Classes and workshops in Belgrade

Nowadays there are around 30,000 Expats living and working in Belgrade. Already for a while Belgrade has become an Expats promise land. Costs of living are lower than in the rest of the Europe. Freelancers found a fun city with Epic parties. Fast Wi Fi connection and highly professional co-working spaces. One of the smartest ways to meet Locals and other Expats would be at- Classes workshops Belgrade.


Connect with locals

asses and workshops in Belgrade

Study have shown that – Classes Workshops Belgrade – are considered as one of the easiest ways to build your social life. Getting New Friends in a foreign country is not that easy at all. Some people are more and some less social. On Workshops you will be inside of a room tightly working with others. There is almost no way that you will not find a nice Serbian people ready to show you what Belgrade is all about.


Classes workshops Belgrade

Workshops will Boost Your Artistic Creativity






Create something charming through painting that will stimulate the creative mind while relieving mental strain. Improve overall mental health and lower your stress level. Lead yourself to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Join the team of creative individuals. Does not matter at all are you beginner or not. We highly recommend those – Classes Workshops in Belgrade – that will encourage you to express yourself deeper.



Cooking workshop

Super fun experience that we highly recommend. Serbian cuisine for sure is one of a kind. Is it healthy? Not at all. Is it Tasty? It sure is. Our Traditional cuisine is fusion. Mix of  Austrian, Hungarian and Turkish dishes. All combined in one big hot mess. Same as Serbian History. Our food is considered as a heavy food. With lot of meat. There are no tourist Except Vegans who didn’t liked something from the list of top 10 Serbian foods. Foreigners very often desire to learn how to cook Serbian dishes. So smart entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to make a business from it. Cooking Workshop Classes in Belgrade can be really fun. Alot of food and laughs are guaranteed.

Adventure starts with a visit of a local market. You’ll get a feel for real Serbian culture as you experience colours, flavours and smells. You will be able to try food before purchase is made. Locals will offer you with a small bites. Super cool experience. Most of the classes are scheduled sessions. Classes are full hands on participation with duration of 3-4 hours. They begin each session by taking you through an introduction to the local culture and the unique local spices and ingredients used in the preparation. Mostly you will attend a group up to 8 people. Class will be conducted in a traditional open kitchen designed for a highly personalised and rewarding experience.


Notice: All classes are on English language. Our tip is that you become an expert in preparing Cevapi. Master this and you will be considered as a local.



Spirutal Discipline 

Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise in the world. Which focuses on bringing harmony between body and mind. It is an  science of healthy living. Yoga postures were actually designed to systematically prepare the body to meditate. For centuries Yoga is considered as a perfect balance of body and soul. During summer time you can book your classes open air. Not even that you will gain body benefits while in Belgrade but you will meet up amazing people as well. You can get a private yoga lessons taught on English on your door step. Most of Serbian Teachers have completed a teacher training of 200 hours with Registered Yoga School.


Salsa School

What is better than learning to move your body in the capital of fun. People who run Salsa – Classes Workshops Belgrade – are aiming on you meeting a new people in Belgrade while dancing. Serbia is far away from LATIN America. BUT! Believe or not learning Salsa is very much popular in Belgrade. Timbao Cubano presents the school with quality instructors and dancers. Bringing entertainment relaxation and socialising are their main goals. You will get dancing skills in mater of hours that will become an indispensable part of your life. Classes of Cuban salsa are held throughout the week at different times. Timbao is a Salsa School which promotes culture, education and a quality time through movement and music Representing Cuban culture.

Local Language Classes

Are you really sure that you want to learn Serbian? Its quite a task. But! Every Mountain can be climbed! With a proper teacher you can learn Serbian in 6 to 12 months . Serbian Language and Culture Workshop offers classes all year long. If you are planing to do business over here or planing to merry a nice Serbian Lady. Then learning Serbian would be an advantage. Our tip is to focus on Latin letter. Dont bother Cyrillic. Focus on building vocabulary on 1000 words. With 1000 words you will be able to understand and do basic communication.


Before booking a Workshop


Before booking a class learn few things about Serbs. Serbian language is one of the South Slavic languages. Serbian is spoken mainly in Serbia. In Bosnia they speak Bosnian. IN Montenegro they speak Montenegrin. Croatia have their language and its called Croatian. These languages are almost the same. Let us put it like this. The Difference would be as Between American and Australian English. Our Languages contains quite a few words from Greek and Turkish. Official letters in Serbia are Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. Cyrillic are mostly used by government and Church. Everyone else are using Latin. But its exotic for us to know to write both. Our language is considered as one of the most difficult languages in the world. Thanks to its grammar. So we admire anyone who manage to learn it.