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The most common mistakes about Cleaning Services in Belgrade! Leaving your home key and all your private belongings to the someone that you don’t know, can be really frustrating. Cleaning your home, yourself on the other hand is frustrating as well and takes a lot of time. If you ended up on this page, that means you are living in Belgrade, and looking for a trust wordy service that will do job professionally.

To be clear from the start, there are not many good Cleaning Services in Belgrade, and even the best ones, are hiring new staff on the monthly bases. Our suggestion would be if u find someone that works good, to give them extra money, and to keep them close to you. Having someone you trust that works hard is all that you need. Maid Services in Belgrade are mostly done by a single lady’s in the late 40s, they are mostly from outside of Belgrade, and living though life’s. So be kind and patient with them, treat them with respect. If you find that they do not work well, you can easily replace them with some other personal. There is no guaranty that someone you hire trough an agency, will at the end do the great work for you. Keep in mind that nowadays its really hard to find good staff for an any job out there.








Good to know about Cleaning Service in Belgrade!


Some of the Maid Services in Belgrade can do cooking for you as well. Most of them are or they were House Wife’s, and they prepare amazing Serbian food dishes.

Cleaning Services in Belgrade are mostly organised by local enthusiasts that want to offer good service to the Belgrade Expats. Those companies are mostly run by young crowed of Belgrade, that understand what foreigners need while in Belgrade.

Belgrade Maids can take care of your kids as well. After some time, you can tell on who you can lean on and who is not working for you well. Choosing the right person is the hardest part in any business out there.

If you are satisfied with a particular person, that take care of your house, you can think about giving her a chance to take care of your kids as well.

Please make sure that you triple check any decision you make. House, private things, Kids are among the most important thing that surrounding us nowadays.

Salary’s in Cleaning services in Belgrade for a Maids are low. It is same as for other workers on the market. So make sure to remember that if u ever find that they didn’t do something in your house on the way that u previously demanded / planed. Don’t forget that Cleaning of a house it is a hard labor work.

Taking person in your house would be always on your full responsibility. There is no Cleaning company in Belgrade that would give you written guaranty about any personal that would visit and stay at your home.

Young Smiling Woman in Gloves Cleaning House


Our personal suggestion would be that you have cameras, not because of Belgrade it self, but in General. In any country out there you can have a potential issue. Sometimes it can happen that u lost something or that u left at your friend’s place, and you could come in the situation that you start to doubt on Maid attentions.

Quality work done and having a peace of mind is what we are all looking for.

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When you get yourself done, you would probably like to visit some of the most popular venues in Belgrade. Belgrade Clubs and Belgrade nightlife itself is what is Belgrade known for.

Don’t forget to smile and be kind while in Belgrade.