City break in Belgrade

City breaks have become a popular form of vacation lately, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. City breaks allow us to visit a place that isn’t so far from home, to see what it has to offer without spending too much time preparing, packing, or traveling. With the little help of internet and mobile phone apps, you can easily find out what to see and where to go in a new city, and as a result – use your time in the best possible way.

Belgrade, the capital and the biggest city in Serbia, is one of those cities that doesn’t pop into your head as the first European capital to visit. But, this is where many people are mistaken. Belgrade is slowly but certainly becoming an amazing location for tourists seeking to see something unique, Belgrade is the right choice for you. Here you won’t find the prettiest of buildings or the richest of museums, but what you will find is a blend of Europe and the Mediterranean, positive and hospitable people, street art, small trendy cafes with pleasant atmosphere and crazy nightclubs where party doesn’t stop. These are some of the things that make the Serbian capital worth visiting, and there are many more. Here is a short guide as to how to make the best of your weekend in Belgrade.


Belgrade accommodation: from budget-friendly to exclusive options

When choosing accommodation in Belgrade, you should take into consideration the hostel/hostel’s location. If you want to visit many places in a short time, you should choose one of the hostels in the city center. These are a great choice at a reasonable price, and definitely worth the money, since you will be close to all the major sights, as well as to the main bus and train stations.

If you plan to spend a little bit more on your accommodation, you should select a hotel that also includes a spa center or one located in the very pedestrian area. Some of the most popular and best quality hotels in Belgrade include hotels Moskva, Terazije, Balkan and Zira. Some of these are newly founded, while others are located inside old, historical buildings that have the status of Belgrade landmarks.

Belgrade nightlife: a non-stop partying capital

Belgrade is famous for its nightlife, and there is no doubt that it deserves the status of paradise for party-lovers. You will find bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and open-air rafts that offer any kind of music that you might like: from the traditional sounds of (usually live) folk music to the house/trance/elecrto, and anything in between. It is impossible not to find something for yourself.

Belgrade clubs are divided into summer and winter clubs. In the summer, party-goers move to the Belgrade rivers, Sava and Danube, and frequent one of the open-air rafts that are insanely popular for the great atmosphere incomparable to any other place. Partying here doesn’t stop, and even during the day you will find bars and cafes perfect to sit down and relax from the hasty city atmosphere.

klub Terassa Beograd (4)

Belgrade history: a glimpse into the past

Because of its location at the crossing of east and west and at the confluence of two major European rivers, Sava and Danube, Belgrade was a desired target of many conquerors during the course of its history. It was founded over seven thousand years ago, and it was ruled by the Romans, Ottomans and Austro-Hungary. If you want to find out more about its rich history and how it influenced Belgrade and the rest of Serbia, you may visit the Museum of the City of Belgrade, located at Zmaj Jovina 1. The Kalemegdan fortress is another very important place and one that history lovers need to see. Located just off the main pedestrian street Knez Mihajlova, is an open-air museum that offers its visitors a glimpse into the past ages. This is also the place where you will find the best view of Belgrade rivers, especially in the sunset.

Belgrade restaurants: traditional, modern or exotic? Everyone is guaranteed to find something they like

Serbian people are famous for their love of food. We like to boast about our specialties that usually include a meat dish, served with a vegetable side-dish and a salad. You will find amazing traditional restaurants in Belgrade,
especially in the city center. When it comes to food, the best you can do is to ask the locals for recommendations. They are the ones who know the best hidden spots that are great if you are on a hunt for tasty Serbian food.

Apart from the traditional restaurants, you will find the modern places that serve food from all over the world. Italian, Mexican, Chinese – you name it, Belgrade has it. One thing is for sure – you won’t stay empty handed!