wear a good shoes. Shoes should provide supportive base that helps the spine and body remain in alignment


  • Go frequently to a massage. Massage helps blood flow and loosening tight muscles


  • Find a good chair and table for your daily computer time. You have to Sit correctly.


  • Do not over weight. Watch out what you eat. Easiest way to loose fat is to visit a Gym and to cut off 1 meal per day. Cutting a meal can be hard task. Remember its only hard first week or so. Replace Hunger with water or a cold tea.


Chiropractic in Belgrade

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When you Should visit a Chiropractor?


Most common reasons people go for a Check-ups are:


  • Headache


  • Pain in a neck


  • Disabled function in a neck part of a Spine


  • Having a weird feeling in Spain area


  • Pain that goes towards shoulders and arms


  • Friction in hands and legs


  • Lower Back pain


  • Disk Slip that can make s sharp pain


  • Pain during laying down or while getting up from a bed in the morning


  • Pain while siting



Chiropractor in Belgrade

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Should you be afraid of Chiropractic?


Yes you should. But only if you choose a wrong Clinic. Make sure to get at least several recommendations before you give your trust to a someone. Without word of mouth from people you trust do not go. Check Reviews and google them.



Some of the Chiropractic Techniques


Before you do your due diligence with choosing a right Chiropractic in Belgrade get to know some of the Techniques. We suggest you to check them out on the Youtube. There are plenty of good videos out there.


  • Spinal Mobilisation. Spinal mobilisation uses a gentle motion together with stretching to activate the joints and improve their mobility


  • The Drop Technique. Its also known as the Thompson technique


  • Flexion Distraction. Aim of this technique is to increase spinal motion. To fix any disc bulges or herniations. To use this technique there has to be a special table. Professional table will allow chiropractor to adjust the position of the patient’s spine


  • ¬†Gonstead Technique is a manual hands-on technique. Got name by its founder. Its known to be the most precise and effective. It relieve pain and do alignment of the spine.


  • Extremity Manipulation. Extremity manipulation most likely require physical management of the elbow, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankles. This technique can be used for several conditions. The most common is for patients with carpal tunnel issues. As well as for posture-related issues.



Chiropractic in Serbia

The BEST sleeping positions for your NECK and SPINE.




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