Choose the best venue

Choose the best venue 

If you are visiting Serbia, you definitely need to try top 10 Serbian foodsand see for yourself why are we so famous about our food. Our most common activities in Belgrade is bohemian lifestyle – we really do love to be in the best restaurants, coffee shops and of course, clubs. For all of you who are visiting Belgrade for the first time, crucial thing is to Choose the best venue  for your pleasure.

For tonight we suggest restaurant Panta Rei – not just unique ambient makes this place popular more than 20 years, also cuisine is perfect mix of Serbian and international best dishes. 

The selection of beverages is worldwide – you can order best wines from all the parts of the world as a perfect combination with your meal. 

Choose the best venue 

Ambient of the restaurant Panta Rei is unique because of the “glass walls” which are providing you to freely gaze at Sava river

Venue can accommodate around 200 people including both inside and outside areas

Salmon salad is perfectly balanced meal

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