Top Belgrade clubs

First of all there are winter and summer Belgrade clubs. Winter Nightclubs are located downtown. Their busy season stretches from October through May.

In the Summer Belgrade party moves to the rivers. River Summer Nightclubs have their opening nights in May. Actually those are big open-air rafts boats. They have been smoothly remodelled into discotheques. The most popular Belgrade clubs are those at the River Sava. Party starts from Brankov Bridge and go up to the point where river Sava meets Danube. Danube the wildest longest river in the Europe. “ Sajam “ which means Fair is another party area. This place is a home for the popular Summer Belgrade Clubs. Most famous Belgrade Winter Clubs are not located on rivers. Most of them are located in the posh area  – ” Beton Hall “. Another Winter Clubbing spot is Ex Hipster area “Savamala “.


* Not every club is crowded every night. Friday will booming at one club and then Saturday at that same club might be half empty.

Where to Party Hard in Belgrade?


FFREE Entry to Belgrade Clubs, BUT…


Belgrade nightclubs don’t practice cover charge but a reservation is necessary. Most common questions and answers:


  • How much is an entry to Belgrade Clubs? Its free of charge (Except rare Big events)
  • Can i just pop up in a front of a Club any time i want and enter? Roughly in 90% of cases you will not enter
  • How to Enter without headache? Make a reservation before you go to a club
  • What is a reservation? Look into reservation like this. You will have a spot in a club where you will be able to place your drink. That spot can be: Bar Table, Heigh Seat Table, Sofa Vip Table or place by a Bar.
  • Is Reservation means that my name is automatically on a Guest List? Yes it does.
  • There is a group of us for the same reservation? To make a reservation you need to say only one First and Last name. Also mention how many people plus minus will be in a group. No exact number matters really.
  • Why are there reservations why we cant just come and go? Since Belgrade clubs does not ask for 20 – 30 euros or more to enter they still have to make money. Making a money for Belgrade Clubs comes from selling alcohol drinks. They want to make sure that people actually drink. With reservations they are keeping tract that this is happening in the real life.
  • How much do we need to spend for a bar table? No minimum spending. Lets say at least few drinks per person.
  • Can i order a beer or a cocktail for a bar table? Sure.
  • How much money we have to spend for a VIP Table? Calculate to get at least of 2 bottles of 0,7 l Premium alcohol bottles.
  • How Much Does drinks and Bottles cost in Belgrade Clubs? For the price list click here: General Clubs Prices in Belgrade


Dont Be Late for a Reservation


Traffic on weekends can be messy. Clubs are giving mostly 10 minute time for guests to be late. It is very important to get into the club no later than half past midnight. Otherwise the club has the right to give your reservation to someone else. You might be forbidden entry.


Well Dressed

In the nightclubs in Belgrade you can’t enter inappropriately dressed (like: sports fashion). You can’t carry drinks, narcotics or weapons inside. Besides that bouncers at the gate are checking if your name is on the list of guests.


Dance Floors in Belgrade

All Belgrade Clubs have Dance Floors. The major difference between common clubs around Europe and the ones over here is how does Dance floor looks like. Belgrade Dance floors in all clubs out there are flooded with tables. When we say tables at the dance floor we mean literally Dance Floor with tables all over. If you havent been to Belgrade you will not believe till you see it.


Tables in Belgrade Clubs

Having a table mean that you will have your lil spot to party inside of a big party. It still means you are among others and able to move around. It means that you have place where you can put your drinks at.

And again. All Belgrade Clubs have Dance Floors, BUT, on the dance floors in ALL CLUBS there are Bar and VIP tables placed allover around. YAP, Everywhere!

This would be the major difference between most of the clubs in Europe and ones here in Belgrade.

So dancing and parting hard in Belgrade clubs is defiantly possible but only on the dance floor while having your table.

RESERVATION = Guest List = Entry to club

No reservation = Most likely / No entry


Having a Vip Table is opposite of being away from a party in Belgrade Clubs

Don’t get confused with having a VIP table. You would think that having a one would mean that you would stay away from the party action. In Belgrade its opposite. With VIP table you are in the party connected with other party people.

Don’t be surprised people in Belgrade mingle around the clubs and like to meet new people. People like to invite new people to join them on their tables and to party together.