Cleaning Services in Belgrade

Where does most EXAPTS make a mistake when hiring a Cleaning Services in Belgrade? Leaving your home key and all your private belongings to the someone that you don’t know can be really frustrating. Cleaning your home yourself on the other hand is frustrating as well and takes a lot of time. If you ended up on this page that means you are living in Belgrade and looking for a trust wordy service that will do job professionally.


Maid Service VS Cleaning Service Agencies

Maid is a single lady that promote her self from one costumer to another or trough local adds pages. Issue here is that good Maids will be already booked by regular costumers. If you go on local adds how could you be really sure to trust someone to leave a key od apartment to. Sketchy!  To be clear from the start there are not many good Cleaning Services in Belgrade. Even the best ones are hiring often a staff. Our suggestion would be if u find someone that works well to give them extra money. Not too much though! Keep them close to you. Having someone you trust that works hard is the win win. Maid Services in Belgrade are mostly done by a single lady’s in the late 40s. They are mostly from outside of Belgrade and living though life. So be kind and patient with them treat them with respect. If you find that they do not work well you can easily replace them with some other personal. With a booking trough Cleaning Services in Belgrade will give you less headache! Good agencies will guarantee for people that they promote. Stick with agency its a way better choice than hunting down yourself.




Book the service that involves general house cleaning jobs! Choose the best Cleaning Service in Belgrade!



How to find THE BEST Cleaning Service in Belgrade?


  • Check our recommendations


  • Google for Reviews


  • Ask you local Buddies



Useful Info


  • Some of the Maid Services in Belgrade can do cooking for you as well. Most of them are or they were House Wifes. You could check could they prepare some of the Serbian food delicates.


  • Cleaning Services in Belgrade are mostly organised by local enthusiasts that want to offer good service to the Belgrade Expats. Those companies are mostly run by young crowed of Belgrade, that understand what foreigners need while in Belgrade.


  • Belgrade Maids can take care of your kids as well. After some time you can tell on who you can lean on and who is not working for you well. Choosing the right person will be hard! Once you find the right one! Treat them well!


  • Please make sure that you triple check any decision you make. House, private things, Kids. Monitor well.


  • Salary’s in Cleaning services in Belgrade for Maids are low. It is same as for other workers on the market. So make sure to remember that if they ever failed on your expectations.


  • Taking person in your house would be always on your full responsibility. There is no Cleaning company in Belgrade that would give you written guaranty about any personal that would visit and stay at your home.



Are cameras a good decision?


Yap they are! Not only in Belgrade but anywhere you live at. Sometimes it could happen that u think that you lost something. It could happen that u left at your friend’s place. This can bring you to the situation that you start to doubt on Maid attentions. Quality work done and having a peace of mind is what we are all looking for.


Good to know


If you are looking for a good laundry services that provide good prices and quality work check out our post: Laundry services in Belgrade. When you get yourself settled. Check the list of the HOT venues. Belgrade Clubs and Belgrade nightlife itself is what is Belgrade known for.

Don’t forget to smile and be kind while in Belgrade.


Cleaning Service in Belgrade

Book a professional cleaning lady in Belgrade.



The 3 Ultimate Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service


  • Clean AIR. It is obviously better to breathe healthy. Get rid of presence of dirt, dust and allergens
  • Save your time
  • Clean carpets last longer


What is a Cleaning lady also called in Belgrade?

There are quite alot of names that Expats in Belgrade use. On Serbian we call it CISTACICA. Some of the english nicknames are: Cleaning Lady, Housecleaner, Housekeeper, maid, maidservant and Housemaid.