Clubbing on Tuesday

Clubbing on Tuesday

Clubbing in Belgrade is definitely one of the most popular activities in Belgrade. We love to party, to party hard every single night! Clubbing on Tuesday is something that we really love. Traditional event – the music of the Nineties is unique experience with unique energy. Sexy beats, dance music, cheerful people, it’s a recipe for best night ever.

Club Tilt is opening doors at midnight and reservations are requested. Resident DJ Super Hick is going to have a back up from one of the best group from the nineties – Beat Street! This popular group always had best dance/singing performances, and tonight they will prove why they are the best.

Tilt is situated next to the famous Beton hall.

Clubbing on Tuesday

The Tilt is also known as a winter Freestyler (one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade, works on summer time)

This is the favorite place for all the locals and tourists who are visiting Belgrade

Most beautiful girls love to spend their weekends at this popular venue 

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