Clash of young DJs in the Belgrade club Mr. Stefan Braun

The fourth year in a row , the institution of good entertainment – Belgrade¬†club Mr. Stefan Braun will organize a competition less-known DJs – ” Clash of the DJ’s”, ¬†in order to provide opportunities for young artists who can also win great prizes .
The second party in the competition was awesome, great atmosphere and the large audience enjoyed the performances of young DJs who chose fast rhythms and good bits for people who like modern electronic sound.

Starting from 26 February , every second Wednesday , on the popular ninth floor, duels of the DJs will be held, they will present their quality, make some good atmosphere and they will attempt to qualify for the grand finale. Like every year, the finalists will be elected by the audience and DJ resident team, the winner of the competition (in addition of becoming in the standard group of DJs in the club on the ninth floor) will win valuable prize!
Next duels are scheduled for 26 March and 9 April and grand finale on 23 April!
You can find more information at the official Facebook page of the club and the website.